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  • News: Firefox 16 removed from installer page after vulnerability found

    Mozilla has temporarily removed Firefox 16 from the current installer page after it found a security vulnerability in the new version of its browser, it said on Wednesday.

  • News: Juniper fortifies network edge with new routers

    Juniper Networks this week has rolled out edge routers designed to enable service providers to rapidly deploy new service applications.

  • News: New Arm chip technologies could help mobile networks keep up

    Emerging chip technologies that Arm Holdings announced on Wednesday could help to power mobile networks that are being asked to handle more traffic with more fine-tuned controls.

  • News: Mobile enterprise strategies: SBIC and RSA

    EMC security division, RSA, has released a report from the Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC) that addresses the continued surge of consumer mobile devices in the enterprise, and offers five strategies for building effective, adaptable mobile programs.

  • News: Mobile eRetail to see 50 per cent increase over two years: Juniper Research

    Mobile shopping will increase by nearly 50 per cent over the next two years, taking user numbers to 580 million by the end of 2014 (currently 292 million), according to Juniper Research's Mobile payments for digital and physical goods: Opportunity analysis 2012-2017 report.

  • Opinion: Episode 4 of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead lives

    We love zombies. Correction: we love slaying zombies. That's why we're excited that The Walking Dead: Episode 4 - "Around Every Corner" was released today on PC with little warning. It seems that the latest episode of Telltale's point-and-click game takes a turn for the macabre, as the walking dead have become the slayers (I promise, no spoilers). If you've been playing The Walking Dead since the series began, you've survived three action-packed and emotional episodes; the group has changed, loyalties have shifted but the captivating drama and tension of the core game remains the same.

  • Opinion: Firefox 16 arrives with a raft of critical fixes

    Shortly after Firefox regained its No. 2 position in the browser arena, Mozilla on Tuesday unleashed the next version of its popular open source browser complete with fixes for numerous critical vulnerabilities.

  • News: Enterprise IT now competing with apps stores, mobile devices

    Enterprises will either embrace a mobile device strategy that allows workers to do their job securely, or those workers will do an end-run around IT staffers, according to experts at a consumerization-of-IT conference.

  • News: SAP to offer containment software for smartphone and tablet security

    Enterprise software maker SAP plans to ship software in three to six months that separates business data from personal information on a user's smartphone or tablet to improve security, the head of SAP's mobility unit said.

  • News: How to replace missing Start button in Windows 8

    Whatever you might think of Windows 8, at startup there is something missing that can vex, or at least perplex, users from the get-go. By default, Windows 8 now boots to a "Start Screen" that displays "tiles" that link to a limited set of programs and features for various options such as mail, video, music, and somewhere among the 16-20 tiles, a desktop option. Clicking the desktop option opens a Window that contains -- actually not much. The familiar start button went missing in Windows 8 and instead users are left staring at an empty space with no apparent way to access programs and applications. Early testers considered this an alpha or beta glitch, but Microsoft has confirmed that the missing start button will not be making a re-appearance in the release version of Windows 8.

  • News: Apple Maps accidentally reveals highly sensitive Taiwanese radar installation

    Taiwanese defense officials will ask Apple to blur satellite imagery of a previously unknown radar facility meant to provide early warning in case of a missile attack from mainland China, after the installation was accidentally outted on Apple's new Maps app.

  • News: Microsoft terms talk of Office on iPad 'inaccurate'

    Microsoft today disavowed comments made by its Czech subsidiary that the company will roll out iOS and Android apps of its Office suite early next year.

  • News: iOS 6 quirks

    iOS 6 has been out for about a month, which has given us time to explore not only its peaks, but valleys as well. In this episode I'm joined by Lex Friedman and contributor Glenn Fleishman to plumb the depths of the latter.

  • Opinion: Syncing all books to Kindle apps and devices

    Brian Hamilton, a reader who reads, is frustrated by what he perceives to be a Kindle limitation. He writes:

  • News: Logitech debuts three touch-friendly mice designed for Windows 8

    Logitech has announced three new wireless mouse peripherals that aim to make it easier for PC fans to use traditional point-and-click devices in the touch-friendly world of Windows 8. The range of Windows 8-focused mice include the Rechargeable Touchpad T650 for users who want to replicate the tablet experience as much as possible. Logitech's Touch Mouse T620 is ideal for those who still want a traditional mouse, but want to use touch most of the time. If you aren't ready to dive into touch full time, the Zone Touch Mouse T400 is a traditional two-button mouse with a glass touch strip in the center for those situations where gestures in Windows 8 make more sense than clicking.

  • News: Ballmer: Microsoft's a 'devices and services' company now

    Stop thinking of Microsoft as just a software company; it's not anymore, according to CEO Steve Ballmer.

  • News: New Android version rolled out to AOSP, Nexus 7 devices

    The latest version of Google's Android mobile OS has been released to the Android Open-Source Project, bringing with it several changes that apply to the Nexus 7 tablet - and hint at a new Nexus tablet to come.

  • News: Microsoft and Newcastle University develop wrist-mounted motion control sensor

    Television remotes and games controllers could soon be things of the past with new technology that allows users to control electronic devices with just a wave of the hand.

  • News: TV ads touting Microsoft's Windows 8 leak to Internet

    Four purported Microsoft TV advertisements for Windows 8 have leaked to the Web, and strut the operating system's new "Modern" user interface.

  • News: LinkedIn now lets you follow big thinkers, or even become one

    LinkedIn, looking to lure more of its 175 million users to visit its website regularly, has begun inviting members to follow a cast of 150 "influential thought leaders."

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