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  • News: Senator questions airlines' data privacy practices

    A senior U.S. senator is asking airlines about their data privacy practices, saying he's concerned about what information the companies are collecting and sharing with third parties.

  • News: iPhone 5C's China bust raises questions about Apple's pricing for '14 models

    Apple's iPhone 5C, the lower-priced model introduced last year -- by many accounts to boost sales in countries like China -- has done poorly in the People's Republic.

  • News: Google brings robust cluster scheduling to its cloud

    Google is drawing from the work of the open-source community to offer its cloud customers a service to better manage their clusters of virtual servers.

  • News: Security incidents tracked on Radar of Seattle Hospital

    Health care providers have become a ripe target for computer criminals in recent times which is making it difficult for the providers to manage their response to security incidents. That not only makes it difficult to protect patient data, but it puts providers at risk of financial sanctions from government regulators.

  • News: Oracle gives Exadata some backward compatibility

    Oracle has made it possible to run a much older but still widely used version of its database software on Exadata, in a move that could make heretofore reluctant buyers pull the trigger on a purchase of the data-processing appliance.

  • News: Cut Costs by Analyzing and Optimizing Licenses, Migrations and Power

    Do you rigorously determine the business value your organization will accrue as a result of IT projects, such as migrations, before you undertake them? All too often, according to IT efficiency software provider 1E, IT scopes, implements and supports a project, but only estimates (or doesn't consider at all) the business value that will accrue.

  • News: Community Health Systems blames China for recent data breach

    Community Hospital Systems (CHS), which operates just over 200 hospitals in 29 states, reported a data breach impacting about 4.5 million people on Monday. The incident, blamed on actors in China, was made public via an 8-K filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • News: Microsoft preps Office 365 document management tool for lawyers

    Microsoft has developed a document management add-on for Office 365 intended for lawyers, signaling a possible interest by the company in creating vertical-industry tools for the suite.

  • 55 best new phones, tablets and more for 2014/2015

    About to buy a new phone, tablet or other consumer tech? WAIT. Here we round up the 55 best new consumer tech products still to launch and about which you should be most excited, from phones, tablets and operating systems to games, virtual-reality headsets, smartwatches and smartglasses.

  • How-Tos: Install Flash on Android KitKat smartphones and tablets

    Adobe may have cut support for Flash in Android Jelly Bean, but the great many sites and services that continue to make heavy use of the standard suggest it's far from dead. For those of us relying on an Android phone or tablet as our main computer, and who still want to access Flash content such as catch-up TV, online games and video, it's a real problem. Here's how to get around the issue and add Flash to Android. Updated 6/5/2014 to include instructions for adding Flash to Android KitKat.

  • News: When Dvorak dies because of Word bug

    Reader Jane Kerns has a bone to pick with Microsoft in regard to her favorite keyboard layout. She writes:

  • News: TPC takes the measure of big data systems

    Comparing commercial Hadoop big data-styled analysis systems might get a little easier, thanks to a new benchmark from the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC).

  • How-Tos: How to update an Android smartphone or tablet

    To get the best performance and features from your Android smartphone or tablet you should make sure you're always running the very latest software available for it, not just in terms of apps but also the Android operating system. Here's how to update Android on your smartphone or tablet.

  • News: Four apps that give you free money

    When you take your phone to the bathroom (don't lie, everybody does it), or when you're standing in line fiddling with it at Starbucks, what are you doing? Are you checking email? Sending a SnapChat? Playing Words With Friends? Or are you using it to make money?

  • News: Reducing IT complexity crucial for business success: Forrester

    To succeed in today's business environment, the complexity around products and services needs to be taken out.

  • Opinion: Supervalu breach shows why move to smartcards is long overdue

    The data breach disclosed by Supervalu is another reminder about why the ongoing migration of the U.S. payment system to smartcard technology can't happen fast enough.

  • News: Two supermarket chains report major computer break-ins

    Supermarket chain Supervalu has reported that more than 200 stores were affected by a computer break-in that exposed customers' debit- and credit-card numbers and other data.

  • News: With SmartThings buy, is Samsung embracing an open Internet of Things?

    In acquiring SmartThings, Samsung is gaining a philosophy, platform and development community for the Internet of Things. It may also be betting that open standards -- open platforms -- will be the key to winning this market.

  • News: Asia-Pacific operators go live on Ramco ERP solution

    Three Asia-Pacific operators- Air Tahiti, UPECA Aerotech and Hevilift Group- have separately implemented Ramco Aviation and ERP on Cloud.

  • News: America's best kept software secret

    Jack Dangermond calls his company Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) America's best kept software secret. He says this because even though his company is the world's largest mapping software maker, it is not a household name like Microsoft or Google. The company was founded in California in 1969, way before any of the Microsofts or Googles of the world came into existence. Without borrowing a single penny from any bank or venture capitalist, Dangermond turned a US$1,100 investment into the world's largest mapping software company worth US$1.4 billion. Today, ESRI has hundreds of thousands of customers all over the world, including federal agencies, health departments, schools, and land management agencies.

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