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  • News: Bing will tap Facebook, Twitter in answering queries

    Microsoft is introducing a phone-a-friend feature into its Bing search engine, allowing searchers to ask their Facebook and Twitter contacts to supplement information gathered by the search engine itself.

  • News: Facebook Developers: How to Get Admitted Into the New App Center

    Facebook yesterday announced the launch of its new apps directory, called the App Center . The App Center, says Facebook's Aaron Brady, "gives developers an additional way to grow their apps and creates opportunities for more types of apps to be successful." Facebook says people will be able to access the App Center on the Web and in the iOS and Adroid Facebook apps in the coming weeks.

  • News: Microsoft revamps Bing to include interactive social sidebar

    Bing will soon include a search interface that offers social search results in a separate column to the right of the returned links, Microsoft said on Thursday.

  • News: Facebook App Center to Offer Mobile App Promotion, Paid App Option

    Facebook is launching an app store called the App Center that will showcase apps that exist on the social networking site’s platform and apps that tie in to the site using a Facebook login. The store will be accessible on the Web and on Facebook's iOS and Android apps, and will be available "in the coming weeks," according to an announcement on the site’s blog.

  • News: Study: Facebook relies on good design to retain users

    What is Facebook's secret to keeping the world's largest user base content? Sticking to well-proven software design principles, one study has concluded.

  • Opinion: Make Your Workout Social (And Maybe a Little Too Public) With Dailymile

    If you took a little bit of Twitter and added in a big scoop of enthusiasm for running, you'd end up with something a whole lot like dailymile. This is a workout planning and tracking service that's heavy on social networking features.

  • News: Twitter success thrives on narrow focus

    Those looking to build a substantial following on Twitter would do well to stick to one particular topic, rather than use Twitter to discuss a wide range of subjects, a Carnegie Mellon University researcher has advised.

  • News: China's top Twitter-like site sets up penalty system to stop online rumors

    One of China's most popular Twitter-like sites, Sina Weibo, announced a new penalty system to temporarily close and shut down the accounts of users found spreading untrue or harmful information.

  • News: Twitter resists subpoena to release user's data without warrant

    Twitter is contesting a court order requiring it to turn over private data on a user charged with disorderly conduct during the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York last year.

  • News: Twitter says many leaked passwords inaccurate, duplicates

    Many of the Twitter logins and passwords leaked on the web this week are either inaccurate or belong to accounts already suspended for spamming, the company said late Tuesday.

  • News: Myspace settles FTC privacy complaint

    Social networking site Myspace has agreed to settle charges from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission that it misrepresented its protection of users' personal information, the FTC announced Tuesday.

  • News: Myspace Settles FTC Privacy Investigation, Submits to 20 Years of Checks

    Myspace has agreed to bury the hatchet with the Federal Trade Commission over charges it misled millions about how their personal information was being used. The settlement is essentially a hand slap that bars Myspace from further privacy misrepresentations. It requires that the social networking site implement "a comprehensive privacy program" as well as submit to routine privacy assessments for the next 20 years.

  • News: Myspace settles FTC privacy complaint

    Social networking site Myspace has agreed to settle charges from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission that it misrepresented its protection of users' personal information, the FTC announced Tuesday.

  • Opinion: Facebook's Social Reader Users are Fleeing in Droves

    The Washington Post’s Social Reader app on Facebook is losing members in droves, a fate that seems to have befallen other “frictionless” apps that share pretty much whatever you’re doing on the Internet, whether you like it or not.

  • Opinion: Google+ Hangouts On Air Now Offers Live Broadcasting for All

    Google+ is enabling live Hangouts broadcasting for all its users after the feature was available to a limited number of professional broadcasters. With Hangouts On Air, you can broadcast live video publicly from a Google+ stream, a YouTube channel or embed it on a website.

  • News: Advertising company settles over alleged Facebook 'likejacking' scam

    The Washington State Attorney General's office reached a settlement on Monday with an advertising company it alleged baited and spammed Facebook users with salacious content in order to direct them to unrelated advertising.

  • Opinion: Facebook Gets Fashionable: Like Counters Placed on Clothing Hangers

    By now we're all pretty much used to seeing social media buttons (shameless plug: look above the headline) for every frivolous thing on the Web, from hot dogs to Cat Fancy. The Brazilian branch of the fashion retailer C&A is going one step further into real-world sharing by adding real-time Facebook "like" counters to its individual clothing items.

  • News: Master Google+

    Google launched Google+ last summer to save us all from Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is too much like shouting in a coffee shop, Google argued, and Facebook’s garden, large and beautiful as it may be, has walls that are too high and opaque—particularly to Google’s search bots.

  • Opinion: Facebook Messenger Gets More Transparent

    Facebook Messenger is increasing transparency and at the same time making it harder to ignore someone's text message without the other person knowing.

  • News: Facebook and Spam: Not Everything is Relevant

    Facebook has gained its massive following in part by making everything you say relevant to someone. But apparently that doesn't extend to the social network's spam filter.

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