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  • News: Dating site matches not so scientific

    Users flock to online dating sites in ever greater numbers, but despite their marketing claims, services such as Match.com and eHarmony may not be offering potential mates chosen through rigorous scientific methods, a group of psychologists and sociologists have charged.

  • News: Students plan to press Irish data commissioner on Facebook

    A group of students concerned over Facebook's privacy practices plans to continue to press the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) for action following a meeting on Monday in Vienna with representatives of the social networking site.

  • News: 5 ways to secure your Facebook profile in a post-Timeline world

    With the ongoing rollout of Facebook's Timeline feature, security and privacy have never been more important to your digital life. The new layout presents all of your current and past activities on Facebook -- posts, photos, comments, likes and so on -- in a handy timeline format to anyone with access to your profile, which may include friends of friends, colleagues, executives at your company, a potential future boss ... well, you get the idea.

  • News: Top EULA Gotchas: Website Fine-Print Hall of Shame

    Long, confusing, and littered with jargon, end-user license agreements (EULAs) are all too easy to ignore. Instead of taking the time to read and understand the legalese, we just scroll to the bottom, click Accept, and get on with our lives. Did checking the "I agree" box have any consequences? Who cares, right? Gulp!

  • News: Deleted Facebook Photos Still Accessible Online, Years Later

    Photos deleted from Facebook have remained on the social network’s servers for nearly three years, according to an investigation by Ars Technica.

  • Opinion: Prepare Your Business for Facebook Mobile Ads

    Facebook's IPO has revealed one of its greatest weaknesses: the need to monetize its increasingly mobile user base through advertising. Speculation has been rife about how Facebook plans to solve this problem, which future stockholders will want addressed.

  • News: Facebook may be readying mobile ads

    Speculation is circulating online that Facebook is getting ready to launch mobile ads in a few weeks.

  • News: Facebook Alternative Path Adds Depth to Social Networking

    Facebook's rollout of Timeline and the privacy concerns that go along with it could drive some users down a less-traveled path.

  • News: Facebook Details Continue to Emerge Following IPO Announcement

    Facebook's coziness with Washington and the astronomical tax bill its founder could face by exercising a huge cache of stock options are some of the latest details to emerge about the social network following its IPO announcement.

  • News: Facebook malware scam takes hold

    A "worrying number" of Facebook users are sharing a link to a malware-laden fake CNN news page reporting the U.S. has attacked Iran and Saudi Arabia, security firm Sophos said Friday.

  • News: Facebook malware scam takes hold

    A "worrying number" of Facebook users are sharing a link to a malware-laden fake CNN news page reporting the U.S. has attacked Iran and Saudi Arabia, security firm Sophos said Friday.

  • News: Social media takes over the Super Bowl

    Remember the days when watching the Super Bowl meant eating lots of chips, hanging out with friends and, most importantly, being glued to the TV?

  • News: 18 Staggering Stats From Facebook's IPO

    After months of rumors and speculation, Facebook finally filed for its IPO late Wednesday, disclosing details of its astounding growth, revenue, technology and user base.

  • News: Mobile devices drive Twitter use in Africa, report says

    The rapid increase in the number of mobile devices in Africa is driving growth of Twitter usage, as people in the region eagerly adopt social media communications, according to recently released research by Portland Communications.

  • News: Facebook Members Get More Than They Give

    Most Facebook users get more from their "friends" on the social network than they give to their friends, according to a first-of-its-kind study released Friday by the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

  • News: 10 interesting facts about Facebook

    The social media giant, that is Facebook, is taking the plunge and going public. So while the buzz around the world's second most popular website (pipped only by Google) is higher than ever, we have prepared a quick fact sheet for you to glance your eyes over and impress your friends with…or not.

  • News: Facebook's IPO Filing Reveals Technology Details

    One of the most anticipated tech IPO filings ever revealed what everyone already knew: Facebook is stinking rich.

  • News: Facebook IPO details strategy and its vision of itself

    Facebook's IPO filing lays out a pretty good image of where CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to take the company: He sees the social network as having significant historical value to the economy, governments and -- he hopes -- to every person connected to the Internet around the world.

  • News: Before Facebook: How other recent dot-com IPOs have fared

    A look back at how the newest dot-com stocks have fared since they hit the market

  • News: Facebook ripe for ridicule as it suffers outage a day after IPO filing

    Social networkers resorted to Twitter during and following a brief Facebook outage on Thursday, a day after the company filed for its initial public offering.

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