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  • News: Rivalry between Uber and Lyft gets ugly

    Two of the hottest startups for requesting rides from your smartphone are accusing each other of dirty tricks.

  • News: Twitter sets the stage for video ads

    Twitter is looking to boost its advertising business by letting more businesses pay to include video in their tweets.

  • News: Lyft claims rival Uber placed spurious orders, hurting its business

    Lyft said nearly 200 employees at Uber, one of its largest rivals in mobile car hailing, have since last October ordered and cancelled thousands of Lyft rides, causing lost fares with its service.

  • News: Twitter Flips Ad Model to Rival Facebook's Structure

    Twitter is moving away from its cost-per-engagement model for ads and putting objectives like app installs, follows and leads front and center. Campaigns on Twitter will now begin with the end goal in mind, enabling advertisers to only pay for specific actions they deem most effective in achieving that objective.

  • News: Fining customers for negative Yelp reviews? Welcome to the future of big data

    The Union Street Guest House made news this week with its purportedly tongue-in-cheek policy of fining a wedding party $500 for each negative online review left by their wedding guests. The "We were joking!" defense defuses the original story. However, it doesn't neutralize the very real prospect of businesses trying to strike back against negative reviews by hitting customers right where it hurts--the wallet.

  • Opinion: Pinterest's new messaging feature makes group planning easier

    Pinterest is all about projects. From new recipes to DIY crafts, the bulletin board for your life is designed to inspire you to take on new challenges. But until now, there was no way to privately discuss those plans with your friends and family. So Pinterest introduced conversations on Wednesday, and I couldn't help but wonder: What took so long?

  • Opinion: Foursquare finally pulls the trigger on its new app: Check-ins out, recommendations in

    Foursquare is dead, long live Foursquare. Last month, the app killed its core function, check-ins, and officially moved that feature over to its spin-off app Swarm. The move was preparation for Wednesday's relaunch of a brand-new Foursquare app for iOS and Android that constantly hovers in the background of your phone (and your life), offering you hyper-local recommendations. It's like an omnipresent Yelp.

  • Feature: 12 most bizarre projects on Kickstarter

    It's not all potato salads and Oculus Rifts you know. We took a dive into Kickstarter's murkiest, quirkiest recesses to find the 12 most bizarre projects on Kickstarter (some, but not all, of them from below the waist).

  • News: Amazon, PayPal, Google, Microsoft and Facebook seen as preferred BYOID providers

    Amazon, PayPal, Google, Microsoft and Facebook have emerged as the preferred identity providers with the rise of Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID).

  • How-Tos: 15 great Twitter tips and tricks

    15 great tips and tricks to help you get started with Twitter, get more from Twitter, and recover when things go wrong on Twitter.

  • News: Here's free Internet! But you can only use Facebook-approved apps

    Facebook is leading a coalition of tech companies to bring free Internet to developing countries--and it's a noble goal, to be sure. But if the social network's CEO Mark Zuckerberg succeeds in his ambition to bring 2 to 3 billion people online, those newly connected Web surfers might be seeing Facebook's version of the Internet.

  • News: Facebook outage hits users

    Facebook is reporting "increased errors" on all of its platforms.

  • How-Tos: How to stop Facebook automatically playing videos

    One of the most commonly shared type of posts, video is huge on Facebook. Video also autoplays on Facebook's mobile apps, which is irritating. Here's how to stop Facebook automatically playing video.

  • Feature: 13 best Facebook tips and tricks

    Facebook is one of the biggest, baddest social networks. At times it's a little bit too bad. Whether it's pestering you with Candy Crush Saga and Meow Chat invites and autoplaying videos, toggling your News Feed between Top Stories and Most Recent, preventing you from doing what you want as you live outside the US, or just giving away a little more information than you'd like, follow our tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Facebook.

  • News: Twitter received two emergency data requests from Australian govt

    There were only two requests from the Australian government for Twitter users' data and none for the removal of content during the first half 2014, according to the social network site's latest Transparency Report.

  • News: Businesses should embrace Digital Reimagination

    Firms should begin Digital Reimagination, including changing their core business models, products and services, business processes and workplaces. Findings from the Global Trend Report by Tata Consultancy Services--which was released earlier this week--show that these steps are important for enterprises to remain competitive and maintain its market share.

  • News: Twitter reports a rise in government data requests

    The number of government requests worldwide seeking Twitter users' data, or the removal of content, increased during the first half of 2014.

  • Opinion: The one LinkedIn profile tip everyone should know: Use Work Samples to show off your achievements

    Everyone has a LinkedIn profile now, so yours needs to stand out--and there's one simple way to do it that a lot of people still don't bother to do. It's called Work Samples. It's a relatively new feature in LinkedIn (especially if you're one of those people that doesn't look at your profile that often--ahem!), and it can turn your profile from a plain old e-resume into a more visually rich representation of you and your best work.

  • News: Whiskey is a social lubricant and a social network, thanks to Distiller

    Facebook toys with your emotions. Twitter doesn't know what it wants to be. Instagram is lovely to look at, but gives you a serious case of FOMO. Social networks are fraught with such anxiety that we forget they're supposed to be fun. That's where Distiller aims to stand out--because it's impossible for a social network based on booze to make you miserable.

  • News: Financial services chiefs back technology as key enabler: Financial Service Council

    Almost three-quarters of financial services chief executives believe technology is a key enabler of innovation, according to the Financial Service Council's CEO Survey.

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