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  • News: Obama keeps his beloved BlackBerry

    New US president Barack Obama has been allowed to keep his BlackBerry smartphone - and so is the first US president to have access to email in the White House.

  • News: AOL upgrades webmail service

    AOL has upgraded its webmail service to allow users to preview messages sent to their Gmail and Yahoo! Mail accounts, as well as navigate straight to their inboxes with one click.

  • News: Microsoft cuts call for pay-as-you-go Windows

    Microsoft's first-ever layoffs indicate that the software giant should radically rethink its Windows client business, which is largely responsible for the software giant's alarming Q2 financial results

  • News: Toshiba announces 16in multimedia laptop

    Toshiba has announced the Toshiba Satellite A350 - a laptop with a 16in, 1366x768 pixel, 16:9 widescreen.

  • News: Microsoft announces 5,000 job losses

    Microsoft's net income fell 11 percent for the quarter ended December 31, 2008. Because of this, and despite a 2 percent revenue rise, 5,000 jobs are being cut, Microsoft has announced.

  • News: eBay announces 7% revenue loss

    Online auction site eBay has announced revenue for quarter four of 2008 was seven percent down on last year at $2.07bn (£1.5bn).

  • News: Windows Vista SP2 release date slips

    Microsoft has delayed Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) by at least a month, according to a reputable source

  • News: Intel Atom 2 'Pineview' details emerge

    Details are emerging of Intel's upcoming Pineview CPU, the next iteration of the popular Intel Atom chip found in almost all low-cost netbooks and nettop PCs. The Intel Atom 2 chip is expected to launch in the second half of this year.

  • News: Microsoft expected to reveal profit loss, job cuts

    Microsoft is expected to reveal it failed to his its profit targets for the final quarter of 2008, which will results in thousands of job losses, say analysts.

  • News: LinkedIn limits number of connections

    LinkedIn, the social networking site for business users, has clamped down on a controversial group of networkers who add 'connections' even if they don't know them.

  • News: IBM: Q4 earnings up 17% on 2007

    IBM has bucked the economic slump by announcing earning for quarter 4 of 2008 of $3.28 (£2.37) per share, a 17 percent increase on last year. However, the company said total revenue for the quarter dropped 6 percent to $27bn (£19.55bn).

  • News: 11 ways to find a cheap laptop

    The market is flooded with products appealing to the cash-conscious consumer - and demand for the very best deals is fiercer than ever. We show you how to find the best bargain laptops in the UK

  • News: Wozniak: Apple will survive without Jobs

    Steve Jobs is very important to Apple, but the company can survive without him, says the company's co-founder Steve Wozniak.

  • News: Vodafone plays down Palm Pre rumours

    Speculation is rife that Vodafone will be the exclusive UK carrier for the upcoming Palm Pre smartphone.

  • News: Intel Core 2 Quad chips get price cut

    Intel has announced price cuts across its mobile and desktop chip range, including a 40 percent drop for its quad-core chips.

  • News: The 10 best free BlackBerry apps

    Third-party apps are a great way to improve the functionality of your BlackBerry smartphone. But if you don't want to break the bank, then our list of the 10 best free apps could be just what you need.

  • News: 30 percent of Windows PCs exposed by worm

    A worm that infected several million Windows PCs is causing havoc because nearly a third of all systems remain unpatched, 80 days after Microsoft rolled out an emergency fix

  • News: Run Windows XP & 2000 apps on Vista

    Microsoft has released the first public beta of a tool that solves one of the chief complaints businesses have with Windows Vista: that older Windows applications aren't compatible with the new OS.

  • News: Lenovo launches Intel Atom desktop PC

    Lenovo yesterday launched its first nettop with Intel's Atom processor for budget buyers.

  • News: Microsoft, Intel and Cisco to invest in education

    Cisco, Intel and Microsoft announced yesterday that they will underwrite a major multi-sector research project to improve education through technology around the world.

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