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More SMB Tech Articles

  • News: HP introduces green labelling scheme for printers

    HP is implementing a new Eco Highlights labeling plan for its printers, claiming this will draw attention to the environmentally friendly credentials of the products and encourage consumers to 'go green'.

  • News: Lenovo sales jump 17%

    Lenovo, the world's fourth-largest PC maker, reported a 17 per cent jump in sales for the last fiscal year, led by continued strong PC demand in China and other markets.

  • News: Microsoft Office to get ODF & PDF support

    Microsoft is expected to finally add support for ODF (Open Document Format for XML) and Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) to its Office productivity suite today.

  • News: New glitch for Windows XP SP3

    Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) continues to cause problems for users, according to the UK-based We Got Served user forum

  • News: Panda launches antimalware service for SMBs

    Panda Security has launched a new security-as-a-service for antimalware service offered as an alternative to in-house software distribution through dedicated equipment.

  • News: Analysis: Microsoft wants Yahoo search assets

    Microsoft is probably seeking a search-related deal with Yahoo, experts say, after Microsoft announced yesterday that it has made a new offer to Yahoo.

  • News: Quad-core Intel Itanium out early next year

    A quad-core version of Intel's Itanium chip will appear in servers in early 2009, Intel announced today.

  • News: Microsoft offers new deal for Yahoo

    Microsoft revealed yesterday that it has raised with Yahoo the possibility of a new deal. Microsoft's latest bid for Yahoo may involve buying a part of the company but not all of it.

  • News: BlackBerry Thunder has iPhone-like touchscreen

    Called the Thunder, it would be based on a true touchscreen similar to the one used by the Apple's iPhone, and would have no keypad common to other BlackBerry devices. Instead it would have only four physical keys and no slide-out keyboard, according to the Boy Genius Report and The Wall Street Journal.

  • News: Orange to sell iPhone in 12 countries

    Orange has announced that it will sell the iPhone in a dozen countries.

  • News: Six factors that will make or break Microsoft's Silverlight

    Since its release last year, Microsoft's Silverlight has been championed as a serious contender to Adobe's Flash and associated Flex development tools. And with the beta version of Silverlight 2, which was released in March this year, Microsoft appears to have fixed the flaws from the first version.

  • News: Timeline: Microsoft's bid for Yahoo

    When rumours regarding Microsoft's acquisition of Yahoo first surfaced in 2006, they were dismissed as simple gossip. However, Microsoft was deadly serious about the takeover bid. We chart the highs and lows of this battle which rocked the IT world.

  • News: 5 ways to protect against insider data theft

    Here are the five most common methods insiders use to access network resources and simple measures enterprise IT can take to protect against the implied threats.

  • News: 50 free tools to extend your Windows XP PC

    While Microsoft is keen for us to move to Windows Vista, we've got other ideas. With a brand-new service pack and a slew of useful add-ons XP works better than ever. Here are 50 tools that can extend XP's useful working life still further.

  • News: Vista required 20% fewer patches than XP in 2007

    Microsoft claims Windows Vista is less prone to bugs than Windows XP, with security strategy director Jeff Jones claiming the newer OS required 20 percent fewer fixes in 2007 than the four-year-old Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).

  • News: Windows XP SP3 'reboot' fix now online

    A former Microsoft security manager has published a tool designed to detect and fix PCs that may be susceptible to 'endless reboots' if updated to Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3).

  • Video: Dell Inspiron 1525 user review

    Here's a user review of Dell's workhorse laptop the Inspiron 1525.

  • News: Yahoo launches Search Monkey API

    Yahoo is to offer an enhanced search result listing tool for websites. Yahoo SearchMonkey is an open-source application development kit for website creators and owners that will allow more detail to be listed within a standard search results page. The development kit for the Yahoo SearchMonkey goes live today, with a consumer offering likely to be made public within weeks.

  • News: O2 suggests 3G iPhone 2 is weeks away

    O2 has confirmed it will make a high profile iPhone announcement in conjunction with Apple "in the coming weeks"

  • News: Developers snub Windows Vista for XP

    Software developers in North America are still not targeting Windows Vista when writing new applications, according to a survey released by Evans Data Corp, with many still focusing their energies on Windows XP.

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