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  • News: Heavy-handed WGA to black out dodgy XP copies

    Microsoft has updated the Windows Genuine Advantage Notification software that verifies whether a copy of Windows XP Pro is genuine, making it more persistently visible to users.

  • News: Fujitsu prepares 8-core Sparc64 chip

    Fujitsu is developing an eight-core version of its Sparc64 processor, which should give a performance boost to the Sparc Enterprise Servers that Fujitsu jointly develops with Sun Microsystems.

  • Video: Asus Eee PC 701 user review

    Here is one reader's take on the little netbook that took the laptop market by storm - the Asus Eee PC 701. TheMacintosh1 says: "Please keep in mind I have the older 701 model which is not sold anymore. Newer models such as the 901 and 1000 have newer features and larger screens."

  • News: Registry Cleaners compared: speed up your PC

    The Windows Registry is an essential system file that houses a massive collection of details about your computer where programs are stored, which helper programs (known as DLLs) are shared among your various applications, listings of all your Start-menu shortcuts, and pointers to the programs that fire up when you click on an icon. And that's just the beginning.

  • News: Microsoft admits another flawed update

    Microsoft has rereleased one of its August 11 security updates, explaining that it had posted an incomplete version to its own Download Centre last week.

  • News: eBay raises seller fees by up to 300%

    Online auctioneer eBay has outlined massive changes to its pricing structure. Users selling items under £15 are worse off under the new pricing, as eBay appears to be promoting high-value sellers.

  • News: Windows Vista users rush to install SP1

    Windows performance and metrics researcher Devil Mountain Software says Windows Vista users have been quicker to install the first service pack for the OS than XP users have been to adopt XP Service Pack 3 (SP3).

  • News: Microsoft patch software introduces Windows 7

    Microsoft has seeded Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) - its popular corporate patch product - with references to Windows 7, the upcoming replacement for Windows Vista, according to network administrators.

  • News: Microsoft and Novell expand open source pact

    Microsoft is to purchase a further $100m in coupons for Suse Linux support from Novell, furthering a controversial 2006 partnership aimed at customers who run both Windows and Linux in their server environments.

  • News: 2,000-strong team working on Windows 7

    Microsoft has 25 'feature teams' of about 100 employees each working on the upcoming replacement to Windows Vista - currently called Windows 7.

  • News: Intel lays out solid-state drive roadmap

    Intel outlined at IDF the roadmap for its upcoming line of solid-state drives that will use flash-based solid-state memory to store data - and replace hard drives in some computers.

  • News: Intel to launch 6-core 'Dunnington' processors

    Intel is ready to release a 6-core Xeon processor, with the new X7460, codenamed 'Dunnington', set to replace quad-core chips at the top of the company's microprocessor range.

  • News: Now Apple gives MobileMe users 90 free days

    Apple has been forced to extend its free MobileMe period days from 30 to 90 days.

  • News: A third of Vista PC buyers downgrade to XP

    More than one in every three new PCs is downgraded from Windows Vista to the older Windows XP, either at the factory or by the buyer, according to a US performance and metrics researcher

  • News: Microsoft seeks Office 14 alpha testers

    Microsoft has announced via a blog that the next version of Office will be available for alpha testing in November or December.

  • News: Apple iPhone update fails to tackle 3G problems

    New firmware for Apple's iPhone released yesterday has not fixed users' 3G reception problems, according to reports on the company's support forums.

  • News: Patent setback for Dell's 'cloud computing' claim

    Dell's attempt to register 'cloud computing' as a trademark have taken a setback, after the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) ruled that it has become a generic term used by many companies.

  • News: AMD has high hopes for new server chipset

    AMD plans to launch a new server platform based on an improved chipset in the first half of 2009.

  • News: New MS antitrust battle focuses on Windows XP

    Microsoft's long-running anti-trust battle continues, with Taiwan's Fair Trade Commission announcing an investigation into whether or not the Windows developer holds a monopoly position over the island's software market and if it abuses such a position.

  • News: HP launches rugged ultraportable laptops

    HP has launched new ultraportable laptops in the US that can easily switch between wireless 3G broadband networks and withstand harsh environmental conditions.

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