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More SMB Tech Articles

  • News: Yahoo adds Widget Utilities to Yahoo Mail

    Yahoo added over a dozen widgets to its webmail service on Friday, including integration with PayPal, eBay, YouTube and Mint.com. These apps will let users do more while within Yahoo Mail, reducing the need to shuffle between websites and services.

  • News: Small crowds gather for Palm Pre launch

    The US launch of the Palm Pre at the weekend was more like a soft launch compared to the crowds that lined up to buy new iPhones, but Palm enthusiasts nonetheless gathered outside Sprint Nextel stores and other retailers in the hopes of being among the first with the highly anticipated smartphones.

  • News: Microsoft Office challengers to grow in 2010

    Microsoft Office is still the most prevalent productivity suite among enterprise customers, but 2010 could see more adoption of competitive suites as companies ponder their next investments in this area, according to a new report by Forrester Research.

  • News: Windows 7: What happens next?

    Microsoft confirmed this week that it will release Windows 7 on October 22. However, there are plenty of milestones between now and then. Here's a breakdown of Microsoft's Windows 7 roadmap

  • News: BT boosts broadband speeds for free

    BT has announced it is upgrading broadband speeds for its customers, from up to 8Mbps to 20Mbps, for free.

  • News: Microsoft reveals launch date for Windows 7

    Microsoft has announced that it will ship Windows 7 to customers worldwide on October 22

  • News: Adobe hikes CS4 price by 10 percent

    Adobe has revealed it will increase the cost of Creative Suite 4 suites in the UK, in a bid to realign UK pricing with the rest of Europe.

  • News: Apple iPhone security benchmark released

    The Center for Internet Security has released a security benchmark for Apple's iPhone that it said could help IT managers better protect data stored on the device.

  • News: The history of the PC in pictures

    Since the personal computer debuted in 1971, a Darwin-esque evolution process has lifted the PC from modest beginnings to its current role as an indispensable part of life in the 21st century

  • News: BlackBerry Bold vs Apple iPhone

    Can't decide which smartphone you should go for? Apple and BlackBerry are two of the biggest names in the market, but which is best? We compared the two to see what they can and can't do.

  • News: PC Advisor's ultimate guide to buying a laptop

    There's a huge array of choice when it comes to laptops, but with everything from netbooks and ultraportables to machines suitable for gaming and those designed to withstand use in rural locations, which should you choose. We've put together the ultimate laptop guide to help you decide.

  • News: Asus adds NAS device to Eee range

    Asus has joined other network attached storage device makers such as QNAP and Acer by showing off a new NAS that uses Intel's low-power, inexpensive Atom N270 microprocessor.

  • News: Windows Vista SP2 available for download

    Windows Vista Service Pack 2 is now available for download.

  • BenQ GP1 mini LED projector

    BenQ has unveiled a mini LED projector that can be used without the need for a PC. The BenQ GP1 comes with a £499 price tag.

  • News: IBM: Vista the best recruiter for Linux

    According to a senior IBM executive, Microsoft's Vista launch was the best recruiter for Linux on the desktop.

  • News: Netbooks meet smartphones - the next big thing?

    Even though netbooks only exploded on to the market two years ago, they've dramatically evolved. We take a look at what netbooks might look like in the future.

  • News: The ultimate guide to buying a netbook

    If you're confused by the exploding netbook market then fear not. We explain all you need to know about these low-cost, low-power laptops and help you decide which is right for you.

  • News: IT budgets cut across the board

    Spending across IT sectors is set to remain low throughout 2009 and is not expected to pick up until 2010, according to research firm TheInfoPro (TIP).

  • News: Windows 7 pricing coming next month

    Windows 7 pricing will be announced next month according to TechARP.com, the Malaysian website which has accurately predicted past company moves.

  • News: Microsoft to kill Office 2000 in July

    Microsoft has reminded Office 2000 users that it will discontinue security updates for the aged suite in less than two months as it drops all support for the software.

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