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  • News: Asustek shows off new thin, light UL laptop family

    On Monday Asustek unveiled a new family of thin, light laptops called the Ulimited Family or UL notebook PCs. They update an earlier line of U-series devices designed around consumer ultra low voltage or C-U-L-V microprocessors from Intel. Both series were designed with Apple’s MacBook Air in mind.

  • News: Lenovo announces multitouch laptops

    Lenovo today announced new touchscreen laptops, including the Lenovo ThinkPad T400s, which is company's first laptop to support four-finger multitouch input.

  • News: Netbook OS: Windows, Linux or Chrome?

    As netbooks head into the enterprise, questions about the best OS - Windows, Chrome or Linux - for that market are beginning to arise.

  • News: Netbooks group test: 8 laptops rated

    Lengthy battery life, limited specs and a light chassis characterise the average netbook. But PC Advisor finds that not all fit the mould, in our round-up of eight top models.

  • News: 18 free websites that help you save money

    There are plenty of free services available on the web, from photo-editing to social-networking. However we've identified 18 that can be used in place of chargeable services, helping you save money.

  • News: The 7 best ways to back up your PC

    Nobody likes backing up, but one day it'll save your bacon. Here are the seven most efficient methods of protecting your data, no matter what your situation.

  • News: Palm Pre to be unveiled in UK next week

    The Palm Pre smartphone is set to be officially unveiled in the UK on Tuesday. The touchscreen smartphone, dubbed this year's iPhone killer, will make its UK debut on 15 September.

  • News: 33% use smartphone to work out of office hours

    Nearly a third of Brits admit they use their smartphones outside of working hours for business use such as sending emails and making calls, says Rightmobilephone.co.uk.

  • News: Dell launches uninterruptible power supplies

    Dell is to start selling uninterruptible power supplies with its own brand name as it tries to expand its reach in the server space.

  • News: Microsoft may rush out emergency patches

    Microsoft has released its security updates for the month of September, but a couple of unpatched flaws have some security experts wondering if the software company will be forced to release an emergency patch sometime in the month ahead.

  • News: Sweden is EU's fibre broadband leader

    Sweden is the top country in Europe when it comes to rolling out fibre broadband, as over 10 percent of the country already have superfast internet access, says the Fibre to the Home Council (FTTH).

  • News: Gmail outage could affect popularity in business

    Google's recent Gmail outage's could dent the applications credibility as a corporate tools, say IT analysts.

  • News: 12 technology terms to avoid at all costs

    In technology, phrases become obsolete very quickly. And if you're not in the know when it comes to the new cool slang then you could end up looking old. It may even hamper your job prospects.

  • News: Mobile cloud subscribers to number 1 billion by 2014

    The number of mobile cloud computing subscribers worldwide will grow rapidly over the next five years, rising from 42.8 million subscribers in 2008, to just over 998 million in 2014.

  • News: Virgin Media cuts cost of 50Mbps broadband

    Virgin Media has slashed the price of its 50Mbps broadband package.

  • News: AMD ships low-power six-core Istanbul chip

    Advanced Micro Devices on Monday introduced a low-power variant of its six-core Opteron server chip, which is codenamed Istanbul.

  • News: Free Software Foundation slams Windows 7

    The Free Software Foundation has slammed Microsoft's new operating system Windows 7 calling it "treacherous computing" that stealthily takes away rights from users.

  • News: Survey shows hackers love Christmas

    Most people may be busy with year-end gift buying and holiday parties at the end of December, but security professionals have an added obligation: keeping the hackers off their corporate networks.

  • News: Norton users get fix for buggy patch

    Symantec has posted a software fix after hundreds of users reported problems with a buggy update of the company's flagship Norton AntiVirus software

  • News: AMD 12-core processors coming in 2010

    Advanced Micro Devices' upcoming 12-core chips will draw the same power as existing six-core chips, but will have reduced clock speeds, a company official said Monday.

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