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More SMB Tech Articles

  • News: Feature: Windows XP vs Vista

    So there you are, signing the 'Save XP' petition, shaking your fist in triumph as you stick it to 'the man'. It's a liberating feeling. You've found the courage to buck the trend and jump off the Wintel upgrade treadmill. You feel empowered, enlightened. But still, there are these nagging doubts.

  • News: NEC Express 5800 breaks benchmarking record

    NEC's says its new Express 5800 server has broken the TPC-E benchmark performance record with a score about 70 percent higher than the current leading machine.

  • News: Windows PCs open to new Word hack

    Microsoft has warned that cyber criminals may be taking advantage of an unpatched flaw in the Windows operating system to install malicious software on a victim's PC.

  • News: The 10 best technology combinations

    For this look at the most life-changing high-tech events of the past quarter century, we divided developments into pairs that have formed an effective one-two punch. On the following pages are our picks for the 10 technology duos with the biggest impact.

  • News: 18 ways to be greener during business travel

    Business travel can be exhausting. Just getting to your flight in these days of traffic congestion and long security lines can be a trial. And once you're at your destination, there are meetings to attend and phone calls to return, not to mention keeping up with what's happening back at the office.

  • News: Windows Server 2008: a great Vista killer

    Thanks to the musings of a (hopefully still employed) Microsoft engineer, some disaffected Vista users have discovered that Windows Server 2008, properly configured and tweaked to be more Vista-like, makes a killer workstation OS.

  • News: Dell slams solid-state laptop failure claims

    Dell has hit back at a report claiming as many as 30 percent of its solid state drives are being returned due to technical failure and poor performance.

  • News: First Dell smartphone to run Windows Mobile

    Dell plans to launch its first smartphone, according to a report from Digitimes which claims the company is working with Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn on a Windows Mobile-based device.

  • News: Apple iPhone dominates mobile web browsing

    Apple's iPhone has become the most popular device for accessing news and information on the mobile web, according to M:Metrics, with 85 percent of iPhone users accessing such content in January. This compares to 58.2 per cent of other smartphone users and 13.1 per cent of the market average.

  • News: Intel Classmate to take on Eee PC in Europe

    Low-cost laptop market heats up in Europe with Intel preparing to launch the sub-$350 Classmate 2 to consumers

  • News: VMware toolkit targets Windows admins

    VMware has launched a new tool allowing administrators of virtualised Windows infrastructures to automate tasks via PowerShell, Microsoft's command line interface shell and associated scripting language.

  • News: AMD Barcelona-based servers to launch in April

    AMD's bid to catch up with rival Intel will receive a boost next month when the first systems running its new quad-core Barcelona chip hit the market.

  • News: Adobe to build Flash Player for Apple's iPhone

    Adobe is to develop a version of Flash Player for the iPhone, despite Steve Jobs stating earlier this month that Flash Player for mobile devices isn't good enough for Apple's handset.

  • News: Report: Alarming failure rate on SSD laptops

    Solid-state drive-based laptops are exhibiting alarming failure rates, according to Avian Security, a brokerage firm whose research covers the high-tech and aerospace industries.

  • News: Google Spreadsheets upgrade on the way

    Google plans to roll out enhancements to its online spreadsheet program, including the ability to display data in new ways using lightweight 'gadgets' and to notify users via email when data is changed.

  • News: Mobile phones increase Google traffic

    Google has reported an increase in mobile phone users accessing the web from their handsets.

  • News: Wireless electricity metre uses ZigBee

    UK firm Energy Optimizer has launched a plug-in electricity metre that relies on the wireless ZigBee protocol.

  • News: New Dell PowerEdge servers target SMBs

    Dell has launched new single-socket servers for small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), replenishing its overhauled PowerEdge line of servers.

  • News: Windows Vista SP1 now available

    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) is now freely available after Microsoft released the download via its website.

  • News: 50% of UK broadband users unhappy with service

    Half of the UK’s broadband users are unhappy with the service they receive from their internet service providers, according to a survey of nearly 11,000 broadband customers.

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