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  • News: 30 percent of Windows PCs exposed by worm

    A worm that infected several million Windows PCs is causing havoc because nearly a third of all systems remain unpatched, 80 days after Microsoft rolled out an emergency fix

  • News: Run Windows XP & 2000 apps on Vista

    Microsoft has released the first public beta of a tool that solves one of the chief complaints businesses have with Windows Vista: that older Windows applications aren't compatible with the new OS.

  • News: Lenovo launches Intel Atom desktop PC

    Lenovo yesterday launched its first nettop with Intel's Atom processor for budget buyers.

  • News: Microsoft, Intel and Cisco to invest in education

    Cisco, Intel and Microsoft announced yesterday that they will underwrite a major multi-sector research project to improve education through technology around the world.

  • News: Google lets ISPs sell Apps Premier suite

    Google is to launch a reseller program for its Apps Premier hosted suite.

  • Dell G2210 and G2410 flat panel displays

    Dell has unveiled two new screens in its G-series range of widescreen flat panel monitors, which it claims are some of its most energy efficient.

  • News: Software giants list 25 greatest net threats

    A list of 25 most serious common, well-understood coding errors used to exploit websites was released yesterday by a group of 35 high-profile organisations, including Microsoft, Symantec, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Security Agency's Information Assurance Division. The initiative was coordinated by the SANS Institute and The MITRE Corp, a federally funded research-and-development centre.

  • News: Top 10 most popular UK online retailers 2008 Christmas

    Amazon was the top UK online retailer in the last quarter of 2008, followed by Argos, Tesco, Play.com and Marks & Spencer.

  • News: Analysis: Palm Pre garners positive response

    Palm's new handset has been introduced to the world. Although it isn't getting quite as much coverage as the iPhone did when it was introduced two years ago at Macworld, the Pre is getting plenty of attention.

  • News: Can Windows 7 finally kill Windows XP?

    Microsoft's toughest challenge with Windows 7 could be to win over the group of people that arguably represent the software giant's biggest obstacle to success: Windows XP users

  • Video: Sony launches its Vaio P mini laptop

    Sony took the wraps off its anticipated Vaio P-series mini-laptop at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.

  • News: ISPs to store your emails for one year

    From March, ISPs will be required to store details about every email sent and received, for one year.

  • News: Internet access device onslaught to hit UK

    Internet access devices are set to bombard the UK, says Intel, after successful launches in other territories. More than 50 Intel Atom-based devices are already available, of which at least 33 are MIDs, says Intel.

  • News: Windows 7 beta downloads begin

    The Windows 7 beta is now available for download, after Microsoft delayed its launch on Friday due to its servers being overwhelmed by users trying to download the operating system.

  • News: New Year's resolutions for the tech industry

    2009 looks set to be a trying time for the tech industry, so reflecting and making resolutions is critical to survival. We've put together a list of resolutions, with the help of experts, which will help you make the most of 2009.

  • News: What's going to happen in technology in 2009

    Wonder what the tech world has in store for us in 2009? For the fun of it we asked bona fide psychics to look into their crystal ball.

  • News: Analysis: what 2009 holds for spam email

    When it comes to the web, there's no single bigger annoyance than spam. Experts are warning that levels and the ways spam is distributed will rise in 2009. We talk to experts SPAMfighters to find out how to protect yourself.

  • News: 13 new technologies coming to your PC

    Ultra-small PCs that fit on a single chip. Batteries that recharge without cables. TVs that respond to your every gesture. These and other developing technologies will fundamentally change the way you think about and use your computer. PC Advisor looks at the technology of tomorrow.

  • News: 7 technology predictions that never happened

    When it comes to predicting the future, sometimes tech aficionados get it wrong. Here's our round-up of the 7 worst tech predictions of the past 65 years.

  • News: Palm finally hits back at iPhone with Palm Pre

    Palm has launched a touchscreen smartphone along with a brand-new WebOS operating system and an "intelligent" cohesive contact management setup called Synergy

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