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  • News: Acer to launch 10.2in netbook

    Acer plans a netbook with 10.2in screen, as well as an iMac rival.

  • News: 'Credible WiMax' to replace 3G networks

    Hoping to build what they call 'credible WiMax networks' and provide for life after 3G, network equipment maker Airspan and operator Freedom4 have shown a laptop roaming seamlessly between WiMax networks on different spectrum bands.

  • News: Mobile broadband boom to continue in 2009

    Mobile broadband, for both phones and laptops, is expected to book the economic trend and enjoy another bumper year in 2009.

  • News: Buyers' guide: top 5 mini laptops reviewed

    Here's PC Advisor's guide to the best five mini-laptops on the market.

  • News: Buyers' guide: top 5 photo printers and frames

    PC Advisor's guide to the best photo printers and digital photo frames on the market.

  • News: Five crucial Facebook dos and don'ts

    Social-networking can be a minefield. Users should think twice before posting information and imagez, as one hurried post could kill your working and personal relationships in one fell swoop. We've rounded up the top five Facebook etiquette tips to ensure you never get into social-networking trouble.

  • News: 13 top tips for better mobile working

    We've put together 13 top tips to ensure that if you are working on the go, you are working better, smarter, and faster.

  • News: Christmas 2008 technology buyers guide

    It’s been another year of innovation and technological intrigue. PC Advisor outlines the best of the best, bringing you reviews of Best Buy products in six crucial categories.

  • Video: Video: T-Mobile G1 'Google phone' review

    PC Advisor takes a look at the T-Mobile G1, the first Google Android mobile phone. Does the G1 and Google's mobile phone operating system have what it takes to challenge the Apple iPhone?

  • News: Spam zombie PCs coming back to life

    Computers that are part of the Srizbi botnet - which by some estimates sent nearly half of the world's spam - are apparently becoming active again.

  • News: Microsoft pushes emergency Windows patch

    Microsoft has warned Windows users to apply an emergency patch released in October in a bid to tackle a rise in attacks on a vulnerability in Windows that could trigger a worm infestation on networks.

  • News: Windows XP demand boosts used PC market

    A new market for used PCs is thriving because people want to get licensed copies of Windows XP, according to industry analysts and hardware suppliers

  • News: LinkedIn boosts business search tool

    LinkedIn has overhauled its search platform, claiming it will let users more easily find who they are looking for on the site.

  • News: Lenovo Remote Disable kills laptops by text

    Lenovo plans to announce today a new technology allowing laptop users to shut down their machines remotely by sending a text message

  • News: Microsoft removes 1m fake antivirus apps

    Microsoft claims to have removed fake security software from nearly a million PCs during nine days this month, following the release of an anti-malware tool delivered as part of November's round of Patch Tuesday updates.

  • News: Warning over 'dramatic rise' in Windows attacks

    Windows users have been warned of a sharp jump in online attacks that appear to be targeting a recently patched bug in Microsoft's operating system.

  • News: Ballmer forced to testify in Vista Capable suit

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has been ordered to testify in a class action lawsuit against the Windows developer that alleges the company misled consumers over the Windows Vista Capable marketing campaign.

  • Video: Video: Vodafone BlackBerry Storm 9500 review

    There's been widespread anticipation for RIM's new touchscreen BlackBerry mobile phone, the Storm. Indeed, PC Advisor's own review of the BlackBerry Storm 9500 is mostly positive. Unfortunately, while the features that make RIM's BlackBerrys great mostly are present, the Storm's touchscreen is "a failed experiment," according to PCWorld.com Senior Editor Denny Arar, who put the Storm through its paces.

  • Video: World Technology Update: November 21 2008

    Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang steps down, Adobe shows off its new Flash platform, TVs fail the recycling test, robots take over California, Nintendo leads in the game console war, Intel launches a new processor and new auto tech is on display in New York.

  • News: Internet sales rose by 30 percent in 2007

    Internet sales by UK businesses rose to £163bn in 2007, figures published today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show.

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