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  • News: 5 open source virtualisation technologies to watch in 2011

    With virtualisation now a mainstream technology for most large businesses, the big players like EMC (VMWare), IBM and Microsoft are investing heavily in proprietary options for running multiple guest operating systems on a single machine.

  • How-Tos: How to use videoconferencing whatever your budget

    The cost - both economic and environmental - of travel can be crippling to businesses of any size, and many are turning to video conferencing. But video equipment doesn't come cheap. Here we explain the options for businesses of all sizes, and offer advice on how to speak face to face without being there.

  • News: 2011 to see rise in 'big data'

    Among the continued maturation of Cloud computing and increasing competition between tablet manufacturers, 2011 is expected to see higher use of multi-terabyte datasets for business intelligence and analytics, otherwise known as “big data”.

  • News: Asustek predicts flat netbook sales in 2011

    Asustek Computer, a top manufacturer of netbook PCs, anticipates a global slowdown in growth of the lightweight laptops as tablets gain ground.

  • News: Cause of Windows Phone 7 data spikes found

    Microsoft has blamed the cause of random, high spikes in data usage by some Windows Phone 7 handsets to a widely accessed third-party solution.

  • News: Rural Britain to get cheaper broadband?

    Brits in rural areas could be given cheaper broadband after Ofcom revealed it wants BT to slash the wholesale price it charges to ISPs who use the telecommunications company as its sole network provider.

  • News: Samsung hints at next-gen Galaxy S smartphone

    A Samsung Mobile website is promising the arrival of "something big" on February 13, which also shows an obscured image of the upcoming device next to the Samsung Galaxy S.

  • News: Two in five social networkers have been sent malware

    Two in five social networkers have been sent malware such as worms via sites such as Facebook and Twitter, says Sophos.

  • News: UK tech industry needs 110,000 new recruits

    The UK IT and telecoms industry needs more than 110,000 new recruits to just meet this year’s demand, according to a new e-skills report.

  • Lexmark Genesis S815 inkjet multifunction printer

    Lexmark has unveiled the Genesis S815 web-connected inkjet printer with a difference – it features an unusual vertical design.

  • News: TalkTalk unveils fibre broadband package

    TalkTalk has unveiled its first fibre broadband package that will offer speeds of 'up to' 40Mbps.

  • News: 'PC for £98' scheme to get unconnected Brits online

    Brits will be offered PCs for less than £100 as part of a government scheme to get millions online for the first time.

  • News: Cyber-attacks 'less disruptive than financial issues'

    Cyber attacks are unlikely to cause as much disruption worldwide as pandemics and financial problems, says The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

  • News: Next-generation BlackBerry handsets revealed

    Smartphone website BGR has revealed what it claims are details of the next generation of RIM BlackBerry smartphone handsets. The BlackBerry Dakota is the replacement for the BlackBerry Bold, and BGR is also publishing images of a new Storm - the 'BlackBerry Monaco' - and an updated BlackBerry Curve known as the 'Apollo'. There's also a second generation BlackBerry Torch, imaginatively titled the 'BlackBerry Torch 2'.

  • News: Details: BlackBerry Dakota revealed

    Images and details of the BlackBerry Dakota--the impending flagship smartphone from Research In Motion (RIM)--have emerged. The Dakota is packed with features as RIM struggles desperately to regain lost ground and compete with the Apple iPhone and the rising Android invasion.

  • How-Tos: How to set up your office for technology workers

    Open office layouts are all the rage these days. But is that how IT people work best? We take a look at some of the best and worst setups.

  • How-Tos: How to clean up your online reputation

    A good reputation - online and offline - is clearly key to your success. We look at how to clean up your online reputation and whether to hire the pros, or simply do-it-yourself.

  • News: 10 tips: how to get online, anywhere

    If you're a regular when it comes to working on the go, then you'll probably have experienced the frustration when it's impossible to find an internet connection, whether it's through a 3G dongle, or even your smartphone. Here are 10 road-tested tips for getting your work done by any internet connection necessary.

  • News: The Top 10 Tech Scares of the Decade

    The dawn of the new millennium prompted fears about the future, but so far reality has not quite matched the predictions of catastrophe.Here's a look back at the past decade, and ten of the most terrifying tech scares.

  • News: Over 40 market towns to get super-fast broadband

    BT has published a list of over 40 market towns that will be offered super-fast broadband next year.

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