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More Security Articles

  • News: PBS Hackers Put Sony in Crosshairs

    The group of anonymous hackers that posted a fake story proclaiming Tupac Shakur is alive and well in New Zealand on PBS' website might now be targeting Sony.

  • News: DroidDream authors again pollute Android Market

    Almost three dozen applications sporting a stripped down version of DroidDream have been identified in the Android Market.

  • News: Mobile App Security: 5 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone

    Wave your smartphone; buy a latte. Sounds great, doesn't it? But before running off to participate in Silicon Valley's next new thing, you might want to think about a scary downside to mobile commerce: the vulnerability of smartphones to hackers.

  • News: MoD to recruit 'hundreds' of cyber security experts

    The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has announced plans to hire more cyber security experts in order to fully embed cyber capabilities in the UK’s defences.

  • News: Private clouds hold a wide lead over public clouds among IT pros polled

    Public clouds have a way to go if they want to be the top choice of businesses looking to put resources in a shared, centralized computing environment, according to a poll of 1,200 IT professionals.

  • News: Camden Council tags laptops with anti-theft system

    Camden Borough Council has announced an ambitious plan to equip its entire laptop population with Absolute Software’s ‘hardwired’ theft-and asset-tracking system, Computrace.

  • How-Tos: How to shop safely online

    PC Advisor explains the selling regulations that exist to protect your purchase online, and what to do if you are unhappy with a product you have purchased over the web.

  • News: First quarter of 2011 was the most active for malware

    The first quarter of 2011 was the most active in history for malware, says McAfee.

  • Opinion: You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Privacy

    Have you ever heard of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986? I hadn't either, not until Senator Leahy (D-Vermont) moved to update it this year with a new amendment that make it more difficult for government agents to access data on remote servers containing information about who you've been talking to, where you've been and what you've seen.

  • News: UK developing cyber-weapons, Armed Forces minister admits

    The U.K. Government is developing a "toolbox" of Internet cyber-weapons that could be used to attack other countries, Armed Forces Minister Nick Harvey said in an admission that the military now treats the Internet as a battlefield like any other.

  • News: More malware apps sneak into Google Market

    More malware targeting Google Android devices but pretending to be legit apps managed to sneak into Google Market over the long holiday weekend, and Google did take steps to yank them, according to a mobile security firm.

  • News: Cyber weapons are integral part of the UKs armoury, says defence minister

    The UK government is building a ‘toolbox’ of cyber weapons to use in the fight against potential cyberattacks on the country’s critical services and government departments, defence minister Nick Harvey has revealed.

  • News: 5 top social media security threats

    Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn increasingly are being used by enterprises to engage with customers, build their brands and communicate information to the rest of the world.

  • News: Sony PlayStation Network to be fully restored by weekend

    Sony plans to restore all its PlayStation Network services by this weekend in all regions except Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, the company said Tuesday.

  • News: What Your Wireless Carrier Knows About You

    Like a lot of cell phone users, you may be wondering just what your wireless company knows about you. Can it see what kinds of apps you're running on your phone and where you go online while you're out and about? Can it tell what types of phones and tablets are connected to their networks, and how much data they consume? The answer to these questions is "yes."

  • News: Lockheed Martin acknowledges 'significant' cyberattack

    Lockheed Martin Saturday night acknowledged that it its information systems network had been the target of a "significant and tenacious attack," but said that its security team detected the intrusion "almost immediately and took aggressive actions to protect all systems and data."

  • News: Google Wallet Security Has a Weakness

    Google unveiled details of Google Wallet this week. Google Wallet is an ambitious mobile payment plan designed to let your Android smartphone be your wallet, but you should consider very carefully just how secure your credit card data will be in Google Wallet.

  • News: Lockheed-Martin Attack Signals New Era of Cyber Espionage

    The network of defense contractor Lockheed-Martin was attacked using counterfeit electronic keys. Since the RSA Security network was hacked and the keys to its SecurID tokens were compromised a few months ago, the world has been waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. Well, it dropped.

  • News: Risk standard up for review

    An international standard aimed at reducing IT risks is now up for review.

  • News: Dangers of IE 'Cookiejacking': What You Need to Know

    A security researcher has discovered a means of hijacking sensitive information from cookies in Internet Explorer. The 'cookiejacking' technique could expose credentials from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or other online services, but Microsoft doesn't consider it a serious threat. So, is the sky falling, is the security researcher crying wolf, or is the real risk somewhere in between.

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