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More Security Articles

  • News: FBI's holiday online shopping tips

    In advance of the holiday season, the FBI reminds shoppers to beware of cyber criminals and their aggressive and creative ways to steal money and personal information. Scammers use many techniques to fool potential victims including fraudulent auction sales, reshipping merchandise purchased with a stolen credit card, sale of fraudulent or stolen gift cards through auction sites at discounted prices, and phishing e-mails advertising brand name merchandise for bargain prices or e-mails promoting the sale of merchandise that ends up being a counterfeit product.

  • News: Debate erupts over Android malware dangers

    Reports of an explosion in Android malware have sparked a debate over whether malware on mobile devices is actually a big deal for most users.

  • Opinion: Mobile Malware Crisis? Not So Fast

    There's been a flurry of coverage of mobile malware over the past few days, including two separate reports declaring both 2011 and 2012 "the year of mobile malware."

  • News: Security experts concerned about Google's attitude toward Android malware

    Antivirus experts disagree with Chris DiBona, Google's open-source programs manager, who recently said that there is no virus problem on the Android platform and that companies selling anti-malware software for mobile operating systems are charlatans.

  • News: McAfee: Android is sole target of new mobile malware in Q3

    All new malware being written for mobile devices targets Android, according to a McAfee report on malware trends in Q3 2011.

  • News: OpenPGP JavaScript implementation allows webmail encryption

    Researchers from German security firm Recurity Labs have released a JavaScript implementation of the OpenPGP specification that allows users to encrypt and decrypt webmail messages.

  • News: Despite controversy, cybercrime treaty endures

    Delegates from around the world are meeting in France this week to discuss the only international treaty dealing with cybercrime, a treaty that has come under fire from some countries but defended by others as a crucial tool in fighting electronic crime.

  • News: Security Firm Lists 'Dirty Dozen' Unsafe Smartphones

    A list of 12 smartphones that pose the highest security and privacy risks to consumers and corporations was released today by a maker of security software.

  • Opinion: How Safe is WPA2-Secured WiFi?

    Darryl Boyett asked if his home WiFi connection, which uses WPA2 protection, is safe enough for online banking.

  • News: Four rising threats from cybercriminals

    Criminal hackers never sleep, it seems. Just when you think you've battened down the hatches and fully safeguarded yourself or your business from electronic security risks, along comes a new exploit to keep you up at night. It might be an SMS text message with a malevolent payload or an errant signal designed to jam GPS receivers.

  • News: Water Utility Hacked: Are Our SCADA Systems at Risk?

    A water utility in Illinois was reportedly hacked in a cyber attack traced back to Russia. The motives aren’t clear, but the act alone demonstrates how vulnerable our SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) networks are, and the potential risks posed to the critical infrastructure of the United States.

  • News: Healthcare breaches: Do they even matter?

    Electronic medical record breaches continue, yet the public pays little attention to healthcare provider security and privacy policies.

  • News: Report: 2011 Is the 'Year of Mobile Malware'

    Smartphones and tablets continue to rise in popularity--among both consumers and malware developers. Traditional malware is still a large and growing threat as well, but mobile platforms represent fertile ground with less awareness and limited defenses. A new report from McAfee illustrates that malware developers are anxious to exploit mobile devices.

  • News: The Dirty Dozen of security-vulnerable smartphones

    Which smartphones pose the biggest security and privacy risks to consumers and corporations?

  • News: Police suspend 2,000 rogue .co.uk domains

    Police have suspended 2,000 .co.uk domains that were being used to rip off consumers with counterfeit goods.

  • News: Security Report Warns of Cyberspying by China, Russia

    A government report says the U.S. can expect more aggressive cyberespionage efforts from Russia, China and other countries looking to collect information in areas such as pharmaceuticals, defense and manufacturing.

  • News: EU: copyright systems are 'hated'

    The EU's vice president responsible for Digital Agenda has slammed current digital copyright systems, saying they're "hated" by Europeans.

  • News: Facebook Continues to Be Criticized For Over-Sharing

    Facebook is finding that too much sharing upsets some users, especially when it comes to what they read. And if the social network isn't careful, the angst could benefit smaller rival Google+.

  • News: Surveillance Catalog Is Creepy Read

    An online catalog of promotional material from companies hawking high-tech spy products to law enforcement and intelligence agencies was published today by the Wall Street Journal. It's a catalog that's at best, disturbing and at worst, unnerving.

  • News: Porn companies sue ICANN over .XXX domain

    Two of the world's biggest porn companies have teamed up to sue the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and ICM Registry over their introduction of the .XXX top-level domain.

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