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  • Opinion: News Corp. Hit By Multiple Hack Attacks: LulzSec Returns

    They're back! The notorious hacking group LulzSec resurfaced Monday and claimed responsibility for hacking the U.K.'s The Sun website owned by News Corp. Starting at approximately 6:30 ET Monday the visitors to The Sun's website were redirected to Lulzsec's Twitter account page where it posted a tweet erroneously announced the death of Rupert Murdoch, CEO of News Corp., due to the ingestion of "a large quantity of palladium."

  • News: Microsoft offers $250,000 reward to catch Rustock criminals

    Microsoft is offering a $250,000 reward for help in catching the hackers behind the Rustock botnet.

  • News: Morrisons brand Kiddicare targets online fraud

    Kiddicare, the baby goods retailer bought by Morrisons supermarkets in February, has implemented a fraud management tool in a bid to improve online transaction assessments.

  • News: Using personal devices at work could improve productivity by 30%

    Letting staff use their own technology, such as smartphones and tablet PCs for work purposes increase productivity by as much as 30 percent, says CitrixOnline.

  • News: Microsoft posts $250K reward for Rustock botnet herders

    Microsoft upped the ante on Monday in its months-long battle against the Rustock botnet by posting a $250,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the hackers who controlled the malware.

  • News: Anonymous takes aim at Google+ in more ways than one

    Google+ may be getting some attention it doesn't want -- from Anonymous, which says it will target the new social networking site that launched last month.

  • Opinion: Wipe an Old PC Before Saying Goodbye

    SistemError asked the Desktops forum how best to prepare two aging PCs for their new owners.

  • How-Tos: Recover a Stolen Laptop with Free LockItTight

    In the last month, two family members and one friend have had laptops stolen right out of their homes. Sadly, none of the systems were equipped with remote-monitoring software, meaning the chances of recovery are just about zero.

  • How-Tos: Top 5 Tips for protecting your mobile from phone hacking

    Phone hacking can happen to anyone. Here's how to secure your phone.

  • News: 7 high-tech programs that want to pick your brain

    With increasing frequency it seems agencies of the government are looking to tap into the public conscienceness to gather information on everything from how you surf the Web to how they can use information generated by you to predict the future. It's all a little creepy, really. Here we take a look at seven programs announced this year that in some cases really want to crawl into your brain to see what's happening in the world.

  • News: Botnet Called 'Practically Indestructible'

    A new and improved botnet that has infected 4.5 million Windows PCs is "practically indestructible," security researchers say.

  • News: Outgoing federal CIO warns of 'an IT cartel'

    In a wide-ranging discussion Friday with President Barack Obama's top science advisors, Federal CIO Vivek Kundra warned of the dangers of open data access and complained of "an IT cartel" of vendors.

  • Feature: Five of the best program uninstallers

    Removing unused programs from your hard drive bring several benefits. As well as clearing unnecessary entries from the Start menu to help make it easier to navigate, software removal also frees up hard drive space and can help to improve system performance.

  • News: TrackMeNot Add-on Keeps Search Engine Profilers Confused

    The free TrackMeNot Firefox add-on takes a unique and creative approach to protecting your privacy from search engines that can create profiles of you based on terms you search for. Rather than hiding your searches from them in some way, it takes the exact opposite tack: It inundates search engines with a blizzard of background searches from you, so that no practical profile can be built because there are too many random searches. It generates those search terms from a group of RSS feeds from sites including the New York Times, CNN, and others.

  • News: Internet Explorer 9 hammers rivals in download blocking test

    The in-house reputation system used in Internet Explorer 8 and 9 is markedly superior at blocking social-engineering attacks than the Google equivalent used by Chrome, Firefox, Apple’s Safari, an independent test by NSS Labs has found.

  • News: News International facing email raid as Brooks steps down

    News of the World publisher News International is facing a police investigation likely to assess tens of thousands of emails, phone calls and documents, as news breaks that CEO Rebekah Brooks has stepped down following heightened accusations of phone hacking.

  • News: Apple releases iOS updates to fix PDF vulnerabilities

    After last week's report from the German government regarding PDF-related security vulnerabilities in MobileSafari, Apple has stepped up: The company on Friday released updates for all iOS devices that fix the problem. The updates are recommended for all users of Apple's mobile devices.

  • News: US military learning cybersecurity lessons from businesses

    In its new cyberdefense strategy, the Pentagon is drawing on lessons about agility, lifecycle management and supply-chain protection that have already been learned by private corporations.

  • Opinion: Proceed With Caution: Google+ Is Forever

    The world is still gaga for Google+. If you are just getting started, or still waiting anxiously for an invitation, though, take a step back and cool your jets. Think carefully before you get too deep into Google+ because you won't be able to change the email address associated with your Google social network...ever.

  • News: Google building Postini features into Apps

    Google has started to move e-mail security features from its Postini service directly into its Google Apps collaboration and communication suite.

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