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  • News: CloudPassage launches new security product for public clouds

    CloudPassage is launching a new security product for virtual servers in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services that it says takes care of the all-important need for security when using services from infrastructure providers.

  • Feature: PC Advisor's most commented stories of the week – 27th January 2012

    There's been plenty of tech stories over the past seven days that have got our readers talking.

  • News: Israeli hackers deface Iranian Government websites

    An Israeli group has claimed responsibility for the defacement of several Iranian Government websites as the tit-for-tat digital war between hackers in the Middle East shows no sign of waning.

  • News: The FBI plans to use social networks to fight crime

    The FBI is planning to use "publicly available" information on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks in a bid to fight national and international threats.

  • News: MP Tom Watson caught out by interns Twitter hijack

    Labour MP Tom Watson is the trending topic this afternoon on Twitter, after having had his account @tom_watson hijacked by a parliamentary intern while he was away from his desk in a meeting.

  • News: FBI to build social network spy app

    The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is planning to develop an application that can track the public's postings to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, in order to aid how it predicts and reacts to criminal behaviour, including public disorder and terrorism.

  • News: Beware of malicious QR codes: Report

    Cyber criminals have taken advantage of the proliferation of quick response (QR) codes on posters and marketing material by putting their own malicious stickers over the top of legitimate ones, warns security vendor, AVG Australia and New Zealand.

  • News: Security at the scene of the crime

    Do homeowners feel the need for extra security if their property was once the scene of a terrible crime? We went to some of L.A.'s most notorious crime scenes in search of answers.

  • News: Google says privacy change won't affect government users

    Google today dismissed concerns by a former senior federal IT official that its controversial new privacy policy would create problems for customers of Google Apps for Government.

  • News: Hacking stunt: Stealing smartphone crypto keys using plain old radio

    Encryption keys on smartphones can be stolen via a technique using radio waves, says one of the world's foremost crypto experts, Paul Kocher, whose firm Cryptography Research will demonstrate the hacking stunt with several types of smartphones at the upcoming RSA Conference in San Francisco next month.

  • News: Lawmakers question Google on its new privacy practices

    Google's decision this week to share user data across its online services has caught the attention of eight members of the U.S. House of Representatives, with the lawmakers asking whether the changes will compromise privacy.

  • News: Facebook, Washington state sue alleged ad scammer

    Washington's attorney general announced two new lawsuits against Adscend Media, a company that allegedly has been earning US$20 million a year using a Facebook scam.

  • News: Video conferencing mistakes make espionage easy, say researchers

    Tens of thousands of video conferencing setups, including some in corporate meeting rooms where the most confidential information is discussed, are vulnerable to spying attacks, researchers said.

  • News: Are You at Risk? What Cybercriminals Do With Your Personal Data

    When Zappos notified its customers that their names, email addresses, billing and shipping addresses, phone numbers and the last four digits of their credit card numbers may have been exposed during a data breach earlier this month, the online shoe retailer emphasized that "critical credit card and other payment data was NOT affected or accessed."

  • News: 15 worst Internet privacy scandals of all time

    In honor of National Data Privacy Day this Saturday, Jan. 28, we've put together a list of the 15 worst Internet privacy scandals of all time.

  • News: 6 security companies to watch

    This group of security companies includes several that want to capitalize on technology ideas that were originally devised to serve communities of special interest but could now take on a wider cybersecurity role. Fixmo, for example, has its roots in the National Security Agency where its mobile security makes it possible to run critical applications in sandboxes that are insulated from the rest of the machine, making them less likely to fall victim to malware that might have infected the device.

  • Opinion: Google's New Privacy Policy Won't Apply to Government Workers

    Google's has clarified its new privacy policy to say that it will not apply to government workers. The announcement came after Google was criticized by SafeGov.org, an independent watchdog.

  • News: Zscaler launches free-to-use URL scanning service

    Cloud security vendor Zscaler has launched a new free-to-use online service called Zulu that can assess the security risk associated with URLs by analyzing the content they point to, as well as the reputation of their corresponding domain names and IP addresses.

  • News: European Parliament says its website taken offline by attackers

    The European Parliament's website fell under a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDOS) on Thursday in what the organization classified as retaliation for the shutdown of the Megaupload file-sharing site and an anti-counterfeiting trade agreement.

  • How-Tos: How to hack an iPad

    Most iPad and iPhone owners rely on their Apple ID password to prevent access to their account details. This won't stop a hacker gaining access to your personal account and log in details. Here's how to hack an iPad.

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