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  • News: New WordPress Plugin Locks Down Your Website's Security

    You've got virus protection on all of your business computers, passwords in place on mobile devices and laptops, and even virus protection on your company smartphones. But have you looked at how secure your website is? If you rely on your site for any aspect of your business, a new plugin from 6Scan helps you find and manage vulnerabilities quickly and easily.

  • Opinion: Giving the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Some Teeth

    President Obama unveiled a blueprint for a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. The initiative is long overdue, and has been received favorably, but protecting consumer privacy may take more than a framework of principles for companies to voluntarily follow.

  • News: GPS jamming becoming problem in UK, study finds

    The frequencies used by GPS systems are being jammed routinely in the UK by individuals attempting to block the location tracking systems used by delivery trucks and anti-theft systems, a new study has found.

  • News: Inadequate SSL Certificate Data Threatens IT Security

    SSL certificates are a fundamental component of secure online transactions, but a new survey finds that a majority of organizations don't know where or how many certificates they actually have, and nearly as many lack an accurate idea of which certificates are about to expire. Venafi CEO Jeff Hudson says this increases organizations' operational, security and audit and compliance risk.

  • Buying Advice: How to buy security software

    What to look for when choosing antivirus and internet security suites.

  • News: Better information sharing is the future of security, experts say

    After having founded a software security company, selling it to HP and then working for them, Roger Thornton gained valuable insight into the evolving IT security threat landscape. So, naturally, he left HP and took on a new role in an entirely different sector, where he is taking part in an initiative that aims to bring the security community to new levels of information sharing.

  • How-Tos: How to use Google 2-step verification

    It pays to be as security-conscious as possible with online accounts. Here we show you how to get started with new Google safety measures to protect your email and documents.

  • News: Hacker billboard Pastebin struggles with DDOS attacks

    Pastebin, a website favored by hackers to publicly post sensitive stolen data, has been battling an ongoing distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attack aimed at disabling the site, according to its administrators.

  • Opinion: Obama's Internet Bill Of Rights Will Be Hard to Enforce: Here's Why

    The real question about the new Internet "Bill of Rights" from the White House is how exactly will these rights be enforced and interpreted?

  • News: FTC reaches $359 million settlement over 'free' trial offers

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has reached a suspended US$359 million settlement with a Canadian businessman and his companies for charging customers for supposedly free trial offers.

  • Opinion: Universal 'Do Not Track' Button: A Recipe for Disappointment

    A series of escalating privacy complaints, and President Obama's Bill of Rights for consumer privacy on the Internet, has pushed the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), a coalition of Internet giants, to support a universal "do not track" feature to be built into future Web browsers.

  • News: ITU to support Kenya cybersecurity efforts

    The International Telecommunication Union has announced that it will support Kenya's cybersecurity efforts through budgetary support and personnel.

  • News: Startup CrowdStrike promises 'game-changer' in fight vs. advanced persistent threats

    Startup CrowdStrike made its debut this week, promising to have a security product out by the second quarter that will target the so-called advanced persistent threat (APT) problem in which stealthy intruders infiltrate networks to steal sensitive data for business or political reasons.

  • News: Free app sniffs out aggressive ad networks on Android

    Lookout Security today launched a free program that scans Android devices for evidence of apps that use any of 35 different ad networks, and tells users what kinds of ads will be displayed and what user information is collected.

  • News: Google commits Chrome to support 'Do Not Track'

    Google will add support for the "Do Not Track" effort to its Chrome browser by the end of this year.

  • News: White House privacy push: Some question the details

    The U.S. White House's announcement Thursday that it will encourage online businesses to develop and adopt privacy codes of conduct and push Congress for privacy legislation received mostly positive reviews, although some privacy advocates questioned whether companies would be too involved in writing the rules.

  • News: Obama online privacy plan faces challenge

    Privacy advocates Thursday said they welcomed a White House privacy plan that would let consumers control how their personal data is collected, used, stored and shared by websites and online advertisers.

  • News: The BYOD struggle: From writing custom apps to defining security

    Companies are grappling with the question of whether and how to let employees use their own smartphones and tablets at work even as a huge push is being made to set up internal "app stores" of approved and custom-built corporate mobile apps.

  • News: iPhone Jailbreak: 5 Apps to Control your Privacy

    Don't bet on the new agreement between the State of California, Apple, Google and others to protect information on your iPhone from data-snooping third-party apps such as the social networking service Path. If you really want to protect your data, there's only one way to do it: jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreaking gives you complete control (and responsibility) over your phone, enabling you to install all kinds of tools that make sure your data stays where it belongs: under your control.

  • News: FTC reaches $359 million settlement over 'free' trial offers

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has reached a suspended US$359 million settlement with a Canadian businessman and his companies for charging customers for supposedly free trial offers.

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