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  • News: School shuns popular Apple Mac for Windows

    For a self-described "Mac person" working as a technology manager in a college preparatory school that had been a "Mac school" for as long as he could remember, it was a hard thing to have to face but he said it out loud: "Apple never took enterprise computing seriously," says a somewhat disillusioned Adam Gerson, co-director of technology at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York City.

  • Opinion: Android Market Apps Pulled Due to SMS Fraud

    Google has pulled another batch of malicious apps from the Android Market, this time for secretly sending out text messages that result in hidden charges for users.

  • News: Google pulls 22 more malicious Android apps from Market

    Google has removed nearly two dozen malware-infected apps from its official Android Market in the last several days, according to San Francisco-based Lookout Security.

  • News: The new age of malware

    Smart devices, social media and increased online activity through app stores and other transaction-based websites are coming together in what one researcher says is a scary combination of factors that have dire implications for national security.

  • News: 5 IT Security Breakthroughs Promise to Thwart Threats

    For the past 25 years, a war has waged between malicious programmers and the researchers trying to make computing safe for the enterprise. The battle has shown no signs of subsiding — once a new countermeasure is deployed, the hackers find new ways to make IT worried.

  • News: The security threat Stephen King warned us about?

    Remember the film "Maximum Overdrive," where machines took over and went on a murderous rampage? With cars and appliances ever more computerized, such a security threat seems a little less farfetched as we head into 2012.

  • Opinion: Google+ Facial Recognition Uses Magic Words--'Opt-In'

    Google introduced a facial recognition feature for its Google+ social network. So far, it has been fairly well received--in stark contrast to a similar feature Facebook launched a few months ago. The main difference between the two? Google asked permission.

  • Opinion: Free Downloads That Are Worth a Donation, Part 2

    People often think of software as either commercial (including shareware), or free (including open-source offerings). But somewhere in between lies another large category of software: donationware. The creators of such programs give the software away for free, in the hope that appreciative users will donate to support the application or a cause the developer wishes to promote. In this article I cover lesser-known gems. For more-renowned donationware, read "Free Downloads That Are Worth a Donation, Part 1."

  • News: Three Bulgarians arrested in connection with phishing scheme against US banks

    Bulgarian authorities have arrested three men on charges of being part of an international cybercriminal gang that targeted U.S. bank customers.

  • News: FTC mails out refund checks for buyers of scareware

    The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has begun to mail refund checks to computer owners who purchased so-called scareware from vendors who allegedly used deceptive advertising to trick customers into buying the software to fix their supposedly infected computers.

  • News: Clickjacking attacks possible despite framebusting protection

    The so-called framebusting mechanism implemented in browsers to help websites prevent clickjacking attacks doesn't live up to expectations, according to Google security engineer and Web security researcher Michal Zalewski, who released [proof-of-concept code to demonstrate it.

  • News: 75% of Brits would retrieve a stolen laptop themselves

    Three quarters (75 percent) of Brits would try and retrieve a stolen laptop themselves if they knew its location, says Absolute Software.

  • News: Telstra data breach under investigation by Privacy Commissioner

    The Privacy Commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, has launched an investigation into Telstra's data breach which occurred on Friday when its customer service website was openly accessible on the Web.

  • News: Blue Coat sold to private equity firm for £830m

    WAN optimisation and web security vendor Blue Coat is set to be acquired by a group led by Thoma Bravo, a private equity firm, for $1.3 billion (£830 million).

  • Opinion: Google's Schmidt Slams Carrier IQ

    Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has criticized Carrier IQ, the maker of a controversial app that secretly collects personal info from smartphones, but also says that Google can't do anything to prevent the software from being installed on Android devices by handset makers and wireless carriers.

  • News: Security roundup: Lockheed Martin sounds alarm on Adobe Reader zero-day; Microsoft patchfest coming

    When Adobe last week issued an advisory about a dangerous zero-day attack based on an unpatched Adobe Reader vulnerability that was being exploited in the wild to try and seize control of both PCs and Macs, it credited Lockheed Martin for sounding the alarm about it.

  • News: Private investment firm buys Blue Coat for $1.3B

    Blue Coat Systems has agreed to be bought by a private equity firm for about $1.3 billion, which will buy out shareholders for a 48% premium over what the company's stock sold for yesterday.

  • News: Phishing gang stole £1 million from students, police say

    Police have busted a phishing gang believed to have stolen £1 million ($1.54 million) from UK students by tricking them into revealing details of their educational loans.

  • News: Small company, big security challenges

    The CIO (US) story, "Small company, big security challenges," which posted to the newswire Friday has been removed. The story is "Insider" content and should not have been posted in full to the newswire. Online editors using the full story are asked to remove it from their sites as soon as possible. The abbreviated version of the story that is available for distribution has been posted to the newswire and my be used online.

  • News: Small company, big security challenges

    Small company, big ambitions. Sounds like the classic entrepreneurial dream--but what if it means you bear the burden of big-company regulatory or standards compliance?

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