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  • News: HP LaserJet printers vulnerable to attacks, researchers warn

    Millions of HP LaserJet printers contain a security weakness that could allow attackers to take control of the systems, steal data from them and issue commands that could cause them to overheat, according to two researchers from Columbia University.

  • News: Thanks, Feds: Facebook's 5 Big Privacy Changes

    Facebook will soon be on privacy probation, thanks to a proposed settlement with the Federal Trade Commission.

  • News: Privacy groups generally cheer FTC's Facebook settlement

    Privacy and technology groups generally applauded a wide-ranging settlement between Facebook and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over the social-networking site's privacy practices.

  • News: 4 steps retailers can take to combat flash robs

    As the start of holiday shopping season kicks off, retailers know they will no doubt deal with inevitable amounts of theft this year, particularly in a difficult economy. But this season, news of a phenomenon known as flash robbing is putting a new twist on smash-and-grab tactics.

  • Opinion: Lucky Supermarkets Of California Finds Tampered Card Readers

    If you shop at any of the Lucky Supermarkets in California, you may want to check your bank card accounts. On November 23, 2011, Lucky notified customers that the company had found compromised credit/debit card readers in twenty of their stores.

  • News: Hackers launch millions of Java exploits, says Microsoft

    Hackers continue to launch attacks exploiting vulnerabilities in Oracle's Java software in record numbers, Microsoft said.

  • News: Cisco, Juniper, Check Point, Palo Alto among firms in security contest

    In the security popularity contest of the moment, Cisco and Juniper are down and Palo Alto Networks and Check Point are up when it comes to network firewalls, according to one research firm.

  • News: Facebook settles FTC privacy complaints

    Facebook has agreed to settle U.S. Federal Trade Commission charges that it deceived consumers "on numerous occasions" by telling them they could keep their personal information private, then repeatedly sharing that information, the agency said Tuesday.

  • News: EU calls for 'one-stop-shop' for data protection rules

    The European Union's Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding has said that data-protection authorities in the EU must have greater powers to enforce privacy rules across the 27 member states.

  • News: Peter Hain, former Northern Ireland minister, warned on computer hack

    Police have reportedly warned former Northern Ireland secretary Peter Hain that his computer may have been hacked.

  • News: The cloud security checklist

    Whether you're a small business relying on Google Docs for document sharing or an enterprise moving your global ERP system to the cloud, you should demand that some common security and compliance requirements are met by vendors providing applications and services over the Web. These requirements involve who can access your applications and data, as well as the systems hosting them; where the data is stored; and whether the data is hosted on dedicated, rather than on shared, hardware. They also ensure that you get detailed logs of who has accessed your data and applications so that you meet corporate and regulatory standards, and they verify that data is properly encrypted -- a factor that's more critical outside the corporate firewall.

  • News: EU seeks to simplify cross-border data protection compliance

    To make it simpler for businesses to comply with the multiplicity of data protection regimes across Europe, Viviane Reding envisages letting European Union companies set their own privacy rules -- as long as they agree with one national data protection authority (DPA) to make them legally binding on all business units within the same group, wherever they may be.

  • News: Fighting Malware and Cybercrime with Old School Criminology

    It is an accepted axiom of computer and network security that the human being is the weakest link. Researchers at the University of Maryland are applying traditional criminology concepts to demonstrate that human beings may be the weakest link for the attackers as well. The insights learned may help improve computer defenses and thwart potential attacks.

  • News: WatchGuard launches iOS-friendly security appliance

    WatchGuard's latest security appliance, the XTM 330, allows business travelers from small enterprises to use their iPads or iPhones to communicate securely with the office, the vendor said on Tuesday.

  • News: Facebook community forum swamped by spam during Thanksgiving weekend

    Facebook's community forum was flooded during the Thanksgiving weekend with spam messages that advertised live streaming links for various sporting events.

  • News: Ministry of Defence admits losing 188 laptops

    The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has admitted losing 280 computers in the last 18 months but claimed that in almost all cases encryption would have been in place to ensure data security.

  • News: WikiLeaks: Security worries impede new submission system

    WikiLeaks has postponed the launch of its new secure submission system due to recent security compromises that seriously affected the credibility of the SSL infrastructure.

  • News: ICO fines councils after serious email data breaches

    The Information Commissioner has given the public sector a harsh warning about the risks of email after two English councils were handed heavy fines for data breach incidents in which highly sensitive personal data was accidentally emailed to the wrong recipients.

  • News: Criminals sabotaging Cyber Monday, security experts warn

    Security experts today warned consumers of a rapidly mutating spam campaign using bogus messages from UPS claiming that a package could not be delivered.

  • News: Carrier IQ drops legal threat against security researcher

    Software vendor Carrier IQ has withdrawn its threat to sue a security researcher for saying that its software helps phone companies surreptitiously track users of many popular mobile phones.

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