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More Security Articles

  • News: Firefox to turn on default encryption for all Google searches

    Mozilla is currently testing default encrypted Google searches for all Firefox users, with the intent to make all Google searches encrypted in the near future, the browser maker said on Wednesday.

  • News: EU commissioner: States must work together on cybersecurity

    Internet security cannot be left to the national security agencies said the E.U.'s Digital Agenda Commissioner on Wednesday as she outlined her plans for a Europe-wide cybersecurity strategy.

  • News: Firefox to turn on default encryption for all Google searches

    Mozilla is currently testing default encrypted Google searches for all Firefox users, with the intent to make all Google searches encrypted in the near future, the browser maker said on Wednesday.

  • News: Report about hack threat to Tibetan activists used as lure in attack against them

    Hackers are using a recent report about cyberthreats to Tibetan activists as a lure in a new attack against pro-Tibet organizations that distributes Windows and Mac malware, researchers from security vendor AlienVault said on Monday.

  • News: Cisco's big comeback

    Just a year ago, Cisco's stock was taking a beating after the sales failed to meet Wall Street expectations.The company wasn't exactly reeling, but CEO John Chambers knew something had to be done to right the ship.

  • Opinion: How to Get Off Google for Good

    Now that Google has unified its search functions, Gmail, and its other offerings under a single Google Privacy Policy, it’s much easier for you to carry your preference settings and personal information from one Google service to another. It’s also much easier for Google to build a comprehensive profile of you based on your search history, your correspondence through Google services, and the media you upload. If you're not comfortable sharing private information with anyone who has access to the Google servers, the company makes it pretty easy to dial back the amount of personal data you’re sharing (or even go cold turkey) if you know where to look.

  • News: Researchers find new type of "fileless" malware

    Researchers have discovered an extremely rare and possibly unique form of “fileless” malware that executes entirely in memory without the need to save any files to the hard drive of a victim’s PC.

  • News: Cisco offers virtualized video surveillance

    Cisco today announced a virtualized version of its Video Surveillance software for use on its Unified Computing System platform for enterprise- or government-operated video-camera deployments.

  • News: LulzSec is back; Anonymous targets Imperva

    Hacker collective LulzSec, six of whose members were arrested earlier this month, will resume active operation April 1, according to a video posted on YouTube.

  • News: Cost of Data Breaches Declines

    For the first time in seven years—and despite numerous high-profile incidents—the average cost of a data breach fell in 2011, according to new findings released by Symantec and the Ponemon Institute.

  • News: Russian police arrest notorious 'Carberp' Trojan gang

    Russian police are reported to have arrested the gang behind the notorious Carberp Trojan used to steal hundreds of millions of roubles from online bank customers during one of the most notorious cybercrime campaigns ever to hit the country.

  • News: Symantec to acquire Nukona to assist in BYOD strategy

    Symantec today announced it has reached an agreement to acquire privately held Nukona, a maker of mobile application management software, for an undisclosed price.

  • News: Making the case for preventing workplace violence

    According to U.S. Bureau of Justice statistics, the rate of nonfatal workplace violence declined by 35 percent from 2002-2009. But, despite the decline, a recent survey conducted for AlliedBarton Security Services found over half of Americans employed outside their homes (52 percent) have witnessed, heard about or have experienced a violent event or an event that can lead to violence at their workplace.

  • News: Eight online banking scammers arrested in Russia

    The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) arrested eight hackers who allegedly stole US$4.5 million in the last quarter alone using an online banking Trojan, security analyst firm Group-IB announced on Tuesday.

  • Opinion: National Security Agency Pressed to Reveal Details on Google Deal

    The Electronic Privacy Information Center is locking horns with the National Security Agency over a secret deal the agency cut with Google following an attack on Gmail by Chinese hackers in 2010.

  • News: IT Professionals Lack Confidence in the Security of Their Systems

    Results of a new survey speak to the inadequacies of corporate security measures as well as the persistence of ever-growing security threats.

  • News: Researchers discover new Duqu variant that tries to evade antivirus detection

    Security researchers have discovered a new variant of the Duqu cyberespionage malware that was designed to evade detection by antivirus products and other security tools.

  • News: Developers say application security lacking

    Are enterprise applications really secure? It depends on whom you ask.

  • Opinion: Google Explains Gmail's Spam Filtering Process

    For those who have always wondered why some e-mails arrive in Gmail’s spam folder, Google has updated the service to explain to what determines that spam is spam.

  • News: How to Be Ready for Big Data

    Big Data is coming, but for most organizations it's three-to-five years away. That doesn't mean you shouldn't prepare now. Analyzing Big Data will require reference information like that provided by a semantic data model. And once you mine the data, you need to secure it.

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