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  • News: 'Malnets' behind two thirds of cyberattacks attacks in 2012

    A growing army of malware delivery networks – ‘malnets’ – account for two thirds of all cyberattacks and most current technologies offer an inadequate response to the threat, security firm Blue Coat has argued in a new analysis.

  • News: Cell phone location data not private, Feds argue

    Individuals have no reasonable expectation of privacy in historical cell phone location data collected by phone companies, a federal prosecutor said in oral arguments Monday before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

  • News: French privacy watchdog dismisses reports of Facebook bug

    An investigation by the French privacy watchdog has found no truth to worldwide press reports last week that a Facebook bug was exposing old private messages to public view. Users had not grasped the public nature of the personal messages they were posting, and the "bug" was in their understanding of Facebook's privacy settings, the French National Commission on Computing and Liberty (CNIL) said late Tuesday.

  • News: TraceSecurity rolls out cloud-based risk, compliance and audit tool

    TraceSecurity today announced a cloud-based risk, compliance and audit tool that lets enterprises poll internal network assets and deliver live reports about how well the enterprise is keeping up complying with various security standards and regulations.

  • News: Microsoft wins permanent settlement against Nitol botnet

    Microsoft has won a battle to permanently disrupt a haven for the Nitol botnet that it discovered within an Internet domain controlled by a Chinese ISP.

  • News: FTC gets $163 million ruling against scareware defendant

    A U.S. judge has imposed a judgment of US$163.2 million against a defendant accused by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission of being part of an operation that sold software to people it tricked into thinking their computers were infected with malicious software.

  • News: Security flaws exposed at Washington, D.C. airports

    The Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) earlier this year published a document to its website containing sensitive security information that terrorists could potentially have used to launch cyber and physical attacks against Reagan National and Dulles International airports in Washington, D.C.

  • News: See it, protect it, control it: A roundtable discussion

    Network World recently asked blogger Alan Shimel, co-founder and managing partner of The CISO Group, to host a roundtable discussion with representatives from three sectors of the security community: a practitioner, an analyst and a vendor. The wide-ranging conversation touched on everything from the state of threats today to the failure of risk management, the need to share information and a massive attack suffered by the user.

  • News: Lock down your social media with essential security add-ons

    Oversharing: It's become standard operating procedure in our social-media-obsessed world. Still, there's a difference between Facebooking embarrassing party photos or tweeting about your celebrity crush, and actually releasing critical private information to the Internet at large.

  • News: Privacy war heats up between ACLU, DOJ

    ACLU, other advocacy groups say 'non-content' surveillance of phone, email and social networking activity is an invasion of privacy

  • News: Former Pirate Bay hoster raided by police, goes down amidst DDoS-attack

    Former Pirate Bay host PRQ.se went down in the middle of a police raid on Monday, affecting hundreds of hosted sites and thousands of users of PRQ's other services. But the raid and the outage are unlikely to be related, according to PRQ's owner.

  • News: Rights group lauds privacy changes in Apple's iOS 6

    Apple has received rare praise from a leading rights advocacy group for incorporating important new privacy enhancing features in its recently released iOS 6 operating system.

  • News: Is antivirus dead? Startup launches first 'exploit blocking' program

    Silicon Valley startup ZeroVulnerabilityLabs has made available a free program it claims stops malware from exploiting a wide range of software vulnerabilities regardless of whether these flaws are publically known or not.

  • News: ICO to fine two "text spammers" £250,000

    The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) says it is planning to fine two illegal marketers a total of "well over £250,000" for allegedly sending out millions of spam texts.

  • Opinion: Microsoft bakes data protection into Exchange Server

    The world of Microsoft messaging recently took over Orlando, Florida, for the Microsoft Exchange Conference 2012. MEC 2012 was the first conference Microsoft has hosted that's completely dedicated to Exchange in 10 years, and it brought a lot of big news--especially around protecting and managing the sensitive data that passes through Exchange.

  • News: BYOD Privacy: Are You Being Watched?

    Mobile technology and BYOD give companies Orwellian power, testing the relationship between employers and employees. So far, there's a severe lack of trust that is impeding BYOD progress, says a new survey.

  • News: Expert fingers DDoS toolkit used in bank cyberattacks

    Prolexic says 'itsoknoproblembro' kit's uses points to sophisticated operation

  • News: Staged cyber schemes may help shore up 'weakest link'

    Your PC is locked down with a strong, complex password when not in use, and your mobile devices are secured with a passcode. You have a cross-device security tool in place on your PCs and mobile devices to block unwanted traffic, prevent compromise from malware attacks, and protect your sensitive data. Even with the best of the best security measures in place, though, there’s still an Achilles heel that trumps it all—you.

  • News: Workers worried by BYOD privacy intrusions: survey

    "Bring your own device" may be touted as a winning policy for workers and employers, but a recent survey finds many employees worry that it's an excuse to invade their privacy.

  • News: Senator: Congress needs to pass cybersecurity bill now

    The U.S. Congress needs to pass cybersecurity legislation creating voluntary standards for businesses operating critical infrastructure before the country is the victim of a major cyberattack, one lawmaker said.

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