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  • News: Researchers develop an app to help the blind take better photos

    A team of researchers led by PhD student Dustin Adams at the University of California, Santa Cruz have created camera app that might help the blind take photos. No, we're not just talking about "bad photographers," but those who are actually visually impaired.

  • News: France should soften Internet 'three strikes' law, says gov't report

    France should stop cutting off the Internet access of those accused of illicit file sharing, and close down the agency that polices online copyright breaches, according to a government-commissioned report.

  • How-Tos: Buy the right printer for high-quality photos or posters

    Getting the right printer for your needs can be a minefield. However, as long as you know what you intend to use a printer for its simple to narrow down your choices

  • News: YouTube rolls out paid subscription channels

    Not everything on YouTube is free any more. The video-sharing website will now charge users a monthly fee to view certain content offered through subscription channels, the Google-owned site announced Thursday.

  • News: YouTube rolls out paid subscription channels

    Not everything on YouTube is free any more. The video-sharing website will now charge users a monthly fee to view certain content offered through subscription channels, the Google-owned site announced Thursday.

  • News: Hands on: Pixelmator launches smart, significant new upgrade

    Pixelmator on Thursday released version 2.2 of its $15 Mac App Store-only image editing app. "Don't be confused by versioning numbers," the developers wrote on their blog, because "it's a major upgrade."

  • Opinion: Protect your camera with rain covers

    Portable electronics have the same Achilles' heel as the invading aliens in M. Night Shyamalan's movie s--Signs: water. It's not a good idea to get your digital SLR wet. Taking photos in a rainstorm can end the life of your camera. So how do you protect your camera while taking pictures in a spring shower or a summer deluge? Dress your camera in a rain cover--usually, waterproof fabric that keeps water away from the lens and body, while leaving both the business and control ends open for business.

  • News: YouTube Trends Map tells you what North Dakota's watching

    According to YouTube, most of the country can't wait for season six of True Blood to begin.

  • News: S. Korea beefs up national emergency response capability

    South Korea's National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said it has recently deployed video collaboration solutions that can help it respond promptly to emergency situations.

  • News: China's Baidu expands online video business with $370 million acquisition

    China's largest search engine Baidu is getting closer to becoming the country's largest online video provider with a new US$370 million acquisition.

  • News: Adobe scraps Creative Suite software licenses in favor of cloud subscriptions

    In a move that should surprise no one, Adobe announced sweeping changes to its Creative Suite software line and year-old Creative Cloud subscription service. Signaling a new focus on integrating creative services in the cloud with its professional desktop software, Adobe launched a new cloud-based Creative Suite--with a new CC moniker, for Creative Cloud. But it will look familiar. Significant upgrades to all current Creative Suite 6 apps are coming soon, but they will be available only by subscription to Creative Cloud, not traditional software licenses.

  • News: Dreamweaver and Flash join Edge Tools in the cloud

    Dreamweaver, one of the first, and perhaps the most famous visual Web-design app, has evolved over time into a powerful development tool that can facilitate almost any kind of website or project. Today the app--alongside Flash Professional and the HTML5-oriented Edge Tools & Services suite--joins Adobe's new Creative Cloud Web-oriented lineup. The company's new cloud initiative, announced at the Adobe Max 2013 creative conference, offers enhancements to all the Web-design applications.

  • News: Illustrator and InDesign get makeover, move to the cloud

    With the announcement of fresh updates to its flagship publishing applications--InDesign and Illustrator--Adobe redirects its attention to its roots in the print and graphic design arena. Today, at its own Adobe Max Creativity Conference, the company is revealing more details about the new version of its desktop nonlinear editing and motion graphics programs. Here are some of the highlights. In a departure from the intense focus on the mobile market that marked last year's CS6 release, Adobe says that at least 75 percent of all program updates to the debut release of Creative Cloud desktop apps were devoted to its traditional image editing and publishing software.

  • News: Photoshop moves to Creative Cloud, merges Photoshop Extended

    When it comes to image editing, Adobe Photoshop is in a class by itself. Despite its humble beginnings as a plug-in to a long-defunct commercial scanner, Photoshop now stands as Adobe's flagship and most famous app, and the default standard worldwide for professional print and online image editing and graphic design.

  • News: Hulu Plus lands on Windows Phone 8

    With the launch of Hulu Plus on Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has landed yet another big-name app for its mobile operating system.

  • News: YouTube's monthly paid channel subscriptions basically makes premium cable obsolete

    How much would you pay for cat videos? A BILLION dollars? Probably not, but YouTube is betting that users are willing to pay for some premium original content that they currently enjoy for free.

  • How-Tos: Print multiple images per sheet on Windows 8

    Here's how to print several images on one sheet, using Windows 8.

  • News: Google plans video subscription service on YouTube

    Google plans to offer a video subscription service on YouTube, which according to a newspaper report, the company may announce this week.

  • News: How to work through the Camera Raw dilemma

    All great debates are framed by at least two compelling, often contradictory choices: Mac vs. PC, Beatles vs. Stones, oatmeal raisin vs. chocolate chip. If you have a digital SLR or an advanced compact camera, you can make just such a choice when it comes to what format in which to save your photos. Most cameras default to the common JPEG format (and if you have a smartphone or very basic point and shoot, that's probably your only choice). There's a good chance your camera also offers a Raw option as well, though. You've probably heard that it is a higher quality option than JPEG, but comes with tradeoffs of its own. Should you take it?

  • News: Magix photo competition winners

    In March we asked PC Advisor readers to send us their favourite photo in the hope of winning a copy of Magix Photo & Graphic Designer 2013, worth £69. The competition has now closed, and here we announce the winners.

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