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  • How-Tos: How to watch Wimbledon 2013 online

    You can now watch the entire Wimbledon tennis championships from your computer. Here's where we show you how to watch Wimbledon 2013 online.

  • News: Quark to limit QuarkXPress upgrades to one version back

    Quark is putting the pressure on owners of older versions of QuarkXPress to upgrade.

  • News: Instagram launches video to rival Vine

    As expected, Video on Instagram has launched to rival the popular Vine app.

  • Samsung launch as it happened

    Samsung announced a new range of Galaxy and Ativ products, including new tablets, thin-and-light laptops, and a smart camera. We had reporters liveblogging from the event, so here are details of the launch, and below you can relive the Samsung Premiere 2013 Galaxy & Ativ launch event as it happened.

  • News: Samsung's Galaxy NX spotlights Android software in a new high-end camera

    What do you get when you cross a Samsung mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with the Android 4.2 operating system? Why, a Samsung Galaxy NX. Of course.

  • News: Adobe Creative Cloud cracked and pirated mere days after launch

    Mere days after the release of Adobe's Creative Cloud suite, pirates have already marred the launch of the company's exclusively subscription-based apps. Magnet links for at least two versions of Adobe Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) 14 for Windows are circulating on the Pirate Bay, as well as copies of Dreamweaver CC 13 and Adobe Illustrator CC 17.

  • Opinion: Tweak your browser to show YouTube song lyrics

    YouTube makes a great jukebox, whether you use it to stream an entire playlist of songs from your favorite artist or just listen to the occasional modern hit.

  • News: Class up your cats with Tuxedo Kittie

    My cats are a lot of things: Fluffy, stubborn, unnecessarily vocal after midnight --but they're not very classy. I can't tell you how many times they've refused to wear a tie or a monocle (26), or why they have such an aversion to pearl necklaces and martinis (no cash?). However, now I can just touch up their photos in post-production and make them at least appear to be proper gentlemen because Snapr has brought us the Tuxedo Kittie app.

  • News: Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions hit 700,000

    Despite customer outcry over Adobe's switch from Creative Suite software in a box to Creative Cloud software as a service, the company reports that it added 221,000 paid Creative Cloud customers to its roster in the second quarter of 2013 for a total of 700,000 subscribers to date. That's an increase over the 479,000 subscribers Adobe reported at the end of the first quarter. Those numbers, revealed as part of the company's second quarter earnings, are on track, and even ahead of Adobe's goal, according to Scott Morris, senior marketing director for Creative Cloud.

  • News: Target Tracking Camera means you'll never miss a fast action shot again

    A team from the Ishikawa Oku Lab at the University of Tokyo built a dynamic target-tracking camera that follows the movement of a high-speed object to keep it in the center of the frame. The camera uses a pan and tilt mirrors to its advantage for this technology to work. At 1/1000th of a second, the mirrors move rapidly in order to process the fast object, leaving you with a stable image--and an eerie visul effect!

  • News: Nvidia's GPU neural network tops Google

    A year ago, Google constructed a "neural network" of servers that eventually learned how to recognize cats. On Tuesday, Nvidia said that a team of Stanford researchers had used its own graphics cores to create another approximately 6.5 times more powerful, using just 16 servers.

  • News: DreamWorks deal will bring 300 hours of original kids' shows to Netflix

    Netflix may have lost its grip on Dora and Spongebob, but the streaming-video giant hasn't forgotten about kids. (Please, think of the children!)

  • How-Tos: How to tag photos in Windows

    If you struggle to find the photos you’re looking for, Windows provides the tools you need. Here we show you how to tag photos and use those tags to find the photos you want.

  • How-Tos: Organise photos in Windows 8

    To give you more control over your pictures Microsoft has a free application - Windows Photo Gallery - that can help you more closely manage your photo

  • News: Nokia Lumia EOS PureView coming on 11 July

    Nokia Lumia EOS PureView smartphone to arrive at NYC event on 11 July.

  • Opinion: Konstructor is a neat $35 film camera you can build yourself

    The lo-fi film lovers at Lomography have really outdone themselves this time with a 35-millimeter SLR camera called the Konstruktor that you have to assemble yourself. No, this isn't some kind of half-baked camera product. The idea here is to have fun building your own personal shooter while learning how the mechanical bits in a camera actually work.

  • News: Samsung puts Galaxy Camera on a diet to make S4 zoom smartphone

    Samsung Electronics has expanded the S4 family yet again with the 16-megapixel Galaxy S4 zoom, a lighter version of last year's Galaxy Camera.

  • News: Panasonic develops super-sensitive, organic image sensor

    Panasonic and Fujifilm say they have developed a new image sensor using organic materials that is far more sensitive than anything currently on the market.

  • News: Japan to hold 'world's first' 4k streaming trial to set-top box

    A major Japanese telecommunications provider will stream 4k video over the Internet to set-top boxes this week, in what it is calling the world's first public test of the technology.

  • Opinion: Total sharpness: Hyperfocal photography

    Conventional wisdom has it that you should keep the background in your photos out of focus to draw attention to the subject in the foreground. Generally that's good advice, but sometimes you might want everything to be in sharp focus, from the foreground elements all the way to the distant background. If you have a camera that lets you adjust the focus manually (think DSLRs and advanced compacts), you can accomplish this effect using a technique called hyperfocal photography.

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