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  • News: Xbox Video, Xbox Music finally arrive on Windows Phone

    Microsoft finally pushed its Xbox Video and a preview of Xbox Music to Windows Phone 8 on Wednesday, finally tying together its phone, PC, and living-room entertainment services.

  • News: Italian Supreme Court upholds acquittals in Googe video bullying case

    Italy's Supreme Court ended the prosecution of Google executives for allowing the posting of a video showing the bullying of a handicapped boy, three years after they were convicted of violating privacy laws.

  • News: Facebook's news feed gets more commercial with video ads

    Facebook, in a move poised to give a major boost to its position as a mass media platform, will soon start placing video ads into users' feeds.

  • News: JetBlue won't 'police' in-flight voice calls over Wi-Fi

    The latest twist in the debate over in-flight calling might allow users of some Internet-based services to do voice and video chats immediately on some airliners.

  • News: EU court rejects Cisco's challenge to Microsoft-Skype merger

    Microsoft's acquisition of Skype is compatible with European Union competition law, the General Court of the E.U. ruled Wednesday.

  • News: Yahoo buys concert live-streaming startup Evntlive

    Yahoo may soon be broadcasting more concerts following its acquisition of live music streaming startup Evntlive.

  • News: Cable guys: Cord-cutters live in the Bermuda Triangle with Bigfoot and E.T.

    The cable cord-cutter has become a bit like the UFO. Lots of people, many in the tech community, want to believe this person is everywhere, while a whole lot of other people--many in and around the cable industry--deny his existence altogether.

  • News: Netflix to debut its first original animated kid's show, but without the binge-watching

    'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring--because everyone was glued to the television, watching the premiere of Netflix's first original animated series.

  • News: FlipShare not dead yet (but it soon will be)

    Those conscious in an age when we carried around bandoliers of gadgets rather than a single device to text, surf the web, make and receive calls, take pictures, and shoot videos may recall Cisco's Flip video pocket camcorders. Small, affordable, and--in later models--capable of shooting HD footage, Flip cameras were popular items for those seeking an easy way to capture video on the go.

  • News: All the movies fit to gobble: Your streaming Thanksgiving marathon

    Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to get together with family, feast to our heart's content, and sit around in front of the TV. Regrettably, some of the most interesting Thanksgiving movies--including Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Avalon, and Broadway Danny Rose (with its chase scene set in a warehouse full of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade floats--suddenly expired from streaming in the weeks before Thanksgiving. But we still found a tasty collection of Thanksgiving movies, food movies, and even one huge turkey (i.e., a notorious box office flop). Let us be thankful for family, friends, freedom, and streaming.

  • News: 'All you can watch' YouTube subscription service may soon be ready to view

    A long, long time ago, when cable television was considered a standard accessory in every middle-class household, several channels played music videos consistently throughout the day. The MTVs and VH-1s of the world have since had their programming largely overtaken by scripted reality shows, but Google hopes to put those music videos back in the spotlight with an on-demand video service through YouTube.

  • News: Oops -- YouTube's new commenting system actually increased spam

    Call it a work in progress. YouTube is now trying to stanch the increased flow of spam on its site, just weeks after a new system was employed to clean it up, the company recently said.

  • News: Can a celebrity news team help revive Yahoo?

    Yahoo has been hiring hotshot journalists to boost its news cred, and Monday's addition of Katie Couric could help with the company's efforts to reinvigorate itself. But it has to get the content just right.

  • Opinion: Traveling with your camera: What to take with you

    You don't have to be a National Geographic photographer to take your digital camera on the road. Whether you're embarking on a week-long vacation, a weekend getaway, or even just a day trip, you might want to bring your digital camera with you for better photos than you can snap with your phone alone. But what accessories do you need to take the best photos and to keep them safe? I've rounded up a collection of gear designed for traveling photographers. You won't need to bring everything on this list unless you really are a Nat Geo pro, but you can use the list to find all the essentials that work for you.

  • Opinion: 7 killer tips for editing photos in Android

    For many of us, our phones are now our primary piece of photography equipment. We use them to snap photos, record videos, and share our creations with the world. While most smartphone cameras do a decent job of capturing the moment, it never hurts to know your way around an image-editing app.

  • News: Instagram, finally, debuts on Windows phones

    Instagram is now available for Windows phones, some three years after the photo-sharing app's launch, the company announced Wednesday.

  • News: YouTube returns after a short, widely seen outage

    A brief YouTube outage on Monday was the one of the biggest recent glitches for the popular video site, according to a company that uses complaints on Twitter and other sources to measure the impact of online outages.

  • News: When it comes to driving, Google may not be OK with Glass

    Google has acknowledged that the best time to be on your computer might not be while you're driving.

  • News: 'Alpha House' premiere proves Amazon is serious about original TV

    Alpha House creator Garry Trudeau, the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist behind the famous Doonesbury comic strip, took the stage at the New York City premiere of his new Amazon original comedy Monday night and reminisced about a time just a few years ago when he would've declined an invitation to a night of Internet content.

  • News: AMD rounds out its low-end Radeon graphics cards

    AMD launched the Radeon R9 270 graphics card on Wednesday, the latest step on an ongoing march into the budget graphics-card space.

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