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  • News: Microsoft & Olympus in digital imaging deal

    Microsoft and Olympus have signed a patent cross-licensing agreement that allows each company access to some of the other's patents.

  • News: Adobe to release Photoshop CS3 printing fix

    Adobe will release an update to Photoshop CS3. The fix will improve problems with Photoshop's printing system, Photoshop product manager John Nack has admitted in an entry to his blog.

  • How-Tos: How to take better portrait pictures

    Taking pictures of people can be intimidating. Being in front of the camera is even worse.

  • How-Tos: How to edit photos for free using The Gimp

    Visit the Gimp's website at www.gimp.org. There are various stable versions of the application, as well as potentially less reliable development versions. The page provides links to other sites where you can download the version of The Gimp you want. Click ‘Gimp for Windows' at the bottom left.

  • News: October 2007's coolest gadgets revealed

    Every year in October, Japan's largest electronics show, Ceatec, showcases all that's new and upcoming from the world's sharpest consumer electronics vendors. Ceatec 2007 brought us some world-first technologies, including a 3mm thick TV, a laptop with super-charged graphics processing and some new high-definition video recorders.

  • How-Tos: How to selectively colourise your photos

    Restart your PC once the installation process is complete. Launch The Gimp by double-clicking the icon or selecting it from the Start menu. Now open up the image you wish to selectively colourise via File, Open. Duplicate the image by pressing Ctrl, D or choosing Image, Duplicate.

  • News: First look: Sony Alpha a700

    The Alpha a700 is the second digital SLR (single reflex lens) camera Sony has come out with and builds on the interest generated by last year’s Alpha a100. As with its predecessor, the Alpha a700 is a stylish-looking camera that offers a faster shutter speed than its predecessor and is likely to appeal to the semi-professionals and photo enthusiasts Sony is targeting with this model.

  • News: Online video sites: PC Advisor's top 10

    Even before Google stepped in and bought it out, YouTube was the King Kong of video-sharing sites. Its success has spawned an impressive number of rivals – some merely clones, others offering unique twists. And while you may have a deep affection for YouTube, there are better-looking alternatives elsewhere

  • News: Feature: The 8 biggest consumer IT threats

    High-tech consumer products and services of all kinds are making their way into the workplace. They include everything from smartphones, voice-over-IP systems and flash memory sticks to virtual online worlds. And as people grow more accustomed to having their own personal technology at their beck and call - and in fact can't imagine functioning without it - the line between what they use for work and what they use for recreation is blurring.

  • News: Tiny OLEDs set for camera viewfinders

    Rohm is demonstrating a prototype full-colour OLED screen that's smaller than a fingernail, yet offers resolution of 320 pixels by 240 pixels, at this week's Ceatec exhibition.

  • News: iPod touch update fixes video flaw

    Apple has released a fix for the iPod touch which appears to correct a video-display problem that would leave some iPod touch units displaying dark images improperly.

  • News: Photo guide: take great pictures of landmarks

    After our families, buildings are probably the next most common subject for photographs. Wherever our travels take us, there’s usually a building, statue or bridge that we feel compelled to capture on film. Some have become recognised for their architectural beauty; others will be forever associated with a major historical event.

  • News: UK gets Slingbox with Freeview tuner & HD

    SlingMedia is bringing improved TV streaming features to UK households by adding two HD (high-definition) versions of its Slingbox device

  • News: Windows beats Mac to new Adobe Elements

    Adobe today announced Photoshop Elements 6 and Premiere Elements 4 for Windows. The applications are available separately or in a bundle to enable users to edit their photos and create video projects.

  • News: PS3's Cell processor turned into multimedia chip

    Toshiba has revealed a new high-performance chip that is aimed at multimedia applications such as video processing in consumer devices.

  • News: Apple announces Logic Studio

    Apple has unveiled Logic Studio. Logic Studio is a suite of applications designed for audio professionals.

  • News: Sony adds mid-range unit to Alpha DSLR range

    Sony will add a mid-range model to its Alpha digital still camera range later this year in anticipation of a competitive year-end shopping season.

  • News: First look: Microsoft Silverlight

    Microsoft yesterday released Silverlight 1.0, its Flash-like rich media browser plug-in for Mac OS and Windows.

  • News: Microsoft Silverlight version 1.0 released

    Microsoft has officially released version 1.0 of its Silverlight rich media player, and says several high-profile partners that will deliver video and web content via Silverlight.

  • News: Hitachi's Blu-ray camcorder launching in Europe

    Hitachi will launch its Blu-ray Disc-based digital video camcorder in Europe in October, the company announced at the IFA international consumer electronics show in Berlin.

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