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  • News: CES: Sony thanks Blu-ray Disc backers

    Sony CEO Howard Stringer has thanked Warner Bros and other Blu-ray Disc backers for supporting the high-definition (HD) disc format. Warner's decision could prove pivotal in the HD disc format battle between Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

  • News: CES: Samsung shows dual Blu-ray, HD-DVD player

    Samsung yesterday unveiled a high-definition (HD) disc player that accepts both Blu-ray Disc and HD-DVD discs.

  • News: Mobile products to watch in 2008, part 1

    As tempting as Apple's iPhone and Amazon.com's Kindle are, I've refrained from buying them. Why? Because I'm certain these first-generation products will be significantly better in their second iterations.

  • News: Upgraded FireWire to hit 3.2Gb/s speeds

    FireWire is set for a significant speed boost, with the trade group behind the standard announcing the new S3200 spec – an upgrade which will use existing cables and connectors but will quadruple transfer speeds to 3.2 Gigabits per second. Current FireWire 800 hard drives can easily move over 90 megabytes per second.

  • News: Apple iPhone becomes 2Mp camcorder

    A hacker has managed to turn Apple's iPhone into a video camcorder capable of capturing 2-megapixel clips at 10 frames per second (fps).

  • News: Google Picasa given Apple iPhone support

    The iPhone now supports Picasa, after Google introduced support for its online photo gallery service on Apple's handset.

  • How-Tos: How to create a photo album in Photoshop Elements

    Learning to take memorable photographs and edit them to achieve particular effects can be a life-long process. But as you leanr more about photography, taking digital stills becomes highly fulfilling. Once you begin taking photos you're proud of, you'll want to show them off to others - and creating a photo album using Photoshop Elements is a neat and easy way to do it.

  • How-Tos: How to use the web to print a photo book

    It's easy enough to pop down to Smiths and buy a standard photo album, pop in your prints and show them off to your friends. Why not add a touch of style and create your own professional-looking album online?

  • How-Tos: How to create a web photo gallery

    There's only so much sitting around and looking at photo albums we can squeeze into a trip to Granny and Grandad's. By showcasing your creative talents online, family and friends can admire them in their own time.

  • News: Creative: no 32GB Zen for Europe

    Fans of audio specialist and MP3 player maker Creative have spent the past week salivating at the thought of a 32GB flash memory-based music and video player launching in Europe. But according to a spokesman for Creative, a 32GB Zen player “is not even on the roadmap”.

  • News: Get more from Blu-ray and HD DVD movies

    After a lengthy and painful birth, Blu-ray and HD DVD discs are well-and-truly here. But we can't help but feel a little underwhelmed with the impact HD movies have had on our lives. Interactivity was supposed to allow new possibilities between your TV and high-def movies, but are those features ready for prime time? We take a look, and for a second opinion, asked the head of Paramount Studios.

  • News: T-Mobile to sell pay-as-you-go iPhone

    Germany’s Deutsche Telekom is set to start selling pay-as-you-go iPhones following a legal challenge by Vodafone. Its T-Mobile mobile phone operator has agreed to sell Apple’s smartphone handset for €999 (£718).

  • How-Tos: How to import HD video into Windows Vista

    With Windows Movie Maker, importing and editing high-definition footage is as easy as leaping out of a plane. So, first things first, let's get that footage from camera to PC.

  • How-Tos: How to edit HD video with Windows Movie Maker

    We show you how to create the perfect home move, complete with titles, music and transitions, then output it to DVD or as an email attachment.

  • News: Tech giants face 'predictive texting' lawsuit

    HP, Nintendo, Apple and Microsoft, plus many of the world's leading technology companies, have been hit with a lawsuit alleging infringement of patents covering predictive texting.

  • News: Adobe boss relinquishes 'awkward' CEO post

    Adobe has announced that CEO Bruce Chizen will step down from his post at the end of the month. Effective on December 1, president and chief operating officer Shantanu Narayen will take over as CEO of the software company and also join its board of directors.

  • News: HP to stop building digital cameras

    HP yesterday announced that it is to stop manufacturing, distributing and designing digital cameras, in order to concentrate more on its home photo printing and online photo services.

  • News: BlackBerry Pearl gets a purple makeover

    RIM (Research in Motion) is launching a new version of its popular BlackBerry Pearl smartphone handset in the UK. The Pearl 8120 comes with Wi-Fi and GPRS/Edge connectivity and is the first BlackBerry with video-capture capabilities.

  • News: HP adds upgraded Touchsmart IQ775 PC

    HP has thrown its weight behind the concept of a desktop PC as a shared information centre, with the introduction of an upgraded touchscreen PC that lets users record video notes for other family members to view.

  • News: Windows users warned of Kodak exploit

    A hacker has released attack code that could be used to exploit a critical bug in some versions of the Windows operating system.

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