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  • News: Sony launches 8.1Mp touchscreen camera

    Sony is upgrading its thin T-series digital still camera line with a new model that packs a larger display with touchscreen.

  • News: August 2007's hottest new gadgets revealed

    With the constant flood of gadgets that flows across my desk, I've realised that we're throwing away and replacing products much more quickly today than in the past. When I was a kid we took our broken TV to the local repair shop and, usually for the price of a valve or resistor, the set was returned in a day ready to provide another few years of service.

  • News: Google calls in comedians in YouTube lawsuit

    Viacom's lawsuit against Google's YouTube video-sharing service has taken a comedy twist after Google revealed it hopes to question two US comedians in connection with the $1bn suit.

  • News: 3.2Mp Sony Ericsson phone offers auto focus

    Sony Ericsson hopes its new K770 Cyber-shot phone will narrow the quality gap between dedicated digital cameras and mobile phones with integrated cameras.

  • News: Hitachi launches first Blu-ray camcorder

    Hitachi is set to be first to market with a digital video camcorder based on Blu-ray Disc. The company plans to put two Blu-ray camcorders on sale at the end of this month in Japan and later this year in North America.

  • News: Nokia plans mobile social-networking

    Nokia is targeting Flickr and YouTube with the acquisition of Twango, a social-networking site based in the US.

  • News: Microsoft reveals revolutionary photo tech

    Microsoft is working on a variety of innovative photo projects, ranging from experiments with its 3D maps offering to massive panoramic photos that users can zoom into for details.

  • News: The 20 most annoying IT products in history

    Some things are annoying by their nature - spam, Jim Davidson, people with massive dogs who say: 'don't worry, he won't hurt you'. But when the annoyances stem from stuff you've paid for, fur starts flying.

  • News: Casio launches 'YouTube' digital cameras

    Casio has included a new video capture mode designed to help users upload clips to YouTube in two new digital cameras. They also feature the Exilim Engine 2.0 image processing module.

  • News: DxO Labs adds support for Canon & Nikon

    DxO Labs’ DxO Optics Pro v4.5 photo-editing tool now supports Canon’s EOS 1D Mark III and Nikon’s D40x digital SLR digital cameras.

  • News: Brother launches inkjet and laser printer, scanner, copiers

    Brother has launched its latest range of colour laser and inkjet multifunction devices. The company has upgraded its colour inkjet range with 10 multi-function machines that feature print, scan and copy functions and are available with or without fax capability.

  • News: LG adds YouTube feature to mobiles

    The ability to view and upload videos to YouTube is coming to some LG Electronics mobile phones later this year.

  • News: Sony's liquid airbag could protect hard disks

    Sony has filed for a US patent on a liquid airbag for electronics - in particular, for hard disks. The idea is that the electronics will be wrapped in a fluid-filled bag so if the outer case suffers a shock, the liquid acts as a cushion.

  • News: EC sets up European YouTube

    The European Commission (EC) is turning to Google’s video-sharing website YouTube to disseminate information about the workings of the European Union to its citizens, through a new channel on the site called EUtube.

  • News: Pentax launches sub-£500 digital SLR

    Having entered the digital SLR (single lens reflex) market with its *ist models, Pentax has gone for a more straightforward moniker with its new model.

  • News: USB is killing off Firewire

    A new report from In-Stat says that IEEE 1394 – a.k.a. FireWire - is heading for a slow decline in the face of major challenges from other interfaces and a stagnating market share.

  • News: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom upgrade launched

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 is available now as a free upgrade for existing users.

  • News: Adobe makes posting YouTube clips easy

    Adobe has announced Visual Communicator 3, which enables teachers, lecturers and students to easily create scripted, television-quality broadcasts. Designed for those new to video, the software is ideal for project-based learning, distance learning courses and campus-wide newscasts.

  • News: Adobe upgrades Illustrator CS3

    Adobe has released Illustrator CS3 13.0.1, an update to the latest major release of its illustration software for Mac OS X.

  • News: Top 15 Media, Video & Audio utilities

    Your PC is an entertainment powerhouse, just waiting to be unleashed. Its talents include recording and playing music, supporting editing of audio and video files, and burning DVDs and CDs. Unfortunately, the software that came with your PC probably won't handle these tasks with maximum effectiveness. 9831 http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/news/index.cfm?newsid=9831&pn=2

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