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  • News: 5 Wi-Fi security myths you must abandon now

    Wi-Fi has evolved over the years, and so have the techniques for securing your wireless network. An Internet search could unearth information that's outdated and no longer secure or relevant, or that's simply a myth.

  • News: Facebook networking chief: No more secret ASIC commands

    Facebook's head of network operations has great expectations for software defined networking (SDN), though he may not be relying on commercial hardware vendors to bring SDN to the social networking giant's own infrastructure.

  • News: Kindle Paperwhite review: Ebook reader gets warmer, faster

    Last year the Kindle Paperwhite finally gave ebook readers what they'd been asking Amazon about for years: A Kindle that could be read in the dark without clipping on a book light. It was a good product, but early adopters complained that the screen lighting was a bit uneven. With the 2013 model, Amazon has fixed that problem, improved the lighting, and thrown in a bunch of nifty software updates.

  • News: 3D printers to become cheaper as shipments grow

    Worldwide shipments of 3D printers will nearly double by 2015, driving down the cost of the technology, according to analyst firm Gartner.

  • News: Heat it, bend it, slam it and the latest gadget glass won't break

    Pity the glass on the front of your smartphone. It typically gets subjected to a lot of abuse through its life and sometimes even shatters if the forces are too much. But glass manufacturers are continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible with the material, and some of the latest gadget glass is on show this week by Nippon Electric Glass at the Ceatec 2013 expo.

  • News: 5 ways to disaster-proof your data backups

    The anniversary of Hurricane Sandy reminds us that businesses can fall victim to the forces of nature. Whether it's a blaze that burns through your office, or a flash flood that sends water coursing through your server room, disasters can hit at any time, and the most likely casualty is your data.

  • News: DoCoMo shows 'touch display' for computer glasses

    Head-mounted computers like Google Glass are a useful way to view content and interact with the world on the move, but one drawback is the lack of a physical interface on which the user can click, drag or navigate content.

  • News: Dead Drops offline P2P file sharing network goes global

    Like some elaborate spy communications network, an art project that began three years ago by prompting people to embed USB thumb drives in structures has caught on like wildfire.

  • News: Sharp rivals iPad's Retina display with most pixel-packed Windows tablet yet

    It's hard to believe that not a single Windows 8 tablet has matched the screen resolution of Apple's iPad, but Sharp plans to change that with its Mebius Pad.

  • News: Sharp shows 7-inch next-generation MEMS display

    Sharp on Monday showed off its latest prototypes of a new type of display screen that it says brings several advantages over today's LCD (liquid crystal display) screens.

  • News: Apple TV adds Disney Junior, MLS soccer to its roster

    The Apple TV's home screen is getting right crowded. And on Thursday, Apple squeezed two new channels into its roster: MLS Live and (a favorite in my house) Watch Disney Junior.

  • News: Alloys adds Brother to print line-up

    Print and imaging distributor Alloys, has inked a new partnership with Brother.

  • News: MakeVR lets you design 3D-printed objects with handheld controllers

    3D printing always sounds like a fun weekend project--until you try to create your own 3D model, and discover that working with available creative tools requires an advanced degree in smartypants science.

  • News: This 3D printer uses paper (regular old paper!) instead of filament or resin

    Sugar confectionery can be serious craftwork--amateurs need not apply. But once you witness the culinary genius of a certain 3D printer, you'll question whether we need human candy makers at all.

  • News: Cisco to launch new Catalyst access switch

    Cisco next week is expected to unveil a new Catalyst access switch designed to converge wired and wireless networking.

  • News: OS X update doubles 802.11ac Time Capsule's performance

    Well, it took a while, but Apple has finally resolved whatever problem was causing wireless file transfers using its new 802.11ac MacBook Air and Time Capsule to be so slow. If you haven't already updated to OS X 10.8.5, do it now.

  • News: Hungry? Let's print lunch

    Pablos Holman sees a day not too far off when our diets will be tailored to our metabolisms, adding a few bits of broccoli, a smattering of beets and some meat -- all extruded from a 3D printer in an appetizing form to please our palates.

  • How-Tos: How to clean your gadgets

    When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard or disinfected your smartphone? Jim Martin explains how to safely sanitise all your gadgets.

  • News: Promise preps for Mac Pro with new Thunderbolt 2 peripherals

    When Apple wanted to showcase its first Thunderbolt-enabled Macs, it turned to Promise Technology and the storage company's Pegasus multiple-drive RAID enclosures to highlight the finer points of the nascent peripheral connection technology. Now that the next version of Thunderbolt is upon us, Promise thinks it will be the first to enter the market with a RAID 5 storage product for Thunderbolt 2.

  • News: Roku plans Chromecast-like features, disses Chromecast

    Roku may not have much love for Google's Chromecast TV dongle, but that's not stopping the company from adding Chromecast-like features to its set-top boxes.

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