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  • News: CeBIT: Buffalo launches new TeraStations

    Buffalo announced a comprehensive refresh of its storage line-up at CeBIT this week, including two brand-new TeraStation Pro NAS models that offer capacities of up to 16 terabytes (TB).

  • News: CeBIT: Loshine shows off travel mice, keyboards

    At CeBIT this morning Chinese peripherals firm Loshine showed off its range of low-cost portable peripherals, which it's using to attack a space that Microsoft has quietly dominated for several years.

  • News: LaCie to launch Thunderbolt-compatible Little Big Disk

    If you're planning on getting a new MacBook Pro complete with Thunderbolt technology you'll be pleased to know that you'll only have to wait until summer to get hold of a Thunderbolt-compatible external hard drive.

  • How-Tos: How to add a second screen to your PC or laptop

    Adding a second screen to your PC or laptop gives you more space to multitask: you can browse the web, check emails and complete work tasks, all while displaying your video or photo slideshows on a second screen.

  • Opinion: A Sandy Bridge too far

    After my questioning of the real need for Sandy Bridge last month, the new Intel chips arrived in force. And then they went again. The second-generation Core i5/7 chips themselves are blameless, but Intel’s quality-assurance team fell down on the supporting chipsets.

  • Satski Satsport MultiSport GPS

    Satski has launched a dedicated mapping unit, the Satsport Multisport GPS, for adventurous skiers who want to ensure they end up back at base in time for the apres ski. The Satsport GPS is primed with indepth mountain maps for the world's most popular resorts.

  • News: Motorola Atrix 4G mightiest smartphone yet?

    The Motorola Xoom was the most advanced tablet that we got to try out at Mobile World Congress, but it could yet be overshadowed - by the Motorola Atrix smartphone

  • News: Dell demos Stage media-synching on Venue Pro smartphone

    Dell has heeded criticisms over devices that store but don't sync and is adding Stage multi-sync features to its entire consumer product line. PC Advisor takes a look

  • News: Dell shows off Venue Pro Windows phone

    Dell is set to bring its Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 touchscreen-slider smartphone to European markets in the next few weeks. A broadly similar Android touchscreen model will follow

  • News: Hands on with the HP Palm Pre3

    HP is giving hands-off demonstrations of the TouchPad tablet and the Palm Pre3 smartphone. PC Advisor got a hands-on trial of both

  • How-Tos: How to record phone calls to your PC

    I’m looking for a reasonably cheap way to record conversations over a digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (Dect) phone. I tried Googling for answers, but the numerous suggestions have left me bewildered. I need to be able to hook it up to the PC to transcribe conversations.

  • How-Tos: How to add a new wireless router to a network

    I’ve replaced my wireless router with a D-Link DSL-2740R. I followed the quick-setup instructions on the supplied CD and managed to get online using our cable-broadband service. I now want to add my netbook and BlackBerry to the wireless network.

  • Video: Sony shows off 17- and 25in OLED monitors

    Largest commercial OLED screens yet produced

  • How-Tos: How to install a router and dongle on an older laptop

    QUESTION I’ve just installed a D-Link DIR-615 wireless router for my new HP computer and bought a USB Wi-Fi dongle (also D-Link) in order to add an older Sony laptop to the network. However, no software came with the dongle. What should I do next?

  • News: Sony reveals 17in, 25in professional OLED monitors

    Sony will soon begin selling a professional monitor that contains the largest commercial organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen yet produced.

  • News: Telmaps offers location-based reviews and in-map apps

    Navigation is no longer just about maps and getting from A to B, even if you’re in the business of providing mobile navigation information. Telmap, a satnav application for smartphones based on Navteq maps, says “navigation is now a commodity” and one that its both hyper-local and hyper-personal.

  • News: Plantronics and WorkSnug rate mobile hotspots

    Bluetooth headset manufacturer Plantronics is working with a UK-based iPhone app developer to offer crowd-sourced reviews of suitable hotspots where conditions most lend themselves to productive mobile working. WorkSnug offers reviews of internet cafes and other commercial premises where teleworkers can station themselves to work in comfort and, hopefully, peace.

  • News: ARM: £99 dual-core budget smartphones coming this year

    Mobile phone chip maker ARM has been showing off multi-core smartphone processors and devices at this year's Mobile World Congress and predicts dual-core handsets will be the norm for budget smartphones by Christmas.

  • News: RIM LTE, HSPA+ BlackBerry PlayBook tablets this year

    Research In Motion (RIM) announced plans for two new versions of its PlayBook tablet at the World Mobile Congress on Monday -- although it hasn't even begun selling the two models it has already announced. PlayBooks for LTE (Long-Term Evolution) and 3G HSPA+ networks and will go on sale by the end of year, joining the Wi-Fi and WiMax models that RIM plans to begin selling next month.

  • News: Kineto Signal Boost offers Wi-Fi calling from your own number

    Kineto Signal Boost makes use of the smartphone’s ability to automatically log on to a home or office Wi-Fi network and to route calls over the wireless network. In locations where the cellular connection on the mobile phone is poor, it can be used to conduct clearer conversations. If your mobile phone is prone to battery drain, it also offers the potential to extend its between charge usability.

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