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  • Video: World Technology Update - 31 October 2008

    This week a first look at Windows 7, flat panel displays get paper thin, new netbooks from Toshiba and Dell hit the shelves, Sony's Rolly gets a refresh and Intel invests in China.

  • News: Chi Mei 25in OLED is just 1mm thick

    A Taiwanese display maker has developed a 25in screen that's less than 1mm thick.

  • Video: Flexible 125-inch plasma display coming in 2009

    A Japanese display start-up is well on the way to commercializing a 3-meter wide flexible plasma display and expects the first models to appear next year.

  • News: New e-paper is 'better than newspapers', says NEC

    NEC is to demonstrate new electronic paper (e-paper) displays at the FPD International exhibition in Japan tomorrow that are said to offer higher visibility than newspapers.

  • News: Lexmark Toolbar helps prevent wasted prints

    In today's environmentally friendly society, printing is among some of the least friendly activities that takes place in an office. On average, employees print as many as 700 pages per month, which amounts to between 50 and 75kg of paper per employee a year, says printer manufacturer Lexmark.

  • Wacom Bamboo Dock and Bamboo Mini applications

    Wacom has launched a number of desktop applications designed to make life easier for users of its Bamboo graphics tablets and cordless, battery-free digital pens that enables users to save the notes they write on paper into a digital file, which can be transferred to their PC.

  • Video: World Technology Update - 24 October 2008

    In this week’s show: T-Mobile's G1 Google phone is on sale, Intel discloses mobile platform plans, robots and an invisibility cloak from Tokyo and Apple iPhone sales hit 10 million.

  • Cyber Sport Orbita 3D mouse

    A mouse is no longer simply a way of helping you scroll up, down and sideways to navigate lengthy word documents, it seems.

  • LaCie LaCinema Rugged external hard drive

    LaCie has announced the UK availability of its LaCinema Rugged multimedia external hard drive. Three versions from 250GB to 500GB are offered, with the smallest model costing £129 inc VAT.

  • Opinion: Ten out of ten for honesty, PC World

    I recently had a surprise when a company told me: "You don't want to buy that here." And the company was right.

  • Video: Edimax BR-6574N - In brief

    The Edimax BR-6574N is visually identical to other Edimax routers we've looked at - it's a smart-looking glossy white device with a trio of detachable mulitple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) antennae.

  • Cyber Clean keyboard cleaner

    In what sounds very much like an idea spawned after a lengthy spell of indoctrination by the How Clean Is Your House ladies, some bright spark has come up with a way of quickly and efficiently removing all the nasty gunk from your PC keyboard. Cyber Clean is a tub of vibrant yellow putty that you push between the keys and that fastens on to the gunk that lies beneath.

  • News: October 2008's 8 coolest gadgets revealed

    October 2008 saw Japan's biggest electronics show: Ceatec. More than 196,000 visitors to Ceatec got a chance to see the best of the Japanese electronics industry, including some exciting prototypes of devices that are still a long way from hitting the market.

  • Test Centre: Group test: top 5 Blu-ray Disc drives

    Upgrading your home PC with a Blu-ray Disc drive is the least expensive way to get your hands on the sought-after HD technology. PC Advisor rounds up five of the latest models, with invaluable buying advice.

  • Epson Stylus PX800FW multifunction printer

    Epson has launched the Stylus PX800FW - a six-colour multifunction printer with Wi-Fi connectivity and a dedicated label printer.

  • BenQ MP512 ST and MP522 ST short throw projectors

    BenQ has launched two new projectors. The BenQ MP512 ST and MP522 are both able to display 55in images from a distance of just one metre.

  • Video: Veho VFS-004 - In Brief

    The Veho VFS-004 Deluxe Negative & Slide Scanner is a standalone USB device dedicated to 35mm slides and negatives.

  • Antec Skeleton open-frame PC case

    Antec has launched the Skeleton, an open-frame PC case it claims is the first to be available to consumers. The open structure of the case is designed to maximise airflow and cooling while also offering a high level of flexibility.

  • News: AMD: no DoJ court case over ATI strategies

    The DoJ has ended an investigation into the pricing and marketing strategies of AMD-owned graphics chipmaker ATI Technologies.

  • News: Orange ditches BlackBerry Bold after 3G woes

    Orange UK has stopped selling RIM's BlackBerry Bold mobile phone handset. Orange took the decision to ditch the BlackBerry Bold smartphone after concerns were raised over potential software problems with the snazzy-looking device.

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