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More Peripherals Articles

  • PLDS iHOS104 Blu-ray writer

    PLDS - the alliance of Philips and Lite-On Digital Solutions - has unveiled the iHOS104 - a 4x internal Blu-ray drive that can read and write Blu-ray discs as well as standard CDs and DVDs.

  • News: Carbon nanotube chip stores data for 1 billion years

    Researchers have demonstrated a form of archive memory using carbon nanotubes that can theoretically store a trillion bits of data per square inch for a billion years.

  • News: Intel Pineview, Clarkdale chips have integrated graphics

    Intel is getting ready to release two processors, an Atom chip called Pineview and a new desktop processor called Clarkdale, that include integrated graphics, a capability that spells the beginning of the end for third-party chipsets with integrated graphics.

  • News: nVidia: bad graphics chips not a problem

    nVidia says that a packaging material problem hasn't hurt its relationships with laptop makers.

  • Video: Sony launches Sony PSP Go

    At E3 in Los Angeles this week Sony announced its newest handheld game system called the Sony PSP Go. Sony also launched two online download services.

  • Transcend JetFlash V15 Antivirus USB drive

    Transcend has come up with a USB flash memory drive that comes preloaded with Trend Micro security software. The Transcend JetFlash V15 Antivirus USB is primed with a 90-day copy of Trend Micro's USB Security software.

  • News: PC makers gear up for Intel Core i5 chip

    Intel's upcoming Lynnfield processor will be in the spotlight at the Computex exhibition in Taipei next week, as hardware makers and computer vendors gear up for the release of the chip later this year.

  • News: Asus adds NAS device to Eee range

    Asus has joined other network attached storage device makers such as QNAP and Acer by showing off a new NAS that uses Intel's low-power, inexpensive Atom N270 microprocessor.

  • Video: NHK shows flexible OLED display

    It's grainy, dim and fragile ... and it could be the future of television.

  • Gigabyte GM-M7800S Swarovski mouse

    Gigabyte may be primarily known for its components, but it seems to be eyeing up the designer end of the PC peripherals market. It's just launched a crystal-clad wireless mouse.

  • News: Palm Pre to be O2 UK exclusive?

    In a retread of the situation prior to the Apple iPhone's UK launch, O2 is remaining tight-lipped over reports it has agreed a deal to be exclusive UK distributor of the Palm Pre smartphone.

  • News: HTC to sell Google Android smartphone

    China's first mobile phone based on Google's Android software will go on sale next month in a deal between China Mobile and Taiwan's High Tech Computer (HTC).

  • News: Computex: Shuttle builds Via Nano desktop PCs

    Small-PC specialist Shuttle will show off a pair of desktop PCs based on Via Technologies' Nano processor at the Computex exhibition in Taipei next week, the company said today.

  • News: Intel's next-gen Atom chip to kill nVidia

    Intel's next generation Atom platform will cut out graphics chip vendors, as it integrates graphics into the CPU.

  • News: Five dimensional discs store 2,000 DVDs

    Researchers at a University in Melbourne, Australia have come up with a "five dimensional" disc capable of storing 2,000 times more data than a conventional DVD.

  • Iomega eGo secure portable hard drive

    Iomega has updated its range of eGo portable hard drives with a sleek new design and the inclusion of McAfee VirusScan Plus software.

  • NEC Multisync E222W widescreen LCD display

    NEC has unveiled the MultiSync E222W - a 22in LCD widescreen display with a native resolution of 1,680x,1,050 priced at £199.

  • News: Toshiba sues recordable DVD manufacturers

    Toshiba has accused Imation and a number of other firms that manufacture and distribute recordable DVD of infringing its copyright.

  • News: UK company launches Amazon Kindle killer

    Move over, Kindle, a new e-book reader is in town - and it's coming from a newcomer to the consumer electronics universe. UK company Interead is the first beyond heavyweights Amazon and Sony to offer both a hardware reader and a sales pipeline for acquiring ebook content. And while its initial offerings - the Cool-er E-book reader and coolerbooks.com - are a little rough around the edges, together they offer a viable, no-frills alternative to Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Reader.

  • News: Samsung offers 32GB NAND memory

    Samsung has announced a 32GB NAND memory card, the highest-density embedded memory card to date and one that offers twice the capacity of previous cards.s

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