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  • News: Details expected soon on Intel's $200 laptop and tablet chip architecture

    Intel is expanding into low-cost laptops and tablets starting at US$200 with new low-power Atom chips based on an architecture called Silvermont, which the company is expected to talk about next week, according to a source familiar with Intel's plans.

  • News: How to build a bulletproof cloud backup system without spending a dime

    There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who have lost critical data, and those who will. In other words, if you use technology long enough and neglect to back up your data, you're guaranteed to have at least one extremely bad day. Whether it's theft, loss, fire, flood, corruption, or some form of malware, a single incident can destroy the lion's share of your family photos, personal documents, address books, years-in-the-making music library, and more.

  • Opinion: CRT magnet art looks eerie; don't try it on your home TV

    Where you one of those kids who liked to wave a magnet against your old CRT display to watch the rainbow of colors bending to your will? You certainly weren't the only one, and a German artist wants to help you relive those memories, albeit on a grander scale.

  • News: Take our mobile survey and you might win an iPad mini

    TechHive's parent company, IDG, is once again conducting its annual Global Mobile Survey, which quizzes you on your mobile-device habits and media consumption so we can learn more about how people are using their smartphones and tablets today. Readers who participate will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win an iPad mini.

  • News: Flexible, networked e-ink displays mimic physical documents

    Researchers demonstrated flexible, networked e-ink displays that behave like papers on a desk at a conference in Paris. The displays can be used separately or in tandem, opening up new possibilities for a paperless office.

  • News: Consortium takes steps to break multicore programming barriers

    Programming for multicore systems can be complex, so an industry consortium led by Advanced Micro Devices has taken a step ahead in its goal to eliminate development challenges so applications are portable across devices, architectures and operating systems

  • News: Intel starts countdown clock for next-gen Haswell chips

    In just a few weeks, Intel's one-chip-fits all family of core processors will finally meet Microsoft's one-design-fits all operating system, Windows 8. The chip maker recently announced it will unveil the first round of Haswell Core processors on June 3.

  • How-Tos: 21 tips for supercharging your cloud storage

    Cloud storage isn't just for files and photos. With the right tools and services, you can do much more: organize data, or automate uploads and downloads. Synchronize, of course. Score extra space without paying an extra cent. Run a basic Web site from a cloud service, manage media, or even fax.

  • News: Nextgen Distribution partners with Violin Memory

    Nextgen Distribution has partnered with Violin Memory, a maker of flash-based storage systems to help it expand in Australia and New Zealand.

  • News: Computer interaction conference promises cutting-edge demos

    There will be a ton of interesting research and prototypes on display at the Computer Human Interaction (CHI) conference in Paris this week.

  • News: Future of computer interaction on display in Paris

    The future of computing comes to Paris this week with the annual Computer Human Interaction (CHI) conference, which showcases new approaches to the way users connect with electronics.

  • Opinion: Younity 1.5 could render cloud storage obsolete

    As we’ve become a more mobile society—working from virtually anywhere on our smartphones and tablets—we’ve also embraced various cloud storage and file sharing tools, so we can access and collaborate on our data. Younity has an entirely different approach, and it could make cloud storage obsolete.

  • News: Your next smartphone could have a projector, courtesy of Lumiode LED microdisplays

    If you think the Retina display on an iPad looks unreal with its 2048 by 1536-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch, just imagine a display with 2,500 individual LEDs in a package that's only five square-centimeters in size--that's smaller than just about any piece of your phone.

  • News: Samsung profits soar on phones, tablets; high hopes for Galaxy S4

    Samsung Electronics said its Galaxy S3 and Note 2 helped it to defy a shrinking smartphone market in the first quarter, boosting its overall profits by 42 percent from a year ago.

  • News: Box sets its sights on healthcare customers

    Box is taking steps to increase usage of its cloud storage and file sharing system in the health care industry, where it sees a demand for tools that simplify content collaboration.

  • News: AMD's Radeon HD 7990: Not as pricey as you might think

    Just about anyone would think twice before dropping a cool grand on a new video card, no matter how powerful it might be. But if you're a gamer, AMD's Never Settle Reloaded marketing program reduces the effective cost of any of its Radeon 7990 series by as much as $300.

  • News: Cisco's new director-class storage switch boosts throughput 6X

    Cisco's new director-class switch for storage, unveiled today, increases throughput six-fold and offers N+1 resilience.

  • News: EMC's storage business keeps growing while net profit shrinks slightly

    EMC reported first-quarter revenue rose 6 percent to US$5.39 billion, while net income fell about 1 percent year-over year to $580 million as costs rose.

  • News: AMD unleashes Radeon HD 7990: A dual-GPU graphics card beast

    One thousand dollars. That's how much AMD anticipates it will cost you to acquire a video card packing two of its most powerful GPUs on a single dual-slot PCB. AMD has provided us with reference design hardware, with retail cards expected to follow by the end of the month. So consider this a hands-on preview of the Radeon HD 7990. We'll follow up with an official review as soon as we get a card that people can actually buy.

  • News: Apple teases 'new product categories'

    Invoking the success of Apple's game-changing iPhone and iPad, CEO Tim Cook has hinted that Apple will introduce "exciting new product categories" starting this fall and through the end of 2014.

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