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  • News: Kai design may help Google keep Nexus 7 tablet costs low

    Google may be using Nvidia's new Kai reference design in its highly anticipated Nexus 7 tablet, a move that would bolster the tablet's reported low starting price of $199 without much of a Google subsidy. The Kai design is intended to keep down materials costs.

  • News: OWC unveils 960GB solid-state drive

    Cloud? What cloud? There's still a market for standalone storage devices--big devices, judging by the newest drive from Other World Computing.

  • News: Seagate signals growing interest in SSDs with stake in DensBits

    Seagate Technology, known mainly for its hard-disk drives, continued to build its solid-state storage portfolio by announcing Monday that it will take a stake in DensBits Technologies.

  • News: Box OneCloud now supports Android devices

    The fourth and fifth paragraphs as well as the subhead, or deck, of the story, "Box OneCloud now supports Android devices," posted Monday have been cut. They were about a deal with Qualcomm that did not happen.

  • News: Specs bomb: Ivy Bridge laptops

    Ivy Bridge processors from Intel are still thin on the ground - in their mobile form at least. But we're just starting to see the first laptops sporting Intel's new chip line trickle on to the market.

  • News: Box OneCloud now supports Android devices

    Box announced that its OneCloud enterprise mobile cloud service now supports Android, allowing companies to access Android applications and store and share Android data in Box's public cloud.

  • Opinion: Annual Cost of iPad Charging is Negligible

    Charging your iPad every other day for a year costs less than the coffee you might be drinking while reading this on your tablet.

  • News: AMD's chip may add visual appeal to specialty tablets

    Tablet devices designed for use in hospitals and stores could get better graphics through Advanced Micro Devices' latest low-power G-T16R embedded processor, which the company announced on Monday.

  • News: Sony, Panasonic to team up to mass-produce OLED TV panels

    Sony and Panasonic said Monday they will team up to create mass production technology for super-high resolution TVs based on OLED technology, in a concerted effort to drive mainstream adoption and revive their struggling television businesses.

  • Opinion: What is That 'D' Drive for, Anyway?

    Reader Gilbert wrote in with a great question no one has ever asked me before. He's looking for help identifying the D: drive on his computer: Why is it there, what is it used for, and can he store data on it?

  • News: Computer graphics pioneer Ivan Sutherland wins Kyoto Prize

    Ivan Sutherland, widely considered to be the father of computer graphics, was awarded the Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology by the Inamori Foundation on Friday for his contributions to the field.

  • News: Sony to invest US$1 billion to increase camera image sensor production

    Sony said Friday it will invest US$1 billion to increase its production capacity for the image sensors used in digital cameras, eyeing the booming market for smartphones, tablets and other camera-equipped gadgets.

  • News: Windows Phone 8 smartphones to run Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 chip

    Smartphones running Microsoft's upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS will use Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 processor, the chip maker said in a blog entry on Thursday.

  • News: IBM Builds the World's Fastest Supercomputer to Help Take Care of Our Nukes

    In case you missed it... According to Top 500, the United States can claim to have the world's fastest supercomputer for the first time in three years.

  • News: Drobo embraces Thunderbolt, releases Drobo Mini

    Drobo today announced two new storage arrays, including its first portable unit, the Drobo Mini, and a larger array with as much as six times the performance of predecessors. The company also announced its support for Thunderbolt and USB 3.0.

  • News: MacBook Woe: A tale of a near Mac disaster, averted by good backups

    This is the sad story of one man's MacBook Pro, its failed hard drive, the aftermath, and then some Monday-morning quarterbacking to top it off.

  • News: KPMG: businesses are losing the data arms race

    Businesses in the UK are spending too much time gathering data and not enough thinking about how best to use that data to build market share, according to KPMG Management Consulting.

  • News: HP unveils Windows-powered NAS box for SMBs

    HP today released a smaller version of its Windows NAS file server, the X5520. The new model is aimed at SMBs and addressing unstructured data growth due to trends such as bring-your-own technology.

  • News: Getting a Refund on a Cache Drive

    Not long ago, PCWorld mentioned Corsair Accelerator SSD cache drives, designed to speed up access times on mainstream PCs. They sounded useful, so I ordered one from Corsair's website. When I received the unit, I discovered that it worked only with a Windows 7 PC, not with my Windows XP desktop. This information was not listed anywhere in the technical information on Corsair's website. I called Corsair's tech support, which confirmed that the drive works only with Windows 7 machines and said I should get a refund. I got an RMA [return] form and sent back the drive. However, instead of a refund, I received an identical replacement. When I contacted Corsair again, the reps offered to refer the situation to a manager if I would submit proof of purchase. I sent them a copy of the invoice I had re­­ceived direct from Corsair's website. A deafening silence has ensued. Can you help?­

  • News: Oracle's Catz was 'shocked' by HP suit against Hurd

    Oracle refused to commit to continued porting of its software to Hewlett-Packard's Itanium platform as part of the companies' settlement over Oracle's hiring of Mark Hurd, Oracle co-President Safra Catz told a judge on Tuesday.

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