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  • Buying Advice: AMD FX-8350, -8320, -6300 'Vishera' review: finally good enough?

    If you plan on using a dedicated graphics card, the FX-8350, FX-8320 and FX-6300 aren't bad options. Here's our AMD FX processor buying advice.

  • News: Report: Samsung Display terminates LCD contract with Apple

    Samsung Display has terminated a contract to make LCD panels for Apple due to supply chain issues and financial strain, according to a news report published in The Korea Times on Monday.

  • News: Monoprice to introduce high-end LED display

    Budget-accessory vendor Monoprice.com, known for its inexpensive cables and adapters, will be introducing a line of high-end LED displays with screen quality designed to compete with Apple's $999 Cinema Display, a company representative told Macworld.

  • News: Intel strives toward tiny chips to run wearable computers

    Intel evangelist Manny Vara, at the company's European Research and Innovation Conference in Barcelona, said wearable computers may be two to five years away.

  • News: Autonomous cars will arrive within 10 years, Intel CTO says

    Intel CTO Justin Rattner predicts that driverless cars will be available within 10 years and that buyers by then will increasingly be more interested in a vehicle's internal technology than the quality of its engine.

  • News: Nine ways to beat the economic blues

    Let’s face it, in the past few weeks economic indicators haven’t exactly been cheery. But it in't all doom and gloom. Channel experts and analysts came up with nine ways to get ahead despite all the rumblings.

  • News: Report: Samsung Display terminates LCD contract with Apple

    Samsung Display has terminated a contract to make LCD panels for Apple due to supply chain issues and financial strain, according to a news report published in The Korea Times on Monday.

  • News: Motorola HC1: Google Goggles for the enterprise

    Motorola Solutions has unveiled a head-mounted, voice-controlled computer that's targeted at the military and other industries where workers need hands-free access to information.

  • News: Facilities and IT are Still Like Separate Organizations: David Blumanis

    Thanks to the ever-increasing volume and variety of data, the power and cooling needs of datacenters are also evolving simultaneously. David Blumanis, VP, Datacenter Solutions & Key Account Management, APAC & Japan, APC by Schneider Electric , speaks about how organizations can move along with the dynamism of datacenters using advanced power and cooling setups.

  • News: Fusion-io: how flash is driving software-defined storage

    The ability of flash to instantly deliver data to the processor is driving the market for software-defined storage, whereby storage is deployed, provisioned and managed through software, according to Fusion-io.

  • News: Hybrid hard drives: How they work and why they matter

    An SSD can read and write data many times faster than the best mechanical hard drive. On the downside, flash memory is many times more expensive than the innards of a typical hard drive, so manufacturers have limited their SSD capacities to hit reasonable price points: A 128GB SSD costs about $130, and for that same price tag, you can buy a 3.5-inch desktop hard drive that delivers 2TB of storage, or a 2.5-inch laptop drive that provides 1TB of storage.

  • News: UK government in talks to use Hadoop for big data analytics

    The UK government is in discussions with Cloudera – a distributor of Hadoop-based software and services for the enterprise – to determine how they can best make use of big data technologies.

  • News: Cloud storage specification gets ISO approval

    The Cloud Data Management Interface has been approved as a standard by the International Organization for Standardization, clearing the path for adoption among vendors and government agencies alike.

  • News: Pioneer 15x Blu-ray burner coming soon for under $100

    Pioneer announced a new Blu-ray drive this week. The BDR-2208 will be the fastest drive available on the market--an internal 15x Blu-ray burner--and offers small businesses a cost-effective means of backing up and archiving important data.

  • News: Hadoop helps solve Oracle customers' big data problems

    Oracle customers are facing a big data problem, and Hadoop is the answer – reluctant as Oracle is to admit it.

  • News: Mike Lynch: Big data may be big but is it clever?

    The biggest change the IT industry is facing is that machines are getting cleverer, and that means moving beyond the limitations of the traditional database, according to Mike Lynch, entrepreneur and former CEO of British software firm Automony.

  • News: A tour of DreamWorks Studios' data center

    DreamWorks Studios is busy producing eight to 10 films at any given time, and each film produces 120,000 frames of film and uses 200TB of storage. In recent years, 150 engineers have been working on creating software that can take advantage of 25,000 CPUs in a parallel fashion.

  • News: Citrix ShareFile upgrade allows IT department to control personal cloud-based storage

    Citrix Systems is giving back to IT departments some control over personal cloud-based storage with ShareFile StorageZones, which allows user content to be stored in enterprises' own data centers, the company announced at the Synergy conference in Barcelona.

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Rumor has it

    Rumors abound of Apple updating every single product line at next week’s media event, even as the company apparently winds down its relationship with Samsung. Elsewhere, the iPod nano is dissected … for science! The remainders for Tuesday, October 16, 2012 are a tale told by idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  • News: Calxeda joins the 64-bit ARM server chip race

    ARM's efforts to jump from smartphones and tablets to servers received a vote of confidence from chip company Calxeda, which announced Wednesday that it has ramped up efforts to push 64-bit ARM processors into servers by 2014.

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