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  • News: IBM smashes Moore's Law, cuts bit size to 12 atoms

    IBM researchers have discovered a way to create a bit of data using only 12 iron atoms, which compares to today's magnetic data storage technology requiring about one million atoms for a single bit.

  • News: Hands on with Atom-based phones at CES

    Lenovo's K800 smartphone running the Intel Atom processor was put on display at the International Consumer Electronics Show next to a reference design smartphone that could be used by Motorola and other smartphone makers.

  • News: ioSafe Electrocutes Its Latest Rugged Portable Thunderbolt Drive

    At last year's CES, ioSafe shot up its Rugged Portable hard drive with a 12-gauge, and the year before that it ran over its Solo SSD with a steamroller. Not to be outdone (by itself), this year ioSafe put on a truly electrifying performance.

  • News: Cache Drives Give Your PC a Cheap SSD Boost

    Many new PCs come with solid state drives because SSDs make booting up your PC and accessing data faster. But adding an SSD to an existing computer can be a problem. Most of us can't afford an SSD big enough to carry all our data. And combining an SSD with a traditional hard drive means lots of futzing to get all your most frequently accessed data onto the SSD drive.

  • News: Dell unveils new Fluid Data storage products

    Dell is bulking out its storage portfolio under the Fluid Data architecture umbrella, with the announcement of four new products building on its acquisitions of Ocarina, Compellent and EqualLogic.

  • News: Quad-core smartphones coming very soon, Nvidia says

    Smartphones using quad-core processors may not have made a splash at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but the devices will be coming in a few months, Nvidia said at the show.

  • News: AMD hopes to take down Intel's ultrabooks on price

    Advanced Micro Devices demonstrated its upcoming mobile chips for thin-and-light laptops, which the company said will lead to cheaper but equally speedy alternatives to Intel's expensive ultrabooks.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Full house

    Cupertino confirms that it's betting on a small Middle East hardware company, even as many of its employees may be dealing with the labyrinth that is CES. And one Spanish company may be pressing its luck by trying to flush Apple in court. The remainders for Wednesday, January 11, 2012 are all in.

  • News: Apple confirms acquisition of flash memory maker

    Apple has confirmed to the Reuters news service that it has purchased Anobit Technologies, an Israeli company that makes solid state drives out of consumer-grade flash.

  • News: OWC Launches Super-Fast Portable Drives

    Portable hard drives are great tools for expanding storage capacity of laptops and mobile devices, or sharing data with others, but you sacrifice speed for portability. Other World Computing (OWC) has a new series of super fast eSATA 6G drives that change all that.

  • News: Dell launches dedupe appliance, VMware integration

    Dell today announced its first deduplication appliance, along with an upgrade to its Compellent Storage Center management software that includes tighter integration with VMware.

  • News: Intel enters smartphone market after uphill battle

    Intel on Tuesday announced its first smartphone customers, signaling the arrival of Intel Inside smartphones after years of uphill struggle by the chip maker.

  • News: Quad core-chips boost tablet price vs. performance battle

    Attendees at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week are seeing the tablet market splitting in multiple directions as the price and performance battle intensifies.

  • News: Qualcomm targets PCs, takes aim at Intel's ultrabooks

    Qualcomm wants a piece of the PC market with its upcoming Snapdragon S4 chips as the company looks to jump out of its traditional stronghold market of smartphones and tablets, CEO Paul Jacobs said on Tuesday.

  • News: Thunderbolt peripherals gather steam

    It wasn’t so long ago that Apple observers were wondering why it was taking Thunderbolt peripherals so long to get to market. This week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas may be putting an end to that conversation.

  • News: CommVault to combine backup, archive functions

    CommVault plans to announce an upgrade to its flagship Simpana software in the next several weeks that will allow backed-up data to be archived while still leaving end users will an easy way to retrieve that data.

  • News: Elgato announces Thunderbolt SSD

    Elgato has announced the launch of the Thunderbolt SSD at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

  • Video: Video: CES 2012: Intel demos DX11 on Ivy Bridge based Ultrabook

    Coming clean in the end, Intel attempted to demonstrate DirectX 11 running on an Ivy Bridge based Ultrabook. It was recorded, rather than live game play though.

  • News: Windows 8 to tame storage hassle with 'Spaces' technology

    Windows 8 will tame data loss and storage bloat on PCs by offering a simple form of the thin provisioning and virtualisation technology more commonly found tin data centres, Microsoft has said.

  • Opinion: DigiSafe DiskCrypt Does Ultra-secure Notebook Disk Encryption--At a Price

    How much are you willing to pay to encrypt every bit of data on a notebook disk drive--without compromising performance? AT CES 2012, Singapore-based ST Electronics is showing its new DigiSafe DiskCrypt, which does the heavy lifting before you even boot up: It puts a hardware encryption module into an enclosure that will accept any standard 1.8-inch micro-SATA hard disk. It’s relatively easy to set up, but it’s also very expensive--the enclosure alone costs $450.

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