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  • How-Tos: Working with Google Voice

    Android smartphones have built-in apps for texting and voicemail, but there's another option: sign up for the free Google Voice service. This provides SMS and voice messaging facilities too, while US and Canadian users can also use it to make cheap phone calls from (and to) a personal number, all over your smartphone's cell connection.

  • Opinion: Parcels App for Android Tracks Packages In One Place

    I get a lot of packages. Between my online shopping addiction and the fact that various tech companies are always sending me gadgets and other stuff to test, I've built pretty good relationships with my FedEx, DHL, On Trac, and UPS drivers. But to help keep track of all the packages I've ordered and shipped at any given time, I've been turning to a cool little Android app called Parcels.

  • News: Google Ventures pushed iOS over Android

    Until this year, Google Ventures partner Rich Miner recommended to mobile application startups funded by his company that they start out by developing for Apple's iOS rather than Android.

  • News: StumbleUpon revamps Web discovery app for iOS

    The StumbleUpon Web discovery service has carved out a big presence for itself on the Web, with a reported 15 million users and 1 billion personalized recommendations each month. Last month, in fact, StumbleUpon drove more traffic to U.S. websites than even Facebook, according to figures compiled by Web analytics firm StatCounter. StumbleUpon wants to broaden its reach into the mobile world, and to that end, it rolled out a revamped version of its iOS app on Tuesday.

  • News: Judge: It's 'possible' Google knew of Java violation

    It "appears possible" that Google knew that its Android mobile operating system would violate Java patents held by Oracle, but decided to go ahead with the effort anyway, the judge overseeing the companies' intellectual property lawsuit said in a letter filed Tuesday.

  • News: HTC's latest Sensation now available through Telstra

    Telstra today announced the pricing and immediate availability of HTC's latest Android smartphone, the HTC Sensation.

  • Opinion: HTC 'Unlockable Bootloaders' Ship in August

    HTC promised to end its locked bootloader policy a few months ago. In an announcement posted to its Facebook page, the company stated that it'll start rolling out unlockable bootloaders next month.

  • News: Commonwealth Bank rolls out new mobile, tablet apps

    The Commonwealth Bank today rolled out a suite of new mobile banking applications including NetBank for iPad and Android tablets, and a new CommBank mobile banking app for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 smartphone platforms.

  • News: LogMeIn gives Ignition access boost

    LogMeIn has just updated its remote access app, Ignition, allowing iOS users to transfer multimedia files over the internet

  • News: Apple iPhone market share plummets

    Sales of Apple's iPhone have fallen by more than 30 percent over the past year, says Skinflint.co.uk.

  • News: Red Giant adds HD to Magic Bullet Movie Looks app

    Red Giant has upgraded its family of "professional-calibre" mobile apps with the release of Magic Bullet Movie Looks HD. Red Giant has added more features to the tool for adding sophisticated colour styings to video, making the app easier to use, and is bringing full support to the iPad.

  • How-Tos: How to Work Outdoors

    Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are supposed to make us mobile: Freed of cumbersome desktop technology, we can work anywhere we want. Why, then, don't you see legions of people at parks, beaches, or even sidewalk cafes typing away on their laptops? Mainly because they simply can't see their screens.

  • News: Apple accuses HTC of infringing patents

    Apple has filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) accusing HTC of infringing its patents.

  • Video: WPC 2011: Steve Ballmer on competition, Apple and Windows Phone

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reviews the last 12 months for Microsoft, and where is stands competitively

  • News: 4G chips in iPhone 5 'too big and costly': analyst

    iSuppli explains why the iPhone 5 probably won't have LTE chips

  • News: Apple sued for infringing playlist patent

    Apple has to pay Personal Audio $8 million for infringing patents involving downloadable playlists.

  • News: The iPhone 5 will be 3D – rumour

    The new iPhone will have two cameras on the back for 3D functionality, and a 4-inch display, apparently...

  • News: Vogel introduces RingO for the iPad 2

    The RingO All-in-One pack can mount the iPad 2 in a variety of places and positions, while protecting the device. The pack contains a RingO Holder, RingO Wall Mount, RingO Car Mount, and RingO Table Stand, all for £109.99.

  • News: IDC: IT hasn't grasped consumerization trend

    More people are bringing their own tablets and smartphones to work but IT departments have been slow to support them and may not even be aware of the trend, according to a report funded by Unisys and conducted by IDC.

  • How-Tos: Play ball (in sync)

    Reader and sports fan Ian Mullane is feeling a little squeezed by his players. He writes:

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