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  • Opinion: iOS 5 Has a Hidden Panorama Mode That Works on Jailbroken iPhones

    iPhone users, rejoice! It appears that iOS 5 has it a hidden option to let you create panoramic photos.

  • News: T-Mobile offers 4G Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus for $450

    T-Mobile USA will sell the 4G Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus tablet using an unusual payment scheme: After a $250 down payment, buyers will make 20 monthly payments and be required to sign up for a two-year wireless plan.

  • News: LG signs deal with Intellectual Ventures

    LG has joined companies including Samsung, HTC and Research In Motion in deciding to sign a deal with patent licensing company Intellectual Ventures.

  • Opinion: Tablet Wars Update: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Out Consume 'Em

    Barnes & Noble followed in the footsteps of Amazon's Kindle Fire Monday with a new Nook Tablet designed to compete with the iPad by not competing with the iPad. In fact, both the newly announced Nook Tablet and the Kindle Fire are trying to be what many thought the iPad would be: A handheld media consumption device with a form factor larger than a smartphone.

  • News: Relive the 80s With This iPhone Boombox

    At this point, iPhone and iPod stereo docks are a dime a dozen, and are basically all the same. But then iHome came along with the iP4 speaker dock inspired by the classic boombox.

  • News: Researcher demos iOS security flaw via App Store app

    One of the benefits of Apple’s App Store model is the security it brings to the iOS platform. Since Apple approves each and every application that’s available for download, the chances of a malicious piece of software making it to an actual device are slim—but not impossible. For example, Forbes reports that one security researcher published a seemingly innocuous app that actually contained an exploit, allowing him to run unauthorized code as a demonstration.

  • News: More mobile apps downloaded, but users rely on just a few: Pew study

    Despite all the hype and all the app downloads, lots of mobile users, on phones and tablets, use only a small number of apps, according a new survey by Pew Research Center.

  • News: iPhone 4S fixes Apple antenna issues, says Consumer Reports

    The iPhone 4S may have battery issues, but its antenna works just fine.

  • News: Republic Wireless Rolls Out Unlimited Voice, Data, Text Service

    Republic Wireless, a new wireless carrier that's promising unlimited voice, data and texting for $19 a month, has officially launched a beta version its hybrid service for smartphones.

  • News: iOS code signing flaw leaves iPhones, iPads exposed

    Charlie Miller, a security researcher, has had his developer licence terminated by Apple after revealing a flaw that could let rogue apps take control of a device running iOS.

  • News: London hosts Jobs-inspired cake sale for Pancreatic Cancer Research

    For one day, Apple fans will be able to get their hands on Steve Jobs portrait cookies, iPhone icon cupcakes, Apple pies and iPhone-shaped cookies - in all the different models - at the pop-up shop in London tomorrow (Wednesday, 9 November).

  • News: iPhone 4S Avoids Antennagate Controversy

    The antenna on Apple's iPhone 4S has gotten a clean bill of health, more than a year after its predecessor was plagued by a problem that came to be known as Antennagate.

  • News: Motorola Droid Razr: Reviewers Love Design, Hate Battery Life

    Reviewers say the Droid Razr might be Motorola’s best phone yet, but they’re describing its battery life as razor-thin and have a few other complaints about the Android device.

  • News: Consumer Reports recommends the iPhone 4S

    Apple’s senior management is surely heaving a collective sigh of massive relief Tuesday: Consumer Reports announced that, after testing, it’s ready to declare the iPhone 4S a “CR Recommended” model. The publication says that the iPhone 4S “doesn’t suffer the reception problem we found in its predecessor,” the iPhone 4.

  • News: Want Siri on Your Android Phone? Try These Apps

    Wouldn't you like to have your very own gofer dedicated to doing all the menial tasks you hate? That's a big part of the appeal of the iPhone 4S: Siri, the voice-driven virtual assistant, turns anyone with a couple hundred bucks into a CEO attended by a full-time lackey. But can you get the same kind of slavish devotion from an Android phone?

  • News: Spotify App Lands on Windows Phone 7

    Spotify recently announced a new mobile application for Windows Phone 7 users, more than a year after the music streaming service first said it would bring its service to Microsoft's newest mobile OS. The new app, simply called Spotify and available now in the Windows Phone Marketplace, requires a Phone 7 device running version 7.5 (Mango) or higher and a premium Spotify account.

  • Opinion: Quad-Core HTC Edge Revealed (Maybe)

    If the reports are true, HTC may already be working on its first--and perhaps the world's first--quad-core smartphone. Mobile news site PocketNow claims to have exclusive images of what it's calling the "HTC Edge," as well as a tentative spec list.

  • News: Apple Store app adds in-store pickup, accessory purchase

    As rumored last month, Apple updated its Apple Store iOS app on Thursday, expanding its in-store pickup pilot program to all of its U.S. retail locations and adding a new EasyPay feature that lets customers buy some items simply by scanning their barcodes.

  • Buying Advice: What's a good Windows phone for business?

    When a reader wanted a recommendation for a Windows phone, our HELPROOM EXPERT was happy to help.

  • News: T-Mobile Launches SpringBoard, Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Tablets

    T-Mobile drops two new tablets into the mix today: The T-Mobile SpringBoard and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus. The two 7-inch tablets flesh out the company's offerings, which also include the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and the still-available 8.9-inch T-Mobile G-Slate.

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