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  • News: HP Readies Open-Source webOS Release

    Hewlett-Packard announced plans to release the code behind webOS in September under the Apache License 2.0.

  • Feature: Best iPhone apps: Ten free apps to watch TV and movies on your iPhone

    Not only does a smartphone let you watch video clips on the device and surf the web to access video-sharing sites such as YouTube, it also allows you stream TV shows and films to the device when you've got a Wi-Fi or 3G connection, thanks to a number of apps.

  • News: Apple seeks ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus in US

    Apple has taken another shot at Samsung by seeking a preliminary injunction on sales of the Galaxy Nexus smartphone in the US.

  • News: Apple files complaint against Motorola in the US to prevent iPhone 4S litigation

    Apple has asked a federal court in California for an order enjoining Motorola Mobility from suing the company in other courts for patent infringement in connection with its use of chips from Qualcomm in its products.

  • Opinion: Google Wallet Suspends Prepaid Credit Card Functions

    The fourth paragraph of the PC World blog, "Google Wallet Suspends Prepaid Credit Card Functions," which posted to the newswire Sunday, was missing some words. The story has been corrected on the wire and that paragraph now reads:

  • Opinion: Google Wallet Suspends Prepaid Credit Card Functions

    Google has suspended prepaid capabilities on credit cards linked to its mobile wallet after a security flaw was exposed.

  • News: Apple files another US patent suit against Samsung

    Apple has filed another U.S. patent lawsuit against Samsung Electronics and is seeking a preliminary injunction asking a federal judge to halt sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone while the case makes its way through the court.

  • News: The Week in iPad Cases: Dave's not here

    The rumor mill is buzzing about the alleged impending arrival of the iPad 3. In fact, even though nobody seems to know exactly what the next iteration of Apple's tablet will look like, or what features it will sport, we've already started receiving press releases for iPad 3 cases.

  • News: FAQ: WOA vs. x86, which Windows tablet to pick?

    Which Windows tablet makes sense -- the upcoming ARM-based devices that might include Office apps for free or x86-based Windows 8 tablets? Matt Hamblen walks you through some of the pros and cons.

  • News: iPad 3 will have "truly amazing" screen

    The third-generation iPad has a "truly amazing" display, an Apple employee is reported as saying.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Table stakes

    Apple's new Siri commercials are a little too comprehensible, the designer of the Mac has an unusual Steve Jobs souvenir, and one Google acquisition apparently came with some guts. The remainders for Friday, February 10, 2012 are laying down their cards.

  • News: Acer Shows Off CloudMobile Smartphone Ahead of Mobile World Congress

    Mobile World Congress doesn't start until the end of February, but it appears some phone makers aren't very patient. According to phone blog Pocket-lint, Acer has leaked some details on its latest handset, the Acer CloudMobile.

  • News: Mandatory GPS for mobile phones proposed

    A discussion document issued through the Ministry of Economic Development on the current and future performance of the emergency-calling system fingers the increasing use of mobile devices and "new" technologies such as voice-over-IP (VoIP) as challenges to the way the system currently operates.

  • News: iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Feb. 10

    In the iOSsphere calendar, Valentine's Day 2012 will be in June. Bring your sweetheart to San Francisco.

  • News: Four ways Apple could improve the iOS experience

    Clearly, iOS is a massive, continuing success. But a couple recent headlines got us thinking about improvements Apple could make to the overall iOS experience: Path was publicly harangued after it was discovered that its app uploaded the entirety of users' address books to Path's servers. Developer Anton Sinelnikov's apps were pulled from the App Store--not just for being ripoffs of other apps, but for being terrible ones, at that.

  • News: The Week in iOS Apps: Round 'em up!

    The App Store offers so many new offerings each week--as well as updates of old favorites--that it can sometimes be difficult to track them all. That's why we're starting The Week in iOS Apps; it's a chance to highlight some of the best offerings, as well as remind you of some of the apps that we've already called out during the week.

  • News: FAQ: Windows on ARM explained

    In an 8,600-word epistle, Microsoft's top Windows executive pulled aside the curtain on the first version of the company's iconic OS that targets tablets. We dig into the details for you.

  • News: Could You Be Liable for Charges Resulting from Google Wallet PIN Crack?

    The Google Wallet system appears to be under siege. Over the past couple days, two different methods of potentially cracking or circumventing the PIN security protecting Google Wallet have been revealed. What’s worse is that you could potentially be liable for fraudulent charges racked up with Google Wallet.

  • News: Motorola Mobility fails to make patent case against Apple in German court

    A German court has thrown out a Motorola Mobility patent lawsuit against Apple, breaking a recent run of courtroom successes for the company.

  • News: Victory for Apple: German Court Denies Motorola Patent Claim

    Apple products don't infringe on technology owned by Motorola Mobility, a German court ruled on February 10, handing Apple a victory a week after Cupertino failed to secure a preliminary ban on German sales of Samsung's Galaxy 10.1N and Galaxy Nexus.

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