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  • Opinion: Carrier IQ Explains Itself: 5 Highlights

    Mobile device and network diagnostic firm Carrier IQ early Tuesday issued a detailed report about what it is up to with your smartphone data. The company has been under fire ever since Trevor Eckhart discovered CIQ software working behind the scenes on a variety of smartphones. Eckhart originally accused CIQ of installing malware on people's phones and monitoring users' key presses, SMS messages, location data and web browsing history.

  • News: Tech stories of 2011: Jobs, Android and Anonymous rank in top 10

    In 2011, the increasingly mobile and socially networked world of technology became more intertwined than ever with politics and the law. Patent wars shaped competition in tablets and smartphones, hacktivists attacked a widening array of political and corporate targets, repressive regimes unplugged citizens from the Internet, and the U.S. government moved to block the giant merger of AT&T and T-Mobile USA. With the passing of Steve Jobs, the world lost a technology icon who redefined the computer, entertainment and consumer electronics industries. These are the IDG News Service's picks for the top 10 technology stories of the year:

  • Opinion: Windows Phone 7.5 SMS Vulnerability Can Disable Messaging

    Windows Phone 7 devices are susceptible to an SMS vulnerability that could lock users out of their messaging functions. The discovery comes from a tipster at the WinRumors blog, who demonstrated that a malicious SMS sent to Windows Phone 7.5 phones would force it to reboot and lock down the messaging hub.

  • News: YouSendIt launches iOS, Mac apps

    File sharing and transfer service YouSendIt announced Tuesday the launch of its new app for the iPhone and iPad, along with a new Mac app for use with the service.

  • News: New music-streaming service Rara.com hopes to rival Spotify

    Rara.com, a new web-based music streaming service that hopes to rival Spotify, has launched today.

  • News: Windows Phone bug reportedly disables messaging

    A reported vulnerability in Windows Phone causes its messaging features to be disabled after the device is sent a specific SMS or chat message.

  • News: FBI rejects FOIA request for Carrier IQ info

    The FBI has denied a request for the release of information regarding its use of Carrier IQ's software, saying that releasing suchinformation could interfere with ongoing law enforcement operations.

  • Feature: Best Android apps: Five free cookery apps

    Your smartphone can be helpful in all areas of life and when you're in the kitchen its no exception.

  • News: BBC launches iPlayer app for iPhone and iPod touch

    The BBC has finally launched an iPlayer app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

  • News: BBC iPlayer comes to the iPhone in the UK

    UK iPhone owners finally have a native BBC iPlayer app, which is capable of supporting streaming over 3G networks.

  • News: 46% of Brits will check work emails over Christmas

    Nearly half (46 percent) of Brits admit they'll check their emails over the Christmas break, according to SecurEnvoy.

  • News: 3 named best mobile broadband provider by Broadband Expert

    3 is the UK's best mobile broadband provider according to Broadband Expert.

  • News: Brits unlikely to benefit from 4G until 2015

    Brits are unlikely to benefit from 4G networks until 2015, Ofcom has warned.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Let's make a deal

    Apple deals with an iPhone app that could have been used to make fake IDs, possibly gets a raw deal with a patent troll, and deals a blow to developers looking for hints at future iOS devices. The remainders for Monday, December 12, 2011 are a deal at twice the price.

  • Opinion: Adults Now Spend More Time With Mobile Devices Than With Print Media

    Adults are spending more time with their mobile devices than they're spending with print media, according to a report released Monday by eMarketer.

  • Opinion: Mobility in 2012: A Look Ahead

    With ultrabooks, tablets, and smartphones topping many holiday wish lists, it seems safe to say that mobile computing and devices will continue to be a driving trend next year. With that in mind, let's take a look at some factors to keep an eye on when it comes to mobile and wireless technology in the coming year.

  • News: School shuns popular Apple Mac for Windows

    For a self-described "Mac person" working as a technology manager in a college preparatory school that had been a "Mac school" for as long as he could remember, it was a hard thing to have to face but he said it out loud: "Apple never took enterprise computing seriously," says a somewhat disillusioned Adam Gerson, co-director of technology at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in New York City.

  • Opinion: Android Market Apps Pulled Due to SMS Fraud

    Google has pulled another batch of malicious apps from the Android Market, this time for secretly sending out text messages that result in hidden charges for users.

  • News: AT&T, DOJ file motion to halt T-Mobile proceedings

    AT&T has asked a judge to put on hold the U.S. Department of Justice's lawsuit to block its merger with T-Mobile USA while the two companies decide whether to move forward with the deal.

  • News: Google pulls 22 more malicious Android apps from Market

    Google has removed nearly two dozen malware-infected apps from its official Android Market in the last several days, according to San Francisco-based Lookout Security.

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