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  • News: Samsung delays Galaxy Tab 2 launch

    Samsung has pushed the launch of its second generation Galaxy Tabs to the end of April due to software problems.

  • News: Environmentally-friendly battery for iPhone 6?

    Organic Radical batteries (ORBs) are generally used with IC cards, RF tags, and electronic paper, but a report is suggesting they could be utilised in the iPhone 6.

  • News: Apple granted 17 new patents for iPod, iPhone, iPad

    Patents include details of wireless syncronisation between Mac and iOS device, the technology behind the iPhone camera, the iPod shuffle and the method by with iPods are manufactured, and the Apple logo that lights up on the back of a Mac.

  • News: With the new Evo, Sprint gets its signature LTE device

    With its LTE launch just around the corner, Sprint Wednesday took the wraps off its first big-time LTE-capable smartphone, the HTC Evo 4G LTE.

  • News: First Impressions: HTC Evo 4G LTE

    Sprint might not have an LTE network yet, but that isn't stopping the carrier from releasing new LTE phones. At an event Wednesday evening, HTC and Sprint pulled back the curtains on the HTC Evo 4G LTE. I got the chance to check out this dual-core Android 4.0 phone during a quick demo. Overall, I'm not blown away by the design, but the camera is impressive.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Glassy-eyed

    Google thinks the future of technology is only a little better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, while the company's CEO says Apple fronting on Android is just that--a front. And Apple holds the keys to the kingdom, where the kingdom equals "your data on iCloud." The remainders for Wednesday, April 4, 2012 are the keymaster--are you the gatekeeper?

  • News: Masters golf tournament gets into the swing of things on iOS

    From the green jacket bestowed on the winner to tournament officials' insistence on referring to spectators as "patrons," The Masters golf tournament is one of the most tradition-bound sporting events in the U.S. But that hasn't stopped the tournament's organizers from embracing the iOS platform. And this year is no exception.

  • Opinion: HTC Evo 4G LTE Gets Official: Sprint's Latest LTE Phone Makes Its Debut

    Our prediction that HTC and Sprint were going to reveal an EVO-branded HTC One phone was correct: The HTC Evo 4G LTE made its debut this afternoon in New York City. The Evo 4G LTE will go on sale sometime in the second quarter of 2012 for $200.

  • News: HTC, Sprint announce Evo 4G LTE smartphone

    Sprint on Wednesday introduced the HTC Evo 4G LTE smartphone, adding a new phone to a stable of devices that will be compatible with the carrier's high-speed network when it launches soon in the U.S.

  • News: New SwiftKey 3 Keyboard App for Android Kills the Need for Spacebar Accuracy

    SwiftKey just re-invented the way that you type on your Android phone or tablet with SwiftKey 3 Beta. This latest version of SwiftKey's Android keyboard has a new feature called "Smart Space" that allows you to just type continuously without having to remember to insert spaces between words.

  • News: iPhone gains even more regional carriers for April 20 launch

    Wednesday appears to be a banner day for regional carriers and the iPhone: This morning, Macworld noted that both Virginia-based nTelos and Alaskan carrier Alaskan Communications would carry the iPhone 4S starting on April 20. Now we know that, as reported by MacRumors, they aren’t the only recipients—you can add another Alaskan carrier, one from Kentucky, and one from Wisconsin to the mix. As of Wednesday afternoon, the following three regional carriers were touting the iPhone on their websites.

  • Opinion: HTC Evo One Details Leaked Before Today's Sprint Launch

    At Mobile World Congress last month, I got an early look at HTC's new One line of smartphones. The best of the three, the One X, is rumored to be coming to Sprint under the carrier's Evo brand of phones. So, when Sprint and HTC announced that they would be holding a joint press conference this month, I had a pretty good idea of what would be announced.

  • Opinion: 5 Hot iPhone Apps that Android Still Lacks

    With Instagram's arrival on Android, some snobbish iPhone users are making their disdain known for the new users who they claim are crowding and disrupting the Instagram social order.

  • Opinion: Why BlackBerry Mobile Fusion Is the Future of RIM

    RIM is most known for its iconic BlackBerry smartphones, but one of the driving forces behind the success of RIM—and one of the reasons it’s still as pervasive as it is today—is the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) infrastructure. Now, RIM has introduced BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, which extends BES to manage Android and iOS devices as well. While marketed as a value-add for BlackBerry customers, BlackBerry Mobile Fusion may very well be the core product for RIM moving forward.

  • Feature: Top 8 reasons to upgrade to Windows 8

    Microsoft is only a few months away from launching Windows 8 and you're probably wondering whether you should upgrade. Here are eight great reasons to make the leap.

  • Opinion: Find Tablet-Friendly Android Apps with Tablified Market

    If you're among the growing number of owners of Android-powered tablets, you may have experienced some frustration with app selection on Google Play (formerly Android Market).

  • News: iPhone heads north to Alaska Communications

    If you were hoping that you could count all the U.S. iPhone carriers on one hand, we have bad news (unless you’re a mutant): Shortly after regional service provider nTelos announced that it would become the nation’s fifth iPhone carrier, another such regional carrier—Alaska Communications—announced that it would become number six.

  • News: Analysts predict another record-breaking quarter for Apple

    Apple is likely to report another record-breaking quarter later this month, according to analysts.

  • Opinion: Nokia Lumia 900: A Review Round-Up

    The Nokia Lumia 900 might be the best Windows Phone so far, but it’s still no match to the iPhone or the high-end Android smartphones, according to initial reviews of the device, which is due to go on sale April 8. If there’s something going for the Lumia 900 though, is the price: the 4G LTE phone will cost just $100 with a two-year AT&T contract, which is half of what you would pay for the latest iPhone and up to a third of some 4G Android phones.

  • Opinion: Nokia Lumia 900: Why It's the Best Windows Phone

    On Sunday, April 8, AT&T will release two brand new, 4G/LTE smartphones that run Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5 software: The Nokia Lumia 900; and HTC Titan II. Both devices are solid options for buyers seeking mid-to-high end, LTE Windows Phone handhelds. But I'd go with the Nokia Lumia 900 every time. (Read more details on Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango".)

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