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  • News: AT&T will unlock your out-of-contract iPhone beginning April 8

    Chalk this up as a win for anyone with a GSM iPhone: AT&T on Friday announced that starting Sunday, the company will allow customers who have fulfilled their two-year contracts to unlock their iPhone for use on any GSM network.

  • Opinion: Advertising in Free Apps Saps Your Smartphone's Battery Life

    As much as 75 percent of the energy spent by some popular smartphone apps, such as Angry Birds and Fchess, is spent on marketing and advertising aimed at you.

  • News: iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending April 6

    The iOSsphere is nothing if not democratic. It accepts unfounded speculation, comments, convictions and assertions from the lowest of the low and the highest of the high.

  • News: "Significant" wage increase coming from Apple factory owner

    The parent company to Foxconn, who manufacturer many Apple products, including the iPhone, says it plans to raise the wages of its employees in Taiwan.

  • News: UDID alternatives mooted for mobile ad tracking after Apple rejects apps

    With Apple seemingly blocking apps that access UDID (unique device identifier) data from the App Store, developers and mobile advertising firms are scrambling to find alternative ways to track user behaviour.

  • News: The Week in iOS Apps: A feast for the senses

    This week’s app roundup is a feast for the senses. Love to laugh, talk, or eat? We’ve got something for you.

  • News: Plangrid brings iPad to construction sites

    Any 5-year-old child can name the standard tools of the trade on a construction site—hammers, saws, drills, and the like. But now you can add the iPad to the list. Thanks to a recently released app, builders and architects could replace reams of heavy, expensive paper blueprints with an Apple tablet.

  • News: Free apps kill smartphone battery life

    Those free apps like Angry Birds, Instagram and Tiny Wings may be loads of fun, but they suck the battery life out of your smartphone by tracking your geographical location, sending information about you to advertisers and downloading ads.

  • News: The Week in iPhone Cases: April showers and May flowers

    Spring is upon us! Well, that's what the calendar says, at least. As we make our way through the unpredictable weather of the next few weeks, the new season is also a great opportunity to dress our iPhone anew—and what better way to find your next case than to peruse the latest Macworld weekly roundup of iPhone protection?

  • News: Four Reasons to Consider FileMaker 12

    Data is the fuel that drives business, and the database is the engine that runs it all. But, just as most people would rather drive a hot new Ferrari than a rusty, dented 1972 Ford Pinto, users are more likely to put the database to use if it looks good.

  • News: Easter Eggs: The best iOS apps for Easter

    Easter is upon us again, so if you're looking for something to keep you and your kids occupied while you try not to gorge yourself silly on chocolate eggs, here are some of the best new Easter-themed apps.

  • How-Tos: How to Buy a Smartphone for Your Business

    Shopping for a new smartphone is tough: With so many phones out there, finding the best one for your work life and your personal life can be headache-inducing. This guide highlights business features among the different operating systems, explains the best specs for business, and offers advice on the apps you should download once you purchase your smartphone.

  • News: Ten ways your smartphone knows where you are

    One of the most important capabilities that smartphones now have is knowing where they are. More than desktops, laptops, personal navigation devices or even tablets, which are harder to take with you, a smartphone can combine its location with many other pieces of data to make new services available.

  • News: HTC Q1 profit sinks by 70 percent

    High Tech Computer reported a 70 percent year-on-year fall in net profit for the first quarter on Friday, as the Taiwanese handset maker transitioned to a new line of smartphones it hopes will lift earnings.

  • News: Sprint set to offer cure for poor wireless voice quality

    Sprint this week said that its new HTC Evo 4G LTE smartphone, along with future phones, will support HD voice, but noted that users will first have to upgrade to the Sprint 3G network expected to launch in several cities later this year.

  • News: iPad & iPhone User issue 61: Spotlight on iPad 2013

    The latest issue of iPad & iPhone User is out today! As usual it contains everything you need to get more from your iOS device, but this issue is a special one, with a massive guide to the new iPad, a look ahead to the features you can expect in 2013's iPad, and a comprehensive roundup of the best fitness apps and accessories for the iPhone.

  • News: 7in iPad in the works, may never ship

    Described as ”just like the 9.7in iPad shrunk down a little bit.”

  • News: Larry Page letter highlights Google's conflicts

    Google CEO Larry Page published a long public letter on Thursday that gives an update on the company's strategy and highlights some of the conflicts he faces after a year at the head of the company.

  • News: Remains of the Day: Filthy lucre

    iOS apps are raking in money hand-over-fist; meanwhile, Apple may be willing to go to court to protect its share of ebook sales. And if new iPads don't play nicely with Wi-Fi, they'll be sent home to think about what they've done. The remainders for Thursday, April 5, 2012 regret nothing.

  • News: Federal IT pros look at BYOD security, management concerns

    Like their counterparts in the private sector, information technology managers in the federal government are actively debating whether their agencies should move to a "bring your own device" (BYOD) policy, allowing employee-owned mobile smartphones and tablets devices to be used for work.

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