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  • News: Toca Boca sets a standard for iOS apps for kids

    If you want to get a good glimpse of a developer doing some tremendously clever things for iOS devices, look no further than the dozen or so App Store offerings from Toca Boca. Aimed primarily at kids in the preschool and kindergarten set (and, in some instances, the early years of grade school), Toca Boca's apps encourage kids to use their imagination with every flick, tap, and swipe.

  • News: 6 Smartphone Fireworks Photo Tips

    Smartphone cameras have improved greatly since the days of grainy, blurry photos. But low-light photography remains a weak point for most smartphone cameras.

  • News: O2 and Nike launch Priority Sports app

    O2 launched Priority Sports app via a unique collaboration with Nike which aims to bring customers closer to their sporting passion.

  • News: HTC victorious over Apple in slide to unlock battle

    HTC has claimed a win against Apple in a slide to unlock patent dispute.

  • News: HTC fends off Apple in UK patent lawsuit involving "slide to unlock" feature

    A High Court in the U.K. has ruled that HTC did not infringe on Apple's photo management patent, while stating that three other patents Apple claimed in the lawsuit were invalid, according to HTC.

  • News: Patent war unlikely to bring Androidocalypse

    On the surface, Apple's recent courtroom victories are a threat to the future of the Android platform. A pair of injunctions blocking Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Nexus from sale in the U.S. could lay the groundwork for a similar action against the Galaxy S III, as well as a huge range of other Android devices.

  • News: Mozilla promises Firefox OS phones in early 2013

    Mozilla re-branded its mobile operating system -- which it's been working on for more than a year -- as Firefox OS to tie it with its best-known product, the Firefox browser.

  • News: Apple Adds Reminders, Notes Apps to iCloud Beta Site for Developers

    Apple is expected to roll out iOS 6 to iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch in the coming months, and the company is hard at work on new iCloud-enabled features for the latest version of its mobile platform. Apple recently added Reminders and Notes to the developer beta of iCloud.com, Apple's Web portal for accessing a limited number of iCloud features. Reports prior to Apple's early June announcement of iOS 6 claimed Reminders and Notes would be added to iCloud.com.

  • News: Android is twice as popular as iPhone

    In a PC Advisor poll to find out what people's favourite smartphone operating system is, 49 percent opted for Google Android while only 26 percent voted for the iPhone's iOS.

  • Opinion: Jelly Bean in Patent Spat Crosshairs as Ice Cream Sandwich Breaks 10 Percent Mark

    Google's latest version of its Android operating system is barely out the door and it's already in a patent controversy.

  • News: RiskRanker targets third-party Android app market security

    Unlike Google Bouncer, which scans only the Play Store, NQ Mobile's new tool is adaptable for any online market for Android apps

  • News: Navigon upgrades apps for summer travel

    (Image Caption: Navigon apps help guide users to their destinations.) With an eye on the burgeoning summer travel season, Navigon on Tuesday updated its road-navigation apps with new features to help travelers reach their destinations and keep close tabs on their driving habits.

  • News: Mozilla confirms Firefox mobile operating system for 2013

    Mozilla has confirmed details of its Firefox mobile operating system which it plans to launch next year.

  • News: Happy 5th birthday, iPhone!

    The Apple iPhone turns five years old today. Since it was launched on 29 June 2007, Apple's vastly popular smartphone has turned the telecoms industry upside down - not to mention the worlds of gaming and software development.

  • News: iPhone 5 will dominate 2013, Mac to become 'major contributor', analyst

    Apple will dominate the smartphone market in 2013, according to an analyst who claims when the iPhone 5 launches this autumn it will incorporate 4G LTE connectivity like that in the iPad 2. The analyst also notes that the Mac should benefit from "new market penetration opportunities" and become "a major contributor" to Apple's bottom line.

  • News: The Apple iPhone at 5: a potted history

    The iPhone is five years old today. That's right: it was only five years ago that Steve Jobs turned the technology world upside down with his company's take on the smartphone. It feels like it's been around forever.

  • News: Reviewing the iPhone review -- 5 years later

    It's five years since the original iPhone launched (in America at least -- we had to wait till November in the UK) and we thought it'd be interesting to look at our original review of the iPhone, and see how our predications passed.

  • News: Analyst Gene Munster gives Apple's Siri a grade D for accuracy

    Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster has put Siri to the test, asking his iPhone 1,600 questions in total to find out how accurate the 4S's personal assistant is.

  • News: Apple gives MobileMe users an extension

    There is no need to panic if you hadn't moved your MobileMe account to iCloud before Apple closed MobileMe on Sunday night. Apple has extended the opportunity to move accounts to iCloud, download photos from Gallery and download files from iDisk, but only for a "limited time". However, the company hasn't specified when the extension to the deadline will end.

  • News: The average iOS customer is worth $1,000 to Apple - analyst

    A new study has highlighted the loyalty of iPad and iPhone users, who are so unlikely to switch from Apple's iOS to another platform that an analyst believes they are worth almost $295 billion (£188 billion) cumulatively, which is more than half of Apple's current market cap.

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