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  • News: Canonical takes Ubuntu forums offline in wake of password breach

    Canonical, makers of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, recently announced that its Ubuntu help forums suffered a security breach over the weekend. Attackers were able to harvest an estimated 1.82 million user names, email addresses, and passwords from the site. Canonical says it isn't sure how hackers were able to breach its systems and the company has taken the forums at Ubuntuforums.org offline as a precaution.

  • News: Ubuntu forum defaced, breached by hackers

    A website dedicated to discussion of the Ubuntu Linux distribution was breached on Saturday, with hackers gaining access to encrypted passwords and email addresses.

  • News: The future of Linux: Evolving everywhere

    Mark Shuttleworth's recent closure of Ubuntu Linux bug No. 1 ("Microsoft has a majority market share") placed a meaningful, if somewhat controversial, exclamation point on how far Linux has come since Linus Torvalds rolled out the first version of the OS in 1991 as a pet project.

  • News: City of Munich spreads the gospel of Linux with Lubuntu giveaway

    Plans are afoot to have Munich's city government distribute 2,000 Lubuntu installation CDs to users with older Windows PCs, after Microsoft stops releasing security updates for Windows XP next year.

  • News: Linux Foundation sees broadening role for developers

    Linux developers were once just that, developers. But their role is changing says the Linux Foundation, which is expanding its training options to help them.

  • News: Canonical's Mir move doesn't sit well with some Linux developers

    Nobody could accuse Canonical of resting on its laurels. The business side of Ubuntu – the best-known desktop Linux distribution – has expanded aggressively into mobility, pushed forward with a new desktop environment, and continued to release new versions of the flagship OS over the past few years.

  • News: Rogue public Cloud usage to be countered with proactivity

    In order to decrease the occurrence and mitigate the risks of rogue public Cloud usage, IT departments must be proactive in defining their Cloud strategy and assessing usage, according to Red Hat senior Cloud technology and alliances manager, Martin Zierer.

  • News: Red Hat shakes up OpenStack lineup

    Red Hat announced a large-scale restructuring of its OpenStack-based offerings today, bundling its Enterprise Linux software with the OpenStack platform, and creating a more comprehensive infrastructure product for private-cloud IaaS.

  • News: Big Switch lowers forecast for OpenDaylight SDN effort

    Citing concerns over technical and market direction, Big Switch Networks has downgraded its participation in the OpenDaylight consortium, a multivendor effort to define an open source SDN framework.

  • News: Open source luminary Atul Chitnis dies of cancer at age 51

    Atul Chitnis, a pioneering technologist and former contributing editor to the landmark Indian IT publication PCQuest, died Monday at the age of 51, following a battle with intestinal cancer.

  • News: Ubuntu's Bug #1 report closed after almost nine years

    Open-source advocate Mark Shuttleworth closed Ubuntu's seriocomic Bug #1 report on Thursday after leaving it open nearly nine years. The move heralded a major shift in rhetoric from the leader of the world's most popular Linux distribution.

  • News: Zorin OS 7: This may be the Linux distro you're looking for

    It's been almost a year since Zorin OS 6 made its debut, and since then several minor updates to the user-friendly Linux distribution have been released as well.

  • News: Considering a Linux career? Four tips for new college grads

    'Tis the season for college graduations, and that means there are countless fresh grads out there looking for their first real, professional jobs.

  • News: Skype for Linux 4.2 aims to deliver more polish

    It's been almost a year since Microsoft moved its newly acquired Skype for Linux out of beta with the release of version 4.0, surprising more than a few Linux fans with its apparent commitment to maintaining a telephony client for the free and open source operating system.

  • Opinion: $99 Linux stick turns any HDMI display into a virtual desktop

    Hard on the heels of the news that Dell's "Project Ophelia" thumb PC is expected to ship this summer, thin client vendor Devon IT on Tuesday rolled out a similar contender of its own called the Ceptor.

  • Opinion: Mageia Linux 3 brings a raft of key updates

    Mageia has long been what you might call a "best-kept secret" of the Linux world, consistently residing among the top five distributions in DistroWatch's page-hit rankings despite minimal marketing and hoopla.

  • Opinion: New tablet boots Ubuntu Linux, Android, and Windows 8

    We've seen several Linux tablets emerge over the past year or so, but examples with triple-boot capabilities are much less common.

  • How-Tos: How to install Linux on a vintage 68K Mac

    If you're like me and happen to have a bunch of vintage Macs powered by Motorola 680x0 CPUs lying around, then you probably like to tinker with them. And what better way to tinker with obsolete hardware than by installing an obsolete version of Linux on it? It's a difficult and time-consuming procedure with no practical purpose, of course, but when has that ever stopped us?

  • News: So Long, Cinnamon: Cinnarch Linux is reborn as Antergos

    Regular PCWorld readers may recall Cinnarch, a Linux distribution I covered last fall that combined Arch Linux with the relatively new and alternative Cinnamon desktop environment.

  • News: Ingram Micro sees surge in uptake of Cloud services offerings

    Resellers are becoming more interested and involved in Cloud services, according to leading distributor, Ingram Micro which has seen a surge in the uptake of its Cloud services products.

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