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  • News: Have an older PC? Try the new Ubuntu Linux-based LXLE

    For users of Microsoft Windows, frequent hardware upgrades tend to be a fact of life in order to keep each new iteration of the resources-hungry operating system running smoothly.

  • News: China plans to standardize around local version of Ubuntu

    China has picked Canonical's Linux-based Ubuntu OS as the reference architecture to establish a standardized operating system in the nation that could end up in PCs, servers, tablets and smartphones.

  • News: Rackspace program looks to 'seed' cloud workforce

    Rackspace launched the Open Cloud Academy today, a training program to teach skills in various open source areas, such as OpenStack, Hadoop and Linux, with a specific focus on cloud computing.

  • Opinion: Like Ubuntu Linux? This week, help make it better

    It's no secret that Linux offers an increasingly compelling alternative for business users in this mobile-influenced computing era, complete with desktop interfaces and a variety of user-experience options designed for solid desktop productivity.

  • News: Ubuntu Linux 13.04 'Raring Ringtail' hits beta 1

    Fans of Ubuntu Linux may recall that the Ubuntu 13.04 development cycle is a little different from those of versions past, as Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth outlined back in October.

  • News: We're becoming gadget hoarders: Sophos

    Gadgets are growing on us Australians, with the average number of larger electronic devices per person calculated at 2.6 in the country, according to a new infographic by Sophos’ Naked Security site.

  • Opinion: For a fully free desktop OS, try Trisquel GNU/Linux 6.0

    Linux is widely referred to as a free and open source operating system, but most Linux distributions, or flavors, aren't actually entirely free.

  • News: Make your PC kid-friendly with four custom operating systems

    Teaching little kids to use computers is a great idea, but the thought of exposing innocent minds to the drek that flies across the Internet is enough to make a sane parent think about relocating to Amish country.

  • News: The Chromebook family grows again with Acer's new C7

    There appears to be no end in sight to the Chromebook phenomenon, which has seen PC maker after PC maker jump onto Google's Chrome OS-powered bandwagon.

  • News: Security of open-source software again being scrutinized

    A recent round of flaws discovered in open-source software has reignited concerns that security is getting bypassed in the rush to continue expanding the large and extremely popular code base used by millions.

  • News: The ultimate Linux starter kit for small business

    Microsoft did its best to usher in a new era od desktop computing with the launch of Windows 8, but many businesses and individuals are opting out. Linux-based operating systems, meanwhile, present a more and more compelling alternative. Benefits include tougher security and superior customization--not to mention that Linux is usually free.

  • News: Ubuntu Linux gets a new official flavour

    Ubuntu fans may recall Ubuntu GNOME Remix, the unofficial flavor of the Linux distribution that was launched last fall for users not fond of the software's default Unity desktop environment.

  • News: Chrome OS holds firm against hackers at Pwnium 3

    The Pwn2Own 2013 and Pwnium 3 hacking competitions may have both taken place in the same locale last week--specifically, the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, B.C.--but the differences in their outcomes could not have been more striking.

  • News: Dell, Canonical announce new Ubuntu 12.04 support for servers

    Dell's 12th-generation PowerEdge server line now supports the use of Ubuntu 12.04 across the board, thanks to a new agreement between the hardware maker and developer Canonical that provides Ubuntu Advantage services to Dell's customers.

  • News: Chrome OS runs the table at Pwnium 3

    Hackers at the CanSecWest event in Vancouver couldn't break Google's latest version of Chrome OS in the company's Pwnium 3 contest, leaving the $3.14159 million (yes, that's Pi, for those keeping track at home) in prize money untouched.

  • How-Tos: The Ubuntu guide for displaced Windows users

    With Windows 8 pushing a "touch-first" desktop interface--Microsoft's words, not ours--and with Valve's Steam on Linux beginning to bring much-needed games and popular attention to the oft-overlooked operating system, there's never been a better time to take Linux out for a test drive.

  • News: LibreOffice update brings remote presentation app to Windows, Mac

    One of the highlights of the Document Foundation's LibreOffice 4.0 release last month was the addition of Impress Remote, a mobile app that lets users control LibreOffice presentations from their Android phone.

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Pulp fiction

    Is a subscription service music to Tim Cook's ears? Will Apple set back the clock on Swatch? Will a judge tell a case not to pass go and not to collect $200? All those questions and more on the remainders for Wednesday, March 6, 2013.

  • Opinion: The Chromebook Pixel gets a thumbs-up from Linus Torvalds

    Reactions to Google's new Chromebook Pixel may have been mixed so far, but at least one high-profile figure in the world of IT can't seem to say enough good things about the device.

  • News: With convergence in mind, Ubuntu Linux scraps Wayland

    Longtime Ubuntu Linux fans may remember Canonical's announcement back in 2010 that it was planning to adopt the OpenGL-based Wayland display management system instead of the venerable X Window system for Ubuntu Linux.

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