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  • News: More than 50% of Brits are computer illiterate

    Almost half of the UK think they are computer illiterate reports a new survey by BT Home IT Support.

  • News: Analysis: Asus' Eee PC versus the CloudBook

    Everex has joined Asus in the low-cost, ultraportable laptop market, with its CloudBook now competing with the Eee PC in the US. But how do the two compare?

  • News: Linux defeats hackers, but Vista & Mac OS X fall

    A Linux-based Sony Vaio remained undefeated during the CanSecWest conference's three-day hacking contest, giving proponents of open-source bragging rights over Vista and Mac fans.

  • News: The easy way to speed up Windows Vista

    SP1 may not give your system much more oomph, but there are other ways to speed Vista up. Spending a few minutes (or a few pounds) optimising your Vista PC can help it get its groove on.

  • News: Details of 'next Classmate PC' published

    Reports suggest that specifications and pictures of a laptop unveiled this week by a Malaysian computer maker could be a new version of Intel's Classmate PC for education markets.

  • News: Apple MacBook Air hacked in two minutes

    Apple's MacBook Air was hacked in just two minutes at the CanSecWest security conference's PWN 2 OWN hacking contest, with former National Security Agency employee Charlie Miller walking away with a $10,000 prize.

  • News: New Asus Eee PC has multi-touch trackpad

    Asustek's next generation Eee PC will feature a multi-touch trackpad in addition to the larger screen, better webcam and increased data storage, the company has revealed

  • News: Battery shortage causes laptop price hike

    A fire at South Korea's second largest laptop battery manufacturing is being blamed for the increase in laptop prices.

  • News: Microsoft refreshes Windows XP SP3

    Microsoft has released a refresh of the beta code for Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), the first update to the service pack since February's release of XP SP3 RC2

  • News: Super Talent plans 2.5in 256GB SSD drive

    California-based memory-maker Super Talent will soon begin commercial sales of a 256GB solid-state disk (SSD) drive for laptops.

  • News: Via samples Isaiah-based chips for laptops

    Via Technologies is sampling a faster x86 microprocessor based on its new Isaiah Architecture that's designed for laptops and mobile internet devices (MIDs).

  • News: Sony backtracks on bloatware removal fee

    Sony has backtracked on its scheme to charge $49.99 (£25) to remove trial software from hard disks of new laptops.

  • News: Backlash over Windows Vista SP1 driver woes

    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) users have slammed Microsoft on the company's own Vista blog over the requirements for downloading the update.

  • News: Windows XP SP3 to launch in April

    Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) will arrive in the second half of April, according to TechARP.com – a tech site that correctly predicted recent Windows release dates.

  • News: Feature: Windows XP vs Vista

    So there you are, signing the 'Save XP' petition, shaking your fist in triumph as you stick it to 'the man'. It's a liberating feeling. You've found the courage to buck the trend and jump off the Wintel upgrade treadmill. You feel empowered, enlightened. But still, there are these nagging doubts.

  • News: Another exec quits OLPC's $100 laptop group

    A drastic internal restructuring underway at the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project has caused a director of security to resign from the non-profit effort.

  • News: 40-nanometre chips coming in Q2

    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) will start making chips with transistors as tiny as 40 nanometres (nm) in the second quarter, enabling smaller, more powerful and energy-efficient chips.

  • News: Windows PCs open to new Word hack

    Microsoft has warned that cyber criminals may be taking advantage of an unpatched flaw in the Windows operating system to install malicious software on a victim's PC.

  • News: Fujitsu to sell 7,200prm 320GB laptop drive

    Fujitsu plans to begin selling a new range of high-performance hard-disk drives for laptop PCs that offer more storage space than current models.

  • News: 18 ways to be greener during business travel

    Business travel can be exhausting. Just getting to your flight in these days of traffic congestion and long security lines can be a trial. And once you're at your destination, there are meetings to attend and phone calls to return, not to mention keeping up with what's happening back at the office.

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