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  • News: Microsoft to release Vista SP1 this week

    Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) is set to become available to a wider audience, according to Amazon.com and reports from a website that correctly called SP1's ship date last month.

  • News: Quad-core laptop CPUs coming in Q3

    Quad-core Intel chips designed specifically for laptops, most likely for desktop-replacement laptops, will ship later this year, the chipmaker has announced.

  • How-Tos: How to make a Windows XP 'slipdisc'

    Installing Windows XP is a miserable experience. Fact. But there is a solution.

  • News: Regulators reveal Windows 7 antitrust probe

    The follow-up to Windows Vista - Windows 7 - is to be probed by technical advisers to the antitrust regulators who monitor Microsoft's business practices in the US.

  • News: Apple struggles with overheating MacBook Air

    MacBook Air owners continue to report that their machines overheat and stagger to a stop when watching video or playing games, despite an update from Apple this week designed to fix the laptop's fan.

  • News: Intel Atom desktops to cost under $200

    Intel expects to plug its newest Atom chips into desktop PCs that will be available later this year from under $200 (£100).

  • News: CEO defends Intel in antitrust hearing

    Chip maker Intel fielded its chief executive Paul Otellini to defend the company's business practices at an antitrust hearing in Brussels this week. The two-day confidential meeting with Europe's top antitrust authority, the European Commission, also involved competitors including AMD and European consumer group BEUC.

  • News: Windows Eee PC to outsell cheaper Linux model

    Asustek predicts the Windows XP-based Eee PC will outsell the original Linux-based version by a ratio of 3:2 by the end of this year, a heady prediction considering the Windows machine could cost nearly twice as much as the cheapest Linux one.

  • News: Acer launches multimedia Aspire laptops

    Acer launched a new range of multimedia laptops in New York yesterday, with the Aspire 8920 and 6920 series featuring a new design the company is calling Aspire Gemstone blue.

  • News: Intel to launch 160GB laptop SSDs at IDF?

    Intel plans to introduce 1.5in and 2.5in solid-state drives (SSDs) for laptops offering between 80GB and 160GB storage during the second quarter of 2008.

  • News: Retailer kills £100 Linux PCs in store

    US retailer Wal-Mart has stopped selling Everex's Linux-based PC in store due to weak demand for the open-source software-based system from consumers.

  • News: Microsoft challenges 'Vista Capable' lawsuit

    Microsoft has asked for the 'Vista Capable' lawsuit to be suspended as it would 'intrude on' the sensitive pricing decisions and strategies of its partners.

  • News: Report: Blu-ray MacBooks & Xbox 360s planned

    Apple and Microsoft have been in discussions with Sony over the possibility of including Blu-ray Disc drives in MacBooks and the Xbox 360, according to Sony Electronics US president Stan Glasgow.

  • News: Windows Vista Ultimate - BitLocker FAQ

    BitLocker is an on-disk encryption system that encrypts the computer's boot drive, making the system data on it unreadable to unauthorised users - someone who's just made off with your laptop at the airport, for example. Without a boot key - either a manually entered PIN, a USB flash drive or a secure module on the PC itself - everything on a BitLocker-encrypted drive is indistinguishable from random data.

  • News: Why Windows Vista Ultimate?

    Selecting the right operating system when you buy a new laptop or PC has never been more important. With various versions of Vista available, you don’t want to get lumbered with an OS that gives you limited functionality and omits some of the key features you thought you were getting.

  • News: Video: The technology week in review

    See the past seven days in technology in this great video. Highlights include Intel and AMD's new chips, Steve Ballmer and Microsoft's press conference at CeBIT and Asus' new Eee PC. Also, see Greenpeace highlighting tech waste, Vodafone's image-search service, BlackBerry browser updates, Navigation and Europe's Galileo, and the sights of the CeBIT tradeshow in Hannover, Germany.

  • News: Intel Atom laptops will cost between £125 and £150

    25 or more low-cost notebooks based on Intel's Atom processor are in development, including models from multinational PC vendors, according to Intel's top executive in Asia.

  • News: Intel to face antitrust regulators this week

    Intel is preparing to defend some of its questionable business dealings with PC makers at an antitrust hearing with European regulators and competitors this week. Questions about its dealings with retailers will have to wait for another day.

  • News: Microsoft works on interface for illiterate

    Microsoft's research arm is working on technology that would enable its engineers to build a user interface for the illiterate.

  • News: Slow gadget sales lead to chip glut

    Global inventories of semiconductors spiked in the fourth quarter due to lacklustre fourth-quarter gadget sales and lower expectations for sales in the first quarter, according to Gartner.

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