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  • News: The 15 biggest technology failures

    We've rounded up our 15 favourite examples of products that, beyond a few prototypes, never actually saw the light of day. We've also added some honourable mentions that we think deserved to be remembered.

  • News: Analysis: 450mm wafer chips are coming

    When it comes to the future of chip manufacturing, the industry is focusing on the move from 300mm wafers to 450mm wafers, which will not only offer improved performance but will also keep costs down.

  • News: What to do when System Restore doesn't work

    System Restore is an application in Windows that should back up the Registry and many important system files frequently and automatically in Windows XP and Vista. But various conditions can prevent System Restore from creating backups or (as it calls them) restore points.

  • News: Get your PC up and running when Windows dies

    If Windows keeps crashing and you've seen the blue screen of death, don't despair - we've got a couple of tricks that will help your restore you OS, even if you’ve lost the original disc.

  • News: Rock enters administration

    Laptop maker Rock has entered administration, and is currently unable to undertake service and warranty work, according to administrators Dominic Wong and David Langton of Deloitte & Touche.

  • News: Hitachi's 2.5in 320GB hard drive uses 25 percent less energy

    Hitachi has released details of a new energy efficient mobile computer hard disk drive.

  • How-Tos: How to install and configure NetTrooper

    The widespread use of wireless to connect multiple home PCs to the internet is a blessing for convenience, but can be a nightmare in terms of security. Here, we look at how to auto secure your home network.

  • How-Tos: How to troubleshoot USB devices

    So simple to use and yet so complicated when they fail, USB drives can send even the most calm among us potty. Here, we demonstrate how to banish those USB blues.

  • News: The 30 biggest technology myths exposed

    We've rounded up the 30 most common technology myths and misconceptions and explained why they are, in fact, fiction.

  • News: OLPC appoints new CEO

    The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Project appointed a new president and chief operating officer late last week.

  • News: HP Connect combines three user groups

    The HP user community now has a virtual supergroup with 50,000 members. HP Interex EMEA and ITUG have consolidated into a single organisation called Connect.

  • News: Dell fixes faulty laptop keyboards

    Dell has stopped shipment of two Vostro laptop models after discovering a faulty keyboard design with a few keys out of place.

  • News: Laptop battery shortage set to ease

    A global shortage of lithium-ion laptop PC batteries should clear up in the third quarter of 2008, a major battery maker said late last week. But the shortage will still affect laptop sales.

  • News: 10 key technologies you couldn't live without

    Unicode, XML, and digital signal processing... there are many technologies you don't know about that you couldn't get through your day without. Here are the 10 most important technologies you almost certainly use but almost never think about.

  • News: Top 10 tech toys we'd blow a big lottery win on

    The National Lottery been running for 14 years, its made hundreds of people millionaires. Sadly I'm not one of them but it doesn't stop me dreaming about how I might spend the cash should I be lucky enough to be get all six numbers.

  • News: Intel claims big demand for Atom chips

    Intel has ramped up production of its Diamondville chip, citing early demand for the 45-nanometre processor.

  • News: Laptop battery life boosted by 40 percent

    Laptop users may soon get longer battery life from their machines, with ZPower set to plug in its new silver-zinc batteries, which it claims last significantly longer than traditional lithium-ion batteries.

  • News: New Eee PC to help Asus double shipments

    Asus expects to nearly double shipments of its Eee PC laptop in the second quarter, compared to the first, following the launch of the Eee PC 900 with a 8.9in screen.

  • News: Computex 2008 will generate $50bn tech sales

    The Computex Taipei 2008 tradeshow this week announced that orders for computer and communications hardware placed at the event are expected to hit $20bn this year.

  • News: New delay for Windows XP SP3

    The full release of Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) has been put on hold, with Microsoft blaming a "compatibility issue"

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