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  • Opinion: COMPUTEX VIDEO: What's next for the Asus Eee PC?

    COMPUTEX VIDEO: Taiwanese hardware maker Asus has seen its name-recognition rocket over the last year since it launched its Eee PC low-cost laptop. The machine kick-started a new segment of the portable computing industry and updated versions were launched this week.

  • News: Acer targets 20m Aspire One sales in 2009

    Acer has set an aggressive sales target for the Acer One – its Eee PC-killer that was announced today at Computex. The world's third largest PC vendor has forecasted sales of up to seven million units this year and 15 to 20 million next year.

  • News: New extension for Windows XP

    Microsoft has given Windows XP another extension, announcing that it will allow makers of low-cost desktop PCs to sell the operating system past the previously planned June 30 cut-off date

  • News: Asus Eee Monitor to take on Apple iMac

    Asus's next effort to build on the success of its low-cost Eee PC laptop is the Eee Monitor, a PC built into a monitor that's designed to rival Apple's iMac.

  • News: Eee Store adds online storage to Eee PC

    Eee PC owners in Taiwan are to be offered additional online storage for songs, videos and other data, under a new plan from Asus.

  • News: Intel: We don't fear Via's Atom-killer

    Intel has no plans to revise the roadmap for its Atom processor family, despite a surge of interest in systems based on the processor and the release of a competing chip from rival Via Technologies.

  • News: Europe to push Eee PC sales to 10m next year

    Sales of Asus' Eee PC will double to around 10 million units next year on strong demand from Europe and Asia, a company executive said on Monday.

  • News: Mini-laptops could run Windows Mobile OS

    Mobile phone chip giant Qualcomm today showed off a mini-laptop that could cost around $299 (£150) and offer quick wireless access to the internet via 3G mobile telecommunications networks.

  • Opinion: Pictures: Acer responds to Asus Eee PC

    It's mini-laptop madness out there. The Asus Eee PC has for the past year held the high ground in the ultra-cheap, ultraportable laptop market, despite increasing pressure from products such as the MSI Wind, Dell's upcoming UMPC and HP's 2133 Mini-Note.

  • News: Nvidia Tegra takes on Intel's Centrino Atom

    As predicted last week, Nvidia has entered the market for mobile Internet devices (MIDs) with the introduction of a processor family based on the Arm processor core.

  • News: It's Intel versus Via in battle for Eee-PC killers

    Intel find itself in a battle against Taiwan's Via Technologies, rather than its traditional rival AMD, in the battle for the low-cost laptop segment at the Computex exhibition this week (Click here for Computex 2008 breaking news).

  • News: Video: Asus' first Intel Atom-based Eee PC

    Asus has demonstrated a preview version of its Intel Atom-based Eee PC 901 laptop at the WiMax Expo, which is being held alongside Taipei's annual Computex exhibition. See PC Advisor's video coverage of the launch

  • News: Intel shows Wimax-enabled Centrino 2 laptop

    Laptops based on Intel's new Centrino 2 platform which feature support for WiMax will be on show the Computex exhibition in Taipei this week.

  • Opinion: COMPUTEX VIDEO: First look - Sony, Quanta mini laptop

    COMPUTEX VIDEO: Sony appears ready to release a small, low-cost laptop that uses a processor from Via Technologies. Here's a first look on video.

  • News: History's 14 biggest technology death matches

    When it comes to technology, there's been some classic feuds from Microsoft vs Google and Mac vs PC to the recent Blu-ray vs HD-DVD battle. And while Blu-Ray emerged triumphant, not all battles end with an out-and-out winner. We've picked out the 14 biggest tech battle and charted their history as well as identifying who, if anyone came out top.

  • News: Asus laptops bypass Windows at start-up

    Asus is trying out its Express Gate Linux software in laptops, a bid to make multimedia files and internet access a snap for users

  • News: Eee PC to get Nintendo Wii-like wireless gaming

    Asus' new Eee Stick controllers use motion sensors so people can bowl, slash swords and play other games on a PC

  • News: 3G laptops to become a must for businesses

    Laptops with embedded 3G capability could become a must-have for businesses towards the end of the year, with new technologies and pricing plans making them a more viable purchase, according to Gartner.

  • News: Via's Nano could be used in large-screen laptops

    Via Technologies is giving laptop makers free rein when it comes to choosing specifications for systems based on its latest processor, the Nano, unlike Intel's policy for systems based on its Atom chip.

  • News: Microsoft launches 'Sysinternals Live' online

    Windows users can now launch the Sysinternals library of free diagnostic and troubleshooting from a web browser, after Microsoft launched the functionality as a beta service.

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