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  • News: Sony Vaio PCG-1P1L netbook set for CES

    More details of Sony's 'revolutionary' Vaio netbook emerge, as the company looks ready to reveal the mini laptop at next month's Consumer Electronics Show

  • News: 5 tips for new PC owners

    It's boxing day, but with new computers top of many people's Christmas wish list, thousands of families will be unboxing new PCs today. Rather than taking your new system out of its packaging, connecting the cables to and getting started immediately, it's handy to do a bit of housekeeping.

  • News: Windows 7 beta set for release at CES

    Attendees at next month's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) could get the first public look at Windows 7, the next version of Microsoft's client OS.

  • News: Intel opens Netbook Linux centre

    A new centre aimed at speeding the development of mobile computing devices around the Linux-based Moblin OS has opened.

  • News: 70 percent of PCs sold in Japan are laptops

    Driven on by the popularity of low-cost netbook computers, shipments of laptops have surpassed 70 percent of the Japanese PC market for the first time.

  • News: Laptops outsell desktops for first time

    The third quarter of 2008 marked a first for the computer industry, with more laptops sold worldwide than desktop PCs

  • News: Toshiba to boost fast-charging battery production

    Toshiba is planning a big increase in production of a new type of Lithium Ion battery that can charge to 90 percent of its capacity in a few minutes and is highly-resistant to short circuits.

  • News: Microsoft gives Windows XP another 4 months

    Microsoft has once again extended an impending deadline for Windows XP's demise. System builders, the smaller shops and computer dealers that build PCs to order, will now be able to obtain Windows XP Professional licences until at least May 30, and likely long after, according to a Microsoft spokeswoman. Previously, Microsoft had set January 31 as its deadline for selling new XP licensees to the distributors that supply system builders.

  • News: Dell Adamo to take on MacBook Air

    The speculation is heating up around Dell's upcoming Adamo, which industry observers believe is an ultraportable laptop that could be a price-friendly response to Apple's MacBook Air

  • News: Warning: Netbooks pose big security threat

    Netbooks are highly portable, inexpensive, very popular - and a potential security nightmare.

  • News: Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds laptop has two screens

    Lenovo has shaken up the laptop market by unveiling a two-headed ThinkPad, boasting two screens.

  • News: Samsung NC20 laptop 'Nano-powered'

    Samsung is reportedly planning to introduce a laptop based on Via Technologies' low-power Nano processor.

  • News: LG screen optimised for viewing outdoors

    LG Display has developed an LCD module that it says looks as good outdoors in sunlight ads it does indoors and plans to unveil it CES in January in Las Vegas.

  • News: 'Revolutionary' Sony Vaio laptop to debut at CES

    A "revolutionary" Sony Vaio laptop is set to launch at January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, after Sony launched a teaser campaign for the new product.

  • News: A novices guide to Ubuntu Linux

    The most popular distribution of Linux is Intrepid Ibex or Ubuntu Linux 8.10, not least because installation software and hardware compatibility has vastly improved.

  • News: New Norton Internet Security for Mac released

    Symantec has launched a major upgrade for its Norton line of security software for Macs.

  • News: Toshiba to demo 512GB SSDs next month

    Toshiba plan to start offering samples of 512GB solid-state drives, which could make their way to laptops and other devices by mid- or late 2009.

  • Opinion: Laptops for all budgets

    One way or another, we've covered most bases for laptops this month – including two new netbooks. With the Eee PC S101, Asus is pushing the concept more upmarket - despite the fact it was portability and low price that first captured consumer attention.

  • News: Intel to offer touchscreen Classmate PC

    Intel will unveil a touchscreen version of its Classmate PC at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, next month

  • News: Apple iPhone & iPod touch get remote access app

    Remote access software LogMeIn has launched an app that allows iPhone or iPod touch users to remotely access their PC or Mac.

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