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  • News: Microsoft to overhaul UAC in Windows 7

    Microsoft has admitted that User Account Control (UAC) is a nuisance for Windows Vista users, and has promised to improve the security feature in Windows 7

  • News: Novell: Linux is driving force for netbook market

    The growing popularity of netbooks such as Asus' Eee PC is boosting demand for Linux, according to Novell's chief technology and strategy officer for Linux, who said that open-source software was an ideal option for systems which place lower demands on hardware.

  • News: Webcams and mics hijacked in 'Clickjacking' attacks

    Adobe has revealed that Clickjacking attacks may involve hackers secretly turning on a computer's microphone and web camera.

  • News: Toshiba to release fast-charging fuel cell

    Toshiba is close to launching its first commercial direct-methanol fuel-cell device, which promises a faster way to recharge portable electronics products.

  • News: Microsoft extends Windows XP downgrade option

    Microsoft has announced it is extending its option that allows purchasers of new PCs and laptops the chance to downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP, by six months.

  • Video: World Technology Update - 3 October 2008

    Recharge your laptop in 10 minutes, a unicycling robot and a mobile phone that splits in two. All that news and more on this week's World Tech Update.

  • News: Research claims MacBook Pro emits toxic gas

    A research has claimed that MacBook Pro's emit dangerous gasses when switched on.

  • News: UK operators pledge mobile broadband laptops

    The UK's five mobile phone operators are among a number of companies that have formed the Mobile Broadband Alliance, which is backing the use of HSPA embedded in laptops to offer faster internet connections.

  • News: Prototype technology turns laptop heat into power

    Murata Manufacturing demonstrated at the Ceatec exhibition in Japan a thermoelectric device capable of turning heat into electricity. The device could one day find a home in laptops, and other products.

  • Video: CEATEC: Toshiba shows fast-charging battery

    Toshiba's Super Charge Ion Battery, which is just entering commercial production, can be charged to 90 percent of its capacity in just 10 minutes so the long wait when recharging a dead gadget could be eliminated. And that's not the only feature of the battery.

  • News: Sony VAIO announces James Bond laptop

    Sony VAIO UK yesterday announced the special edition Bond Z series of laptops. Announced to coincide with the upcoming James Bond film 'Quantum Solade', only 700 Bond Z laptops will be produced.

  • News: Video cards running PS3's Cell chip coming soon

    The first add-in video cards based on Toshiba's SpursEngine video chip will soon hit the market, as the company looks to tap growing user interest in high-definition video.

  • News: New logo certifies mobile broadband laptops

    Mobile broadband operators, along with laptop and chipset manufacturers, are joining forces to push built-in support for mobile broadband, using a newly created mark that will signal that a laptop is ready to offer mobile internet access.

  • News: Toshiba to ship 256GB laptop SSD next month

    Toshiba will ship a 256GB solid-state drive (SSD) for laptops in October, likely beating rival Samsung to market in their race to offer high-capacity drives.

  • News: Toshiba laptop battery recharges to 90% in 10mins

    Toshiba showed off a prototype of its fast-charging SCiB battery designed for laptops on Tuesday, but said the technology is still a ways off from making its way into computers.

  • News: Windows 7 preview: what we know so far

    The first test version of Microsoft's Windows 7 will be with developers next month. Here's what we know about the operating system so far

  • News: New MacBooks may get aluminum cases

    The re-designed MacBooks and MacBook Pros are likely to have aluminium-based cases, similar to those sported by the MacBook Air, according to AppleInsider.

  • Opinion: £10,000 laptop for Premiership footballers

    Premiership footballers take note. Bentley Motors has announced plans this week to release a luxury laptop computer. Coming in at a whopping £10,000 ($19,800 in the US, take note Mr Beckham), only 250 of the systems, dubbed the Ego for Bentley, will be sold.

  • News: Microsoft confirms Windows 7 pre-beta for October

    The first pre-beta version of Windows 7 will be in the hands of developers next month, Microsoft has confirmed.

  • News: Three 'Extras' added to Windows Vista Ultimate

    Microsoft has released three free downloadable add-ons for Windows Vista Ultimate, the first time in five months that the company has refreshed its 'Ultimate Extras', once a chief selling point for the operating system's highest-priced edition.

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