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  • News: Disk giants raise the hard-drive banner at a flash storage powwow

    Some of the biggest names in hard disk drives will band together this week to remind the world that storage isn't all about flash.

  • Buying Advice: Best Haswell laptops group test

    Intel's Haswell processors are here, and they translate to faster performance and longer battery life. From ultraportables to ultra-powerful gaming rigs, here's where we round up the first models of the next-generation of laptops.

  • News: Windows 8.1 gets October release date

    Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8.1 update, previously called Windows Blue, will be released in October.

  • News: Lenovo's Reach cloud service aims to replace local apps

    After a closed beta for a few months, Lenovo has opened for public preview its Reach consumer cloud service, which is a "cloud desktop" service through which applications can be launched without downloading and installing them locally on mobile devices and PCs.

  • News: High PC prices hindering industry recovery, analysts say

    Samsung has launched an ATIV Book 9 Plus laptop with Intel's latest Haswell chip that will be available for US$1,400, but analysts said such sustained high prices for laptops and ultrabooks could hinder the recovery of the PC market.

  • How-Tos: How to buy a laptop for college

    School is right around the corner, and you'll need a solid laptop to get you through those long study hours. Well, that and a lot of coffee. Whether you're a first-time buyer or you're ready to cut your old boat anchor loose, I'm here to help you separate your nice-to-have wants from your essential needs, so you can get the most bang for your back-to-school buck.

  • News: Intel's 'Bay Trail' Atom chip could blur the line between PCs, tablets

    Desktops, notebooks, tablets: Just five years ago, those three words defined three distinct classes of products. But now consumers are being asked to choose among all-in-ones, two-in-ones, convertibles, mini-tablets, ultraportables, and phablets. With Intel's new "Bay Trail" Atom chip, due this fall, you can expect the market to diversify even more.

  • How-Tos: Factory reset a laptop

    If your laptop is running slowly or has a virus, you can reinstall Windows automatically from a recovery partition. Here we explain how to factory reset a laptop.

  • News: Acer reports net loss in Q2 on research costs, DRAM prices

    Taiwanese PC maker Acer reported a net loss in the second quarter, attributing it to the company's growing investment in product design and the recent rise in DRAM prices.

  • Feature: Extend your laptop’s battery life

    Here, we share our top tips for squeezing precious extra minutes out of your laptop battery including turning off Wi-Fi and changing Windows power options.

  • Opinion: Deep inside Razer's design lab, home to gaming hardware that shouldn't actually exist

    Razer, the company that built its reputation on gaming mice and keyboards, is now doing what Acer, Dell, and Microsoft seemingly won't: building topflight laptops and tablets with hefty price tags. This year the upstart company introduced both the thinnest gaming laptop and the most powerful Windows 8 tablet we've ever seen--at a time when PC sales are struggling, and cheap tablets are predicted to outship laptops 2-to-1 in 2014.

  • How-Tos: How to speed up a computer

    We show you how to speed up a PC or speed up a laptop. Free software tweaks to speed up Windows, and the best hardware upgrades to boost your PC or laptop.

  • News: Corning's newest Gorilla Glass aims to protect fragile laptop screens

    Corning has had much success in getting its Gorilla Glass adopted by smartphone and tablet makers. Now it's aiming for laptops.

  • News: Scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass NBT displays coming for touchscreen laptops

    Mashing mobile technology together with traditional PC designs has a hit-and-miss track record--cough, cough--but Monday, Corning announced that one of the more practical smartphone innovations out there is coming to touchscreen PCs, in the form of Gorilla Glass NBT.

  • Buying Advice: What's best: laptop or iPad?

    It's a question we're often asked: should I buy a laptop or an iPad. So here we'll address the relative merits of iPads and laptops. Laptops vs iPads, buy the right one for you.

  • News: Toshiba announces Satellite E series notebooks

    Toshiba's Digital Products Division announced its Satellite E series ultrathin notebooks today: The 14-inch Satellite E45T and the 15.6-inch Satellite E55t/E55Dt will feature touchscreens and will be available with either fourth-generation Intel Core processors (Haswell) or AMD A6-series (Kabini) CPUs.

  • Test Centre: What are the best laptop speakers?

    Here are the best laptop speakers available to buy in the UK in 2013.

  • Test Centre: What's the best Windows 8 laptop?

    Here are 2013's 8 best Windows 8 laptops, which are availble to buy in the UK right now.

  • News: Apple's profit drops 22 percent as iPad sales slow

    Apple reported a drop in profits on roughly flat revenue for the April to June quarter, though the results were ahead of analysts' expectations, providing something of a silver lining for the company.

  • Opinion: Could Haswell laptops replace ARM tablets?

    The latest generation of Intel laptops should offer vastly improved battery life, and that in turn may infuse the traditional Windows laptop with a new lease of life. Could Haswell laptops replace ARM tablets?

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