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  • News: AMD Yukon chips enable 'ultrathin' laptops

    AMD hopes to undercut prices of expensive ultraportable laptops with mobile chips it is expected to introduce today.

  • News: HP Mini 2133 netbook ditches Via processor

    HP completed its shift away from Via Technologies' C7 processor with the release of an updated version of its popular Mini 2133 netbook that offers a larger screen and uses an Atom processor.

  • News: Asus Eee PC S101 video review


  • Video: Asus Eee PC S101 video review

    Asus' Eee PC S101 is similar in size to the original Eee PC 701, but rather than targeting laptop buyers on a budget, it will be more attractive to those after sleek good looks and supreme portability

  • News: Lenovo PC has 'Nintendo Wii' motion control

    Taking a page from Nintendo's Wii gaming console, Lenovo has announced an all-in-one PC with a remote control that doubles as a motion-based gaming controller.

  • News: Freescale's netbook chip to challenge Intel Atom

    Freescale is expected to announce a new processor today for netbooks that may challenge chip maker Intel on price in the low-cost computing space.

  • News: Apple readies 'evolutionary' products for Macworld

    While Steve Jobs won't be giving the keynote address during next week's Macworld Conference & Expo, analysts still expect the company to introduce some products during the company's last scheduled attendance at the annual trade show.

  • News: Apple 'to release 9-inch netbook touch in 2009'

    A report from Michael Arrington of TechCrunch says that Apple is developed a Touch device with a 7- or 9-inch display, which is plenty big for video-watching, Web-surfing, gaming, and possibly even conventional desktop apps.

  • News: 2009 tech predictions

    We've compiled a slew of predictions - including the idea that some unemployed IT pros may soon turn to life of crime.

  • News: Acer launches cheap quad-core laptop

    Acer has launched a quad-core laptop based on an Intel chip at a price that may appeal to buyers on a budget.

  • How-Tos: How to reinstall Windows XP & Vista

    Maybe your PC won't boot. Or it could be infected with some kind of persistent malware. Perhaps Windows puts up a Blue Screen of Death every time you type the word 'aardvark'.

  • News: John Lennon demands cheaper laptops

    Beatle John Lennon is now trying to change the world with laptops. A new charity TV ad uses his voice and image to promote the work of the One Laptop Per Child Foundation.

  • News: Sony Vaio PCG-1P1L netbook set for CES

    More details of Sony's 'revolutionary' Vaio netbook emerge, as the company looks ready to reveal the mini laptop at next month's Consumer Electronics Show

  • News: 5 tips for new PC owners

    It's boxing day, but with new computers top of many people's Christmas wish list, thousands of families will be unboxing new PCs today. Rather than taking your new system out of its packaging, connecting the cables to and getting started immediately, it's handy to do a bit of housekeeping.

  • News: Windows 7 beta set for release at CES

    Attendees at next month's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) could get the first public look at Windows 7, the next version of Microsoft's client OS.

  • News: Intel opens Netbook Linux centre

    A new centre aimed at speeding the development of mobile computing devices around the Linux-based Moblin OS has opened.

  • News: 70 percent of PCs sold in Japan are laptops

    Driven on by the popularity of low-cost netbook computers, shipments of laptops have surpassed 70 percent of the Japanese PC market for the first time.

  • News: Laptops outsell desktops for first time

    The third quarter of 2008 marked a first for the computer industry, with more laptops sold worldwide than desktop PCs

  • News: Toshiba to boost fast-charging battery production

    Toshiba is planning a big increase in production of a new type of Lithium Ion battery that can charge to 90 percent of its capacity in a few minutes and is highly-resistant to short circuits.

  • News: Microsoft gives Windows XP another 4 months

    Microsoft has once again extended an impending deadline for Windows XP's demise. System builders, the smaller shops and computer dealers that build PCs to order, will now be able to obtain Windows XP Professional licences until at least May 30, and likely long after, according to a Microsoft spokeswoman. Previously, Microsoft had set January 31 as its deadline for selling new XP licensees to the distributors that supply system builders.

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