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  • News: STM goes retro with new protective Annex bags

    STM has employed a retro look for its new Annex range of protective tablet and notebook bags, steering away from the slightly more professional appeal of its Velo and Linear arsenal. The product line includes four models: Drifter, Trust, Link, and Sequel. They essentially look like something you would find in Cotton On, but maintain STM's emphasis on padding to keep your electronics safe. Each bag comes in three colours: Olive (which looks more like army green), charcoal (more towards grey) and red.

  • News: PC sales to drop by 6% in 2014

    The global decline in sales of laptops and desktops is expected to continue in 2014 -- and Gartner envisions another decline of nearly 5% in 2015

  • News: Confused over what tablet to buy? Join the crowd

    Tablet sales are slowing, forcing sellers and potential buyers alike to confront confusion over which device to buy.

  • News: Olive Telecommunications goes to court over revoked Kenyan laptop tender

    India's Olive Telecommunications has gone to court to appeal the revocation of the laptop supply award by the Kenyan government for a nationwide school project.

  • News: Asia Pacific offers multiscreen opportunity for brand marketers

    Asia Pacific offers multiscreen opportunity for brand marketers, according to the 2014 AdReaction Report from Millward Brown that analyses multiscreen use and behaviour, and explores consumer receptivity to advertising on TV, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

  • News: Microsoft and Google aren't happy with mutant Android-Windows hybrids

    Microsoft may be comfortable with Windows Phone and Android splitting time on a single phone, but when it comes to PCs, fuhgeddaboutit. Google also isn't too thrilled with the idea of Frankenstein Android-Windows computers, and at least one PC maker may have to dump the hybrid devices from their lineup as a result.

  • How-Tos: How to reinstall Windows 8

    If your Windows 8 PC isn't running well you can try the new Refresh feature which cleans up Windows without touching your documents, music, photos and videos. For a proper cleanout and format, you can use the Reset option. Here's how to reinstall Windows 8.

  • News: MSI hopes to dominate gaming market with GT70 notebook

    Notebook and component manufacturer, MSI, is aiming once again at the highest end of the notebook market with its GT70 Dominator notebook. It's a 17.3in model with juicey insides that include fourth generation Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition processor, up to 32GB of RAM, and three solid state drives. Most importantly, the new model will feature Nvidia's latest GeForce GTX 880 graphics adapter.

  • News: Google pushes Chrome app store with more money-making options for devs

    Google yesterday said it would let developers of Chrome packaged apps issue free trials and offer in-app purchases, and allow creators of browser extensions to charge for their wares for the first time.

  • News: IGEL turns old laptops into thin clients with new software

    Thin-client company IGEL Technology can turn a laptop into a thin client with the latest version of its Universal Desktop Converter software.

  • News: Samsung debuts Chromebook 2 with full HD screen

    Samsung on Monday launched the Chromebook 2, a Chromebook noteworthy for its use of a powerful ARM processor and the option of a full HD screen.

  • News: AMD boosts Android on Windows PCs and tablets powered by its chips

    Advanced Micro Devices has optimized a version of Android for tablets and PCs containing its chips, and will sell it on new PCs through retail stores in Europe.

  • News: Lenovo builds global brand as it preps U.S. smartphone entry

    China-based Lenovo is on a roll, with the goal of becoming a globally recognized brand in nearly all shapes and sizes of computing hardware, including laptops, servers and smartphones.

  • News: Will HP's Yoga-like Pavilion x360 get Lenovo's chakras in a bunch?

    HP announced a colorful new consumer laptop at Mobile World Congress Sunday. It's called the Pavilion x360, and it looks an awful lot like Lenovo's storied Yoga series.

  • News: HP brings 'couch potato mode' to Pavilion X360 hybrid

    Hewlett-Packard's latest Pavilion X360 hybrid will offer the design flexibility to be used as a tablet, laptop or "couch potato" device.

  • News: Microsoft to drop price of Windows 8 licenses 70% for low-end devices, report says

    In a bid to stave off competition in the low-end tablet and notebook market, Microsoft will be reducing what it charges device manufacturers for its Windows 8.1 licenses, according to a Friday Bloomberg report that references anonymous sources. For devices that retail for less than $250, the cost of a Windows 8.1 install will drop from $50 to $15, with no restrictions on the type or size of the hardware, Bloomberg reports.

  • News: Alliance for Wireless Power targets wireless laptop charging, signs up Dell

    The Alliance for Wireless Power is on a roll. Mere weeks after announcing a standards partnership with the Power Matters Alliance, the group added Dell to its list of backers on Thursday. Not so coincidentally, the A4WP also announced a new initiative to extend its "Rezence" magnetic resonance technology to devices that drink a bit more juice than mobile devices.

  • News: Chromebook usage: Still a tiny splash in the vast PC pond

    For Google's Chromebooks, making a dent in the PC install base is going to take a while.

  • Best and hottest new products of February 2014

    It's February so we've had CES and MWC is around the corner but there are still some interesting new products to show you. Take a look at what you might be buying soon.

  • News: Toshiba CB35-A3120 Chromebook review: It hits a sweet spot

    The Chromebook has found its sweet spot, and it's around the $279 range where the Toshiba CB35-A3120 Chromebook resides. It sure isn't down in the dumps with the $200-or-so cheapies, with their clackety plastics and sorry little screens. Nor is it in the 1-percenter fantasyland of the gorgeous and expensive Chromebook Pixel. The $250 Samsung Chromebook 3 is nice, and if you jumped to $300 you could get an 11-inch touchscreen in the Acer C270P, or a 14-inch (non-touch) display in the [HP

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