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  • News: '$100' XO laptop goes into production

    The group behind the $100 laptop - One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) – has moved a step closer to providing low-cost notebooks to children in developing nations by giving the go-ahead to the mass production of its XO laptop. However, the computers are expected to be out in October, one month later than originally planned.

  • News: Microsoft reveals Windows 7 due in 2010

    Windows Vista's replacement - currently codenamed 'Windows 7' - will be ready for release in 2010, according to Microsoft, and will come in both 32bit and 64bit versions

  • News: Nokia plans mobile social-networking

    Nokia is targeting Flickr and YouTube with the acquisition of Twango, a social-networking site based in the US.

  • News: Fox News fault leaks sensitive content

    Security analysts say a gaping security hole in Fox News Network's website revealed file directories and sensitive content, although it appears the problem has been fixed.

  • News: Nintendo Wii exposed to Adobe Flash bug

    Symantec says a recently identified Adobe Flash vulnerability could affect the Nintendo Wii through the console’s Opera internet browser.

  • News: DIY Trojan kit available online

    A do-it-yourself kit for developing and customising Trojan malware has been discovered for sale on the web.

  • News: Microsoft & Ask put pressure on Google privacy

    Microsoft is joining Ask.com in offering web surfers a way to use its search engines anonymously, and the two companies are now calling on the search and online advertising industry to develop a common set of privacy practices.

  • News: Google plans $4.6bn wireless investment

    Google said it would bid at least $4.6bn in an upcoming auction of 700MHz wireless spectrum in the US if certain conditions were met. They include letting consumers buy any phone, use it on any network, and download any applications, services or content they want. Google also wants the auction winner to have to sell access wholesale to other service providers.

  • News: Google invests in UK 'Femtocells' firm

    Femtocells, an emerging technology for improving cellular coverage in homes and enterprises, have attracted the interest of none other than Google Inc.

  • News: New Harry Potter film on Google Video

    A non-profit group has accused Google’s Google Video service of hosting potentially copyrighted videos, including recent full-length movies, concerts, as well as broadcast and cable TV programmes.

  • News: The web's top 20 open-source downloads

    The very earliest days of the PC revolution were soaked in idealism. People shared their knowledge with one another freely; the very idea of charging for software was an anathema. The early days of the internet had a similar rosy view of the world.

  • News: 'Free' Dell laptop at Carphone Warehouse

    AOL has become the second ISP in two days to offer a free laptop with a broadband subscription.

  • News: Firefox and IE continue fight over zero-day flaws

    Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox executives are both adamant that the other's application is at fault for a recent speight of multiple Windows zero-day vulnerabilities.

  • News: Facebook planning web-based operating system?

    Facebook has bought a web-based operating system developer from the co-founders of the Firefox open-source browser project.

  • News: Ask.co.uk to get anonymous search tool

    Ask.com plans to make it easier for users of its search engine to cover their tracks.

  • News: Google tests broadband version of iGoogle

    Google is testing a new homepage design in Taiwan and Hong Kong that takes advantage of faster broadband speeds in those markets.

  • News: Google legal boss fined by SEC

    Google's chief legal officer has been fined by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over accounting issues arising from when he was chief financial officer (CFO) at a former company.

  • News: Jajah cuts UK, US & India VoIP rates

    VoIP provider Jajah has cut calling rates between the UK, India and North America. The new rate, effective today, drops the price per minute of a call from $.089 (£0.043) to $.073 (£0.035). Jajah is also offering free minutes to customers who refer new customers to its network.

  • News: Samsung launches video-editing mobile phone

    Samsung has launched a new mobile phone in Japan that features video editing and production functions allowing users to shoot, edit and upload videos to the web without using a PC.

  • News: Firefox update fixes Internet Explorer bug

    A new Firefox update fixes an unusual vulnerability that could cause malicious code to run if the browser is launched by Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

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