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  • News: Michael Jackson X-file scam steals passwords

    Security vendors have been reporting a wave of Michael Jackson spam emails designed to disseminate a Zbot banking password variant.

  • News: Sharapova, Serena Williams used to spread malware

    Hackers are praying on surfers searching the web for news about how top tennis players are performing at Wimbeldon, in a bid to spread malware to steal sensitive personel data, says McAfee.

  • News: Spotify offers first audiobook

    Swedish music streaming service Spotify is offering an audiobook for the first time.

  • News: Lenovo, Acer, Sony sued over China web filter

    A US company will seek legal action against Lenovo, Acer and Sony next week over their shipment in China of controversial software that the company says stole its programming code.

  • News: uSocial to sell Twitter followers

    Members of the micro blogging service Twitter can now purchase followers from uSocial.

  • News: Microsoft pulls 'bad taste' IE8 advert

    An online advert for Internet Explorer 8 that showed a woman projectile vomiting has left such a bad taste in viewers' mouths that Microsoft has decided to remove it.

  • Opinion: Facebook causes cancer, and other myths

    There's nothing like a good, eye-catching headline. Such as 'Facebook causes cancer'. If that were true it would be pretty alarming. Fortunately, it's not.

  • News: Chinese web filter doesn't work on Macs

    The Chinese government seems happy to let one group surf freely: Mac users. The Green Dam web filter software doesn't currently work on the Apple Mac OS X.

  • News: Ask.com: better results, smaller market share

    In the past eight months, Ask.com has unfurled a set of changes to its search engine that the IAC unit calls a success. But going by US market results, this is at best a qualified success - as Google goes from strength to strength, Ask's share of US search queries has actually shrunk during that time period.

  • News: Judge halts MySpace cyberbullying case

    A US judge today overruled a jury verdict and dismissed a case against a Missouri woman convicted last November in a cyberbullying case that led to a teenager's death.

  • News: US builds antitrust case against Google

    The US Department of Justice confirmed on Thursday that it is investigating a settlement involving Google Book Search for possible antitrust violations, following months of speculation that the agency had its eye on the service.

  • News: Google Apps get a refresh

    Google this week updated various Google Apps services this week, including one that lets users within an organisation share templates with each other.

  • News: Twitter integrates Flickr, squashes spam

    The latest changes to Twitter are simple and unnoticeable at first, but they can make a world of difference for some users.

  • News: China still wants Green Dam web filter

    China has not lifted its requirement that an internet-filtering program be shipped with all computers sold in the country, even though the plan was postponed this week, state media said today.

  • News: Microsoft releases 5 security service packs

    In addition to the beta release of its free consumer anti-malware software, Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft has, in the past week, unleashed five service packs for its enterprise class security software.

  • News: Pirate Bay lets users delete accounts before sale

    The operators of The Pirate Bay will allow users to delete their accounts on the torrent-tracking site, a feature many users have requested since a deal to sell the site was announced earlier this week.

  • News: Twitter posts added to Microsoft Bing results

    Microsoft has started adding some Twitter posts into Bing search results, stealing a march on rival Google

  • News: Google revamps Gmail's labels feature

    Google is rolling out a series of changes to Gmail's labels, the feature designed to let people categorise and organise their email messages in lieu of folders, which the company has resisted providing in its webmail service.

  • News: Joost abandons Web TV service

    Online video site Joost is restructuring, abandoning its hopes to be a successful ad-supported Web TV provider. Instead it will sell its video-serving technology to other media companies.

  • Opinion: Firefox 3.6: a sneak preview

    While most of the tech world is busy getting to know Firefox 3.5, which incorporates significant speed increases and a host of added features, Mozilla's engineers are already deep into their next big project: the tentatively numbered Firefox 3.6, codename Namoroka.

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