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  • News: 75% of Brits in fear of mobile roaming charges

    Nearly two thirds of Brits don't know how much it costs to use their mobile phone abroad, says Acision.

  • News: Search engine uncovers & maps job openings

    The creators of a new job-hunting Web site say they've built a specialized search engine that digs around the Web looking for jobs that may not be advertised elsewhere.

  • News: Firefox 3.5 now available

    Mozilla has released Firefox 3.5, ending six months of delays to complete the browser almost exactly a year after its last major upgrade.

  • News: Pirate Bay 'sellouts' slammed by users

    Calling The Pirate Bay's owners "sellouts" who made a "deal with the devil", users of the notorious torrent-tracking site expressed their frustrations across the internet yesterday.

  • News: YouTube boycott over channel redesign

    YouTube will soon switch all of its members to a redesign of its channel pages that it has been testing for several months, although many people want the Google video-sharing site to give them the option to keep the old layout.

  • News: Pirate Bay to become a legal file-sharing site

    A Swedish software firm Global Gaming Factory (GGF) has revealed it plans to purchase BitTorrent search engine The Pirate Bay, in a bid to turn it into a legal downloading service.

  • News: 3 slashes roaming costs

    Mobile operator 3 is claiming to offer the lowest priced data roaming charges of all UK operators.

  • News: Dell MID to take on iPod touch

    Dell is developing a handheld mobile device designed for internet access, according to a news report published in the Wall Street Journal.

  • Opinion: Why in the end you'll pay for Google Voice

    Google Voice means Google is technically, literally and actually a telephone company.

  • News: Wikipedia stops editing of Michael Jackson page

    Wikipedia has stopped web users from adding information to Michael Jackson's page on the online encyclopedia after an editing war began

  • News: iPhone 3GS causes 400% rise in YouTube uploads

    Video-sharing site YouTube has reported that mobile uploads to the site have increased by 400 percent since the iPhone 3GS was launched earlier this month

  • News: ICANN chief rejects EU oversight

    The new Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) chief has poured cold water on claims the organisation is resisting a break from alleged US oversight.

  • News: Software failing to sort human relationships

    Internet search engines and software applications can catalog huge volumes of information, but they aren't smart enough to trace personal relationships between people, according to the executive chairman of World-Check, a company that maintains a database of individuals that banks and other companies might want to think twice about doing business with.

  • News: Firefox 3.5 launching tomorrow

    Mozilla is expected to release its Firefox 3.5 browser tomorrow, a company representative said on Friday.

  • News: 10 Facebook & Twitter privacy faux pas

    Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are great for allowing you to share information about your life with your friends, family and other people in your life.

  • News: 10 unsung heros of technology

    Without heroes such as Tim Berners-Lee, Vint Cerf and Bob Metcalfe we would be able to connect to and surf the web. However, for every well-know 'father' of technology, there are plenty of unsung heroes that have played just as an important role in out technological lives but yet remain relatively unknown.

  • News: Stay cool, calm and connected this summer

    Don't let a faulty web connection get in the way of your suntan. Follow our tips to access the web from your back garden or even the pub garden.

  • News: Sophos warns of Michael Jackson spam emails

    Hackers are using Michael Jackson's death as a way of harvesting email addresses for potential ID theft, says Sophos.

  • News: Apple pulls porn app from App Store

    Apple changed its mind about allowing applications with explicit content in the iPhone App Store. After approving the first app featuring photos of nude women, Apple has now removed 'Hottest Girls' from the App Store.

  • News: Intel & AMD failing to deliver, says Facebook

    The latest generations of server processors from Intel and AMD don't deliver the promised gains in performance, according to the head of technical operations at Facebook, a massive consumer of servers.

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